Divine Perception Chapter 3457

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The terrifying laughter seemed to spread throughout the entire world. The sky was shaken. The entire world seemed to be controlled by the owner of that laughter. Faced with such a terrifying existence, the people between Heaven and Earth even stared at him. There is no courage.

The 4 Great Gods all bow their heads at this moment. Although they all hope that Ye Han and Lanling God will be perish together, but now that Lanling has appeared, they know that the 2 Lei world in the future will no longer be theirs!

From now on, they are all destined to crawl under the Lanling God, looking up to the Lanling God who stands above their heads.

Although very dissatisfied, they have to accept this reality!

“From today onwards, the 9th Lebanon world regards this ruler as its king, the words of this ruler, the world dares not to follow, kill without mercy!”

In the twilight, this voice was centered on Divine Race, moved towards the entire 9 Li world.

At this moment, the entire 9 Lebanon world heard such an extremely overbearing voice.

In an instant, the entire 9 Lebanon world was boiling over!

Zhu Divine Race between Heaven and Earth in front of the king’s court, the four gods bowed their heads sadly, the era that belonged to them has completely passed from this moment!

“See 9 King Li!”

Between Heaven and Earth, everyone yelled out this voice spontaneously.

In the next 9 Lebanon world, Lanling God is the king, and that is 9 Lebanon!

“9 King Li…” The Lord of Lanling looked up to the sky and laughed; “Well, from now on the master will be 9 King Li, and 9 King Li!”

“9 King Li, I wonder if the clansman can be destroyed?” Holy Feather God bowed his head and asked.

hearing this, a pair of vision of the Lanling God moved towards the Holy Feather God like a sharp sword and look over it; “Whether it is destroyed or not, should you question this Lord?”

“Don’t dare!” Holy Feather God lowered his head tremblingly.

“Putting it that way, the man escaped, you failed to kill him, or, you can’t kill him temporarily!” Youruo went to Divine Eyes, looked towards Lanling God, and he would die anyway, Youruo went up God doesn’t care about offending Lanling now.

Hearing this, Lanling God squinted his eyes and looked towards Youruo God; “I can’t kill the bereaved dog?”

“If you really killed him, what would you dare not admit?” Youruo God still said coldly.

Lanling God laughed; “Sure enough, it’s not an ordinary woman. You are right. The Lord hasn’t killed him yet, but he escaped into the depths of the Great Desolate universe, and he still cannot escape death. Of course, he may Fate is big, you can leave the Great Desolate universe alive, but the master can guarantee that he will be killed next time, but since you have high expectations for him, then in the future, the master will personally slaughter him in your presence! “

Yun Lan is coldly snorted; “I’m afraid that next time he reappears, your Lanling God no longer has the ability to kill him!”

“Ha ha ha ha, it’s just a bereaved dog. You expect so much from him.” The Lord Lanling laughed and shook the head; “Well, the Lord will give you a chance, one will watch him die in front of you in the future. But before that, this huge Divine Race is afraid to acknowledge allegiance under this ruler, and you will all become prisoners of this ruler!”

Hearing this, Zhu Divine King tremblingly said; “Zhu Divine Race is willing to acknowledge allegiance 9 Li Wang!”

“Hmph, very good. Keep these two women locked up. In the future, the master will let them see for themselves whether the master can kill the bereaved dog!” The Lord Lanling looked terrifying, and then he looked towards silence. Of the 2 Gods; “Do you have any opinions on this?”

“Don’t dare!” The 4 God shook his head hurriedly!

“Very good.” Lanling God said indifferently; “From today, 9 Lei world is fully prepared for war, and soon, the Lord will lead my people of 9 Lei world into the God Demon Race. 10,000 years ago, I 9 Lei world. The ambition that failed to be fulfilled will be realized by the master!”

Only to become the 9th Lebanon of the 9th Lebanon world, the Lord of Lanling is certainly not satisfied. What he has to do is to have two absolute world controllers, and step on the god Demon Race as well.

However, in the Great Desolate universe and the ancient dragon corpse battle, the Lanling God was seriously injured. Because of this, he did not continue to hunt and kill Ye Han in the Great Desolate universe. Instead, he withdrew from the Great Desolate universe and returned to 9 Li. world.

Once he recovers, it’s time for the invasion god Demon Race.

What if Ye Han really left the Great Desolate universe alive? Will it be his enemy?


Great Desolate Deep in the universe, the river of the universe!

After Ye Han fell into this cosmic river, he was like an ordinary person who fell into the vast and boundless sea, without any resistance, and could only drift with the waves in the cosmic river and be swept by the terrifying waves. Into the deepest part of the river bottom.

This cosmic river breeds the powerful Life Aura, as if it can nourish the entire universe, and All Heavens Myriad Realms are under its nurturing.

Ye Han was frightened and was drawn into the river bottom of this boundless cosmic river. Ye Han’s power could not be used here, as if he could only drift in this cosmic river forever.

In the dark, Ye Han seemed to have seen the birth of 10000 things in this cosmic river, saw the emergence of the universe, some chaotic pictures, I don’t know where it came to Ye Han’s mind.

Ye Han saw a place full of chaos and endless darkness, and a Tianhe was born. The birth of this Tianhe, traversing the entire chaotic and dark world, made this place a wonderful change in an instant.

A huge universe emerges, each and everyone world springs up like bamboo shoots after a rain, all living creatures, different species are born in each and everyone different world…

“Is the formation of the universe and the appearance of Myriad Realms really inseparable from this river of universe?”

Ye Han’s heart trembled. Although he didn’t know where these chaotic pictures came from, he was like a bystander just now, witnessing the emergence of the entire universe and the rise of each and everyone world.

And this cosmic river that has nurtured the universe and the Myriad Realms is just like the whole universe, the mother of Myriad Realms, the ancestor!

The universe and Myriad Realms emerged from it. Once it is destroyed, will the universe and Myriad Realms continue to exist?

In an instant, just as Ye Han was watching the graffiti in his mind, an extremely mysterious and abstruse clear comprehension suddenly flashed through Ye Han’s mind.

But this clear comprehension disappeared in an instant, so Ye Han couldn’t catch it at all.

This feeling is as if you clearly remember what you are going to do, but forget it in an instant.

“The universe and Myriad Realms both exist because of the river of the universe, and even all living creatures, their birth seems to be born from the birth of the mother, but this rule is not the same as the universe and Myriad Realms because of the river of the universe For creatures, their birth is due to the mother body, and the universe and Myriad Realms are born, the river of the universe is the mother body!”

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