Divine Perception Chapter 3458

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At this moment, Ye Han seemed to see through the entire universe and the rules of the birth of Myriad Realms and all living creatures in this cosmic river.

And if you want to surpass this universe, surpass Myriad Realms, and surpass all living creatures, you must become a river of universe.

However, the river of the universe has nurtured the universe, Myriad Realms, and even all living creatures. But why does it exist?

In an instant, the feeling of extremely mysterious and abstruse came to Ye Han’s mind again.

“No, this is the final conclusion of mutual growth and destruction. The river of the universe has nurtured the universe and the Myriad Realms, but once the universe and Myriad Realms disappear, the river of the universe will also wither and disappear. It has nurtured The universe and Myriad Realms, and the existence of the universe and Myriad Realms also made it.”

That kind of clear comprehension became stronger and stronger in Ye Han’s mind, making Ye Han’s spirit seem to flash through the strongest rays of light, as if the sun became more and more dazzling.

Immediately after this clear comprehension flashed in Ye Han’s mind, Ye Han felt a lot of completely different terrifying forces in this cosmic river.

This cosmic river seems to have nurtured all the power in Myriad Realms, and all the power in Myriad Realms seems to come from this cosmic river.

Many of these great powers are something Ye Han has never seen before, and even Ye Han still feels the existence of Taoism, and even the existence of faith, and there are many unknown forces.

All kinds of great powers swim in Ye Han’s perception.

“Is this the power from Myriad Realms!” Ye Han was shaken. The moment he felt the Dao Fa, Ye Han instinctively wanted to control this great power, but Ye Han wanted to control the Dao Fa. In an instant, the power from Myriad Realms suddenly moved towards Ye Han and suppressed it.

At this moment, the power from Myriad Realms rioted together, and the power of Myriad Realms seemed to merge with each other to form a force that surpassed the entire universe, causing the entire river of the universe to surge wildly.

In an instant, Ye Han, who was in the river of cosmos, only felt the world revolve. One after another amazing whirlpool was swept in this cosmic river, swallowing everything that exists in the cosmic river.

At that moment, Ye Han only felt a terrifying devouring strength descending on him, causing his body to sink continuously. In the end, Ye Han only felt that he had entered a vortex of reincarnation, spinning continuously in this vortex.

I don’t know how long this feeling lasted. When Ye Han found out that he could control his body again, he had already entered a vast universe.

The surrounding universe is dark, like a Bottomless Abyss.

“Where is this? Have I left the river of the universe?”

Ye Han took a deep breath. He tried to control the power of Taoism just now in the river of cosmos, but was targeted by the power from Myriad Realms. In the end, Ye Han only remembered that he was swallowed into a mysterious vortex. I don’t know how long I have been in it, and I finally came here.

“This does not belong to the Great Desolate universe!” After observing for a while, Ye Han came to this conclusion.

This also makes Ye Han sighed in relief, as long as it is not in the Great Desolate universe, the danger to Ye Han from other places in the universe is not very high.

“It’s a pity, if you can spend more time in the river of cosmos, maybe you can have a higher level of clear comprehension!” This idea flashed through Ye Han’s mind. There existed All Heavens Myriad Realms in the river of cosmos. Even if the strength of Faith and Taoism exist, if Ye Han can stay in it for some time, let alone achieve True God, even the legendary 10000 ancestral realm of the gods and demons will be possible.

Moreover, the fusion power of Myriad Realms at the last moment in the river of cosmos is too terrifying, making Ye Han feel that it is 1000 times stronger than the strength of Faith controlled by Lanling, Great Accomplishment 10000. This power can be called the best of Myriad Realms. Strong, the universe is strongest.

If Ye Han can also integrate all the strengths of Myriad Realms in the end, wanting to kill Lanling, it is entirely with no difficulty!

“That place, maybe I can go again!” In Ye Han’s eyes, the bright light glittering has nurtured the universe and the mother river of Myriad Realms. Can Ye Han also be nurtured into supreme existence that transcends the universe and Myriad Realms?

Immediately, Ye Han used space power to tear apart the void of the universe in front of him, and continued to move forward in this vast universe. What Ye Han had to do now was to leave this universe and return to the continent of Gods and Demons, allowing the entire continent of Gods and Demons to enter. Ready for war.

Ye Han doesn’t know how the battle between Lanling God and Primordial Dragon Corpse will end. Once Lanling God is still alive and he finds out that he has left the Great Desolate universe, he will definitely return to the 9 Lei world and take control of the entire 9 Lei world. In his own hands, he then invades the Gods and Demons Continent, in this way, the entire Gods and Demons Continent will surely suffer an unprecedented catastrophe!

Soon, after Ye Han continued to use Space Power and didn’t know how long his cultivation walked in this vast universe, he suddenly discovered that in the Universe World ahead, there were strong rays of light spreading towards this dark universe.

After Ye Han kept approaching the rays of light, a familiar feeling suddenly rose in the mind.

“Can it be …”

Ye Han’s heart jumped, and he suddenly had a strong hunch that in this vast universe, he returned to the original point!

Immediately, Ye Han continued to tear the space and move forward. It didn’t take long for Ye Han to discover the existence of one after another planet, and on these planets, there are some products of high-tech civilization.

Seeing this, Ye Han bitterly laughed. It seems that after he came out of the river of universe and walked through the vast universe, he really returned to the original point, not back to the land of the gods and demons as Ye Han thought!

Soon, in Ye Han’s sight, a cyan planet appeared, and the familiar feeling became stronger and stronger!

At the same time, the entire world’s satellites have captured lifeforms in outer space.

This incident caused all countries to boil, and at the same time they all entered a state of high alert, because it was the first time such a thing appeared in the entire world.

“How is it? Did you capture more information?”

Hua Xia Dadi, a middle-aged man wearing a straight military uniform with a majestic face looked at the huge screen and asked.

At this moment, on the screen, there is a wavy line that fluctuates from time to time, affecting the heart of the entire scientific research base.

“Not yet, it’s too far. With our current technology, we can only capture life energy. If you want to capture this lifeform, unless he enters the satellite detection range himself.” A scientific researcher said with excitement.

At the same time, everyone is also nervous. Is the existence of such a mysterious lifeform in outer space good or bad for the entire world?

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