Divine Perception Chapter 3459

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A mysterious lifeform appeared in outer space, and it also appeared in front of various countries at the same time. This is the first time this mysterious major event has appeared.

Although there are rumors in the world that coal nations have captured life in outer space, this is a mystery to many people.

And this time, as the world sees, the mysterious lifeform came from outer space. What kind of existence is this?

The high-level eyes of the entire world are now converging in outer space. Many countries are deciphering this outer space lifeform, and even a lot of dangerous theories have emerged within the countries. They propose to preemptively eliminate this lifeform that appeared in outer space.

Among them, some countries in the Western world have the strongest performance, and even some high-tech weapons have been launched.

As long as the lifeform of this outer space is found to be dangerous, countries will launch weapons!

“Dean Bai, is there an update?”

The heavy metal gate of the scientific research base slowly opened, and a group of extraordinary men in an imposing manner entered.

Seeing this, Dean Bai walked over and said; “Situ Bureau Chief, you are here, and there is no update yet. At the moment, all countries are staring at outer space. Everyone wants to know what the mysterious lifeform is?”

“Bureau Chief, don’t there really be aliens?” This kind of thought came to the mind of a man with a calm expression.

The middle-aged man said solemnly, Situ Bureau Chief, who is about 50 years old; “Even if there is, if you dare to threaten my Huaxia Dadi, you have to tell him to come and go, Dean Bai, the order has already been ordered, and the situation must be clear , My Senior Brother has gathered my Chinese land and many experts in the army, ready to go at any time.”

Hearing this, Dean Bai’s expression was shocked, he was solemn and nodded. It seems that many people take this matter seriously!

“Dean, there is an update!” A researcher stood up and shouted.

Situ Zhentian and the others hurriedly moved towards the big screen and saw that the undulating frequency of the waves on the big screen has become stronger and stronger. The sound of di di di affects everyone’s hearts, and the entire scientific research base stands up Staring nervously at the big screen.

“Situ Bureau Chief, this kind of life fluctuation frequency is too strong, even the most powerful military god in our country, his life fluctuation is far from such an intensity of life fluctuation.” Dean Bai said in shock.

Situ Zhentian frowned and asked; “Dean Bai, may I guess how powerful this lifeform is?”

Dean Bai’s eyes were dignified, he wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “According to the current life fluctuation frequency, he should be ten times, 100 times, 1000 times stronger than the military god, and even stronger. Once this lifeform affects us This World is malicious and will definitely be a disaster!”

Hearing this, Situ Zhentian’s face changed completely. After Ye Han took away a large number of experts from China, now the military god is known as the strongest in the East. It is precisely because of his presence that he has blocked many wolves’ ambitions in recent years.

But the lifeform that appears now is 100 times, 1000 times stronger, or even stronger than the military god. How can this make people not frightened?

“Carry on this news and inform Senior Brother to prepare for the battle!” Situ Zhentian said with a solemn expression; “Dean Bai, can you try to communicate this lifeform to see if he is malicious?”

Dean Bai shook his head; “We have tried it, and there is no response at all!”

“Dean, it’s not good, someone has already launched an attack on the lifeform of outer space!”

Hearing this, Situ Zhentian and the others hurriedly looked over, and now on the big screen, there are many new weapons entering outer space.

This scene shocked the eyes of all countries staring at outer space.

“These guys are more anxious than us!” Situ Zhentian frowns, he didn’t need to guess who started the attack.

“Dean, the outer space lifeform has entered the detectable range.”

“Dean, the weapon entering outer space is about to hit the mysterious lifeform!”

“Dean, the outer sky lifeform has entered the detection, and the image is being generated!”

One after another sound rang in the base, affecting everyone’s nerves.

At the same time, at the top of Kunlun, the military gods have gathered here with the China’s highest expert. They have already understood the situation that comes from outer space. If there is an enemy from outside the universe, they will do everything for the safety of China. prevent.

Today’s Kunlun Peak has long been transformed into a military base. Here, the top battle strength of China is stored, so that all countries in the world are very afraid of this place.

“What new news is coming from Situ?” The military spirit was like a sea, solemnly asked.

A Huaxia expert said: “Although the lifeform has not been formally detected, many people have already chosen to do it, and there is news from Situ Bureau Chief that this lifeform is 1000 times stronger than the military god you, or even stronger! “

“So powerful, what would come from the universe?” Jun Divine Eyes solemnly.

“Dean, the image has been generated and is being transmitted.”

“Dean, the mysterious lifeform in outer space was hit and the image was interrupted!”

The voices in the base come and go.

At this moment, all countries are staring at the big screen. The mysterious lifeform in outer space has been hit. In such a super attack, the mysterious lifeform should be killed, right?

In this second, the nations of the world stared at outer space and held their breath, but this scene only lasted for 3 seconds, and the strong life fluctuation frequency appeared again.

“Fuck, I’m not dead, this is too horrible!”

“What exactly is this mysterious lifeform? It can survive such a super attack!”

All the researchers were shocked, and it was the first time they saw a situation like this.

“Dean, the picture has appeared, but the video transmission was interrupted just now, and the picture is a bit blurry!”

Hearing this, Situ Zhentian and the others stared nervously at the big screen, and a blurry picture appeared on it. It was in outer space. A silhouette was standing in outer space, looking up at the blue planet.

“This is… alone!” Dean Bai’s face was shocked, as if he had seen a ghost.

At this moment, this blurred image was also transmitted to the scientific research bases of various countries staring at outer space. The countries of the world were shocked. The mysterious lifeform that appeared in outer space turned out to be a person.

And in the terrifying attack just now, this person actually survived.

“Fak, is this a man or a god?” Some foreign researchers looked incredulous.

However, just as the countries were shocked, a clearer picture was coming from the satellite detection of many countries, especially the detection range of the Huaxia Satellite. They saw a clear face, smiling on the front of the satellite. Wave at them in front!

And this face will be destined to be remembered by the nations of the world forever!

Because of the Legendary of this world, he is back again!

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