Divine Perception Chapter 3460

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“Why… it’s him? This is Ye Han!”

The members of the Security Bureau who followed Situ Zhentian here recognized the smiling, handsome face on the big screen. Ye Han was once a member of the Security Bureau and has been regarded as Legendary and Myth by the Security Bureau.

For this face, people from the Security Bureau can’t be more familiar with it!

At this moment, let alone the shock of Situ Zhentian and the others, people in the countries of the world are shocked when they see this face, because many people in the world know the owner of this face.

Once Ye Han took the Heavenly Dragon team across the world and was invincible. He overthrew the Divine Court that had existed in the Western world for centuries. Almost no one knew his existence. Now all countries still keep his confidential files.

“Ye Han, didn’t this kid take my China Expert to another world? How could he appear in outer space?”

Situ Zhentian was pleasantly surprised. He never expected Ye Han to return again, in such a way that shocked the world.

“It’s really Ye Han. This guy will appear in outer space. What an incredible power this is!”

“It can appear in outer space without any equipment. With such a magical ability, even the ancient legendary god of China is only this!”

All of a sudden, when Situ Zhentian reported the events of outer space layer by layer, almost everyone who was qualified to know about it was shocked.

“What, the mysterious lifeform that appeared in outer space is Ye Han!”

At the top of Kunlun, the military god who was already fully prepared for battle was shocked to the extreme when he heard the news.

Experts from China’s four parties were equally shocked. They were preparing for the battle at the top of Kunlun, preparing to deal with the mysterious lifeform in outer space, but didn’t expect it to be Ye Han.

Coming from outer space, such a Deity move, Unparalleled!

Suddenly, the high-level shook. Now that they knew that the mysterious lifeform of outer space was Ye Han, they were all waiting for Ye Han’s return. Once the Legendary of this World reappeared, what kind of surprises would he bring to the world?

“Zhang Dapao, you old fellow’s repentance of chess needs to be corrected. This round is not counted, come back!” Yan Old Master stared at Zhang Old Master opposite him with an angry face.

Zhang Old Master is unhappy; “Yan old man, your face is too thick, I Zhang Da Pao regrets chess, don’t you regret it? Why not count? No, since you have lost, the bottle has been treasured for more than ten years My Maotai must be mine, so take it.”

“Hmph, your old fellow wishful thinking.” Yan Old Master gave Old Master a blank look, planning to renege on a debt.


Outside the hospital, Yan Zhen, who was already in his 30s, walked in eagerly.

Seeing this, Yan Old Master scolded; “What do you do in such a panic? Where is the calmness that a deputy bureau should have? How can I rest assured that Yan Family is in your hands?”

“No, grandfather…” Yan Zhen said eagerly; “He’s back, he’s really back!”

“Yan Zhen, you brat speak slowly, who is coming back?” Zhang Old Master played with a chess stick.

“Ye Han, Ye Han, he’s back!” Yan Zhen said in surprise.

Hearing this, the chess in Zhang Old Master’s hand suddenly fell on the board, and the expressions of the two Old Masters suddenly became excited.

“Ha ha ha ha, Zhang Dapao, my grandson is back, that kid hasn’t appeared for more than ten years since he came back last time!” Yan Old Master laughed excitedly.

“That’s my grandson, Yan Zhen, where is my grandson now?” Zhang Old Master asked eagerly.

“In outer space!”

In a word, the two of Deyan Old Master and Zhang Old Master were stunned on the spot.

In space, Ye Han is standing here looking at the cyan planet in front of him. Although many countries have launched powerful attacks on him just now, these attacks are too weak for Ye Han, more than tickles. Not as good.

“Since you are back to the original point, let’s go back and take a look!” Ye Han slightly smiled and moved towards the cyan planet in front of him.

Soon, when Ye Han entered the atmosphere, he immediately felt a strong suppression, which came from the suppression of him by Heaven and Earth.

“Sure enough, there is a lack of Taoism, but there is an embryonic form of Taoism in the universe of outer space. If you introduce Taoism from the universe into this World, you can make up for the lack of Taoism in this World.”

Ye Han thought this way in his heart, once he complemented Earth’s Taoism, then this planet could also become a world with cultivators everywhere, and its future development would not be weaker than that of the Gods and Demons Continent.

Of course, even if Ye Han complements Earth’s Taoism and wants to develop into a magnificent world like the Continent of Gods and Demons, it will take a long time, 1000 years, 10000 years, or even longer!

However, although Ye Han felt suppressed when he entered the atmosphere, with Ye Han’s current strength, this World could not suppress him.

Soon, Ye Han was approaching the sky above China. After passing the Kunlun summit, he naturally saw the current changes of Kunlun summit.

“Military god, Yanjing will meet again soon!”

At the top of Kunlun, a voice was transmitted from the sky, making the military god and the others on the top of Kunlun excited.

“It’s him, it really is him, this guy is really back!” Military God was very excited; “Notify Yanjing, this guy will come to Yanjing in the near future, ready to meet!

On the top of a building in Shanhai City, Ye Han is standing on it overlooking the beautiful scenery of Shanhai City. After more than ten years of development, Shanhai City has also undergone the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Afterwards, Ye Han went to Phoenix Mountain. Although there is no one living here, it is still clean and tidy, and someone should come to clean it frequently.

Ye Han stood in the courtyard and recalled everything he used to. He was deeply moved. If everything is over in the Continent of Gods and Demons, Ye Han would like to return here, live in seclusion here, accompany his family, and guard the area that has nurtured him The earth is prosperous, until the end of time!

“Qinghe, slow down, people can’t catch up with you!”

“Who makes you so slow, deserves it.”

With two rather immature voices coming, and the door of the mountainside village slowly opened, a ten 2-year-old boy jumped into the manor first, followed by a girl of similar age behind the boy .

Ye Han turned to look, he looked at the young girl who entered this manor with a little surprise.

“Hey, who are you? What did you break into our house for?” The young man stared at Ye Han boldly, protecting the girl behind him.

“Your family?” Ye Han is a little funny, who are these two Little Brats?

The girl gave Ye Han a curious look, and then she immediately ran out and shouted; “father mother, our house is a thief.”

Hearing this, Ye Han immediately touched his nose, thief? Does this manor already belong to others?

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