Divine Perception Chapter 3461

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As the girl shouted, there was a silly voice coming in immediately; “Fuck, the little thief is so bold? Dare to go to Phoenix Mountain to steal something? What do the guys down the mountain do for food? I don’t even know if the house is a thief, mother.”

“You are all 3 16-17 years old, change your temper, 2 children are still there!” a woman said very dissatisfied.

The man loudly said; “Mother, dare to come to Phoenix Mountain to steal things. How can Young Master swallow this breath? Now who doesn’t know that Phoenix Mountain is a forbidden place in China, and no one in the east and west world dares to enter. Who is the thief?”

“This kid Haibin is right. No one in Phoenix Mountain can violate it. Let’s go, let’s go in and see who is so bold?” Another man’s voice sounded.

Then at the gate of the villa, 2 men and 2 women walked in with the girl. On the two men, they also carried two mops and some appliances for cleaning the house.

But when they entered the manor and looked at the young man dressed in ancient clothes and long hair and waist-length smiling at them, the four of them were petrified, and the mops on the shoulders of the two men fell to the ground.

“Father mother, this is the thief.” The girl took a man’s arm and looked at Ye Han with wide eyes.

“Cold…Master Han!” Great Young Master Tang’s excited body trembled.

“Master Han, it’s really you!” Lin Baimo was equally excited.

Mo Shu and Xu Hui are equally excited. It has been more than ten years since Ye Han came back. Now, this Legendary, who once affected the heart of the entire world, has returned again.

He doesn’t seem to have changed. The only thing that has changed is that they are getting older and moving towards middle age, and the other party is still like a young man in his early 20s.

“Lin big brother, Haibin, long time no see!” Ye Han smiled and said, moving towards 2 people walked over.

After a few people sighed, they entered the manor and sat down. Great Young Master Tang was the first to be confused to bear and asked; “Master Han, why is only you brat coming back at this time? What about the younger brothers and sisters?”

Ye Han said with a smile; “They are still in another world, and it happened that I came back this time, just passing by Earth, so I stopped to take a look at you.”

“Earth?” Mo Shu gave Ye Han a white glance; “Could it be that you guy still didn’t come back from the universe?”

“Master Han, do you want to leave?” Lin Baimo heard Ye Han’s words.

Ye Han nodded; “I have to go, but if everything goes well this time, I will come back again. If I come back next time, I really won’t go.”

“In this case, you brat said the same thing the last time you came back. The last time you left was more than ten years. Next time you come back, it is hard to say whether Lao Tzu is still alive.” Great Young Master Tang didn’t want Ye Han to leave. Next time, who knows When will Ye Han come back?

Ye Han bitterly laughed; “Next time I really won’t leave. I’m also a little tired. Don’t worry, you brat can live at least 100-200 years from this scourge. Yama wants to take your life and I have to ask if I agree. I agree, and that there will be changes in the future of Earth, Heaven and Earth turning upside down, I am going to let you all step into the path of cultivation, and enjoy the essence of life and stay young forever!

“Really?” Mo Shu and Xu Hui eyes shined. As a woman, no one wants to stay young forever.

Ye Han nodded; “Of course it is true. The days that we share in the future are still very long. By the way, I am going to visit Yanjing in 2 days and communicate this matter with the above. When the time comes I Some powerful cultivation martial arts will be left to the country. In the future, China will be respected on this planet!”

Ye Han’s appearance in Shanhai City is not at all. How many people know that after meeting Great Young Master Tang and Lin Baimo, Ye Han naturally also went to meet Zhou Mingshan. Although the Old Master was overly old, he was once known by Ye After Han’s Life Power changed his body, he is still growing stronger now.

However, the news of Ye Han’s return to China has spread like wildfire. At the senior level of China, many people have already understood the news. After knowing that Ye Han will appear in Yanjing, many people are rushing to the city of Yanjing. .

And because of Ye Han’s appearance in space, many foreign countries are staring at Huaxia, and many people have even sneaked into Huaxia. Ye Han’s ability to display in space has already made all countries feel a crisis.

With such a powerful existence in China, that ancient country will surely become the overlord of the world. Before that, they must figure out everything after Ye Han returns.

After spending 2 days with Zhou Mingshan, Ye Han is about to leave for Yanjing City.

“Master Han, remember to let us know before leaving, the three of us brother had a good drunk, and I don’t know when the next time it will be!” Phoenix Mountain Village, Lin Baimo and the others looked distraught.

“I will, remember to cultivation the martial arts that I taught you. In the future, you will definitely be able to surpass this piece of Heaven and Earth, and these two Little Brat will cultivate them.” Ye Han looked towards Great Young Master Tang and Lin Baimo For children, these two Little Brat are a little afraid of Ye Han after knowing who Ye Han is, and they also admire a little, because they grew up listening to Ye Han’s story.

With a smile, Ye Han has disappeared from them, and he will also go to see the old man in Yanjing City.

Moreover, Ye Han has decided that he will prove the Dao in China, inspire the Dao of the universe to enter Earth, and achieve the realm of True God in Earth.

Earth, when the time comes, will undergo tremendous changes. Spiritual Qi will recover, and the era of cultivation will come. Once China has reached the forefront of the era of cultivation, with the support of martial arts left by Ye Han, it will surely become the planet. The overlord.

Now that he is back, Ye Han naturally wants to do it by the way.

Yanjing City, the most eye-catching place in the entire Dongfang World, Ye Han came here again. Compared with more than ten years ago, Yanjing City has also undergone a lot of changes. The foundation of a great country is only from this The city can feel a 2.

Immediately, Ye Han appeared in an alley with red brick walls. In this alley, there are several restaurants full of ancient flavors.

“Throw him out, beat me fiercely, fuck, dare to eat here without paying me, and unload his 2 hands to me!”

In a restaurant, a man full of alcohol was thrown out of it, and he was lying in front of Ye Han.

At this moment, a few men rolled up their sleeves and walked out of the restaurant. When they saw Ye Han standing aside, they immediately cursed; “Fuck, what the hell is here to film, don’t hinder us from doing things, get away.”

“How much does he owe your restaurant? I’ll let you make it up later.” Ye Han said in a tranquil voice.

“Make up, hehe, do you want to stand up for him? This old bastard is you who?” The leading man sneered and rubbed his fists.

“He is my father-in-law!” Ye Han was still very calm.

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