Divine Perception Chapter 3462

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“Hehe, this old bastard is your father-in-law. Okay, take out hundreds of thousands, and that’s it!” The leader sneered.

“A meal hundreds thousand?” Ye Han raised his head and glanced at the restaurant in front of him; “Is a place like you worth the price?”

“Hmph, I said that hundred thousand means hundred thousand. If you don’t give it, don’t hinder me from doing things. Just stay cool.” The leading man waved, and the people behind him immediately moved forward.

If in the past, Ye Han would definitely do it, but now Ye Han is already a super-level existence in this universe, how can he oneself to somebody’s level lower than an ant?

“Okay, hundreds thousand, I’ll give it for him.” Ye Han expression calmly, he looked down at the drunk man lying on the ground, and sighed helplessly. One failure left him for more than ten years. The once Yan Qingyun was regarded as Completely scrapped.

Had it not been for Ye Han to spot him when he was scanning the entire Yanjing City, Ye Han would not have known that Heaven’s Chosen Child, who was once famous as Ji Madman, had become this look.

“Hmph, you give it for him, kid, it’s weird to see what you wear, can you afford a hundred thousand dollars?” The leading man looked up and down Ye Han.

Ye Han lightly saying; “It’s just a trifling hundred thousand, naturally someone will give it to you for me, but I’m afraid you won’t take it.”

“Hmph, what a big tone, boy, give you half an hour to deliver the money to me, or I will use you as a waste.”

“It doesn’t take half an hour, I think ten minutes is enough.” Ye Han waved his hand, so that the drunk Yan Qingyun gradually became sober, looking at Ye Han standing in front of him, Yan Qingyun gradually sober expression. Surprised, his face was stiff, but he immediately recovered his calmness, stood up and slowly moved towards the distance.

“Wait, did Lao Tzu let you go?” The leading man led someone to stop Yan Qingyun’s way; “You don’t pay for drinking in Lao Tzu, and you don’t even ask if Lao Tzu does it and so on? Today, I won’t give it hundreds thousand dollars. No one is allowed to leave when I get to Lao Tzu.”

“Yan Qingyun, the era of cultivator is approaching. When the time comes this World, there will be a large number of cultivation people, who are above all beings. Muddleheaded has spent more than ten years. Do you really want to give up like this?” Ye Han stepped forward and said, “Although you have been abandoned, but you want to cultivation again, what difficulty is there?”

Hearing this, Yan Qingyun’s body trembled, and he slowly turned around, as if he hadn’t spoken for years, his voice was hoarse; “Will you help me?”

“Half son-in-law, what happened at the time is over, how can I really hate it all the time?” Ye Han walked over and patted Yan Qingyun on the shoulder, a strong force entered his body, next moment, Yan Qingyun I only felt that a brand new force surged in my dry dantian.

That kind of power once seemed to be back again!

At this moment, Yan Qingyun was so excited that her body trembled.

He was muddleheaded for more than ten years after becoming a waste, and today, he is alive again!

“Hey, you are fucking endless, cultivation? I am still cultivating, when will the money be delivered?” the leader said impatiently.

But at this moment, on the second side of this alley, vehicles with special license plates rushed in, and finally all stopped at the door of the hotel.

Not only that, behind these vehicles with special license plates, there are also some low-key luxury cars.

In an instant, two sides of this alley were blocked by more than 2 vehicles.

Seeing this scene, the leading man’s face was shocked. He was able to open a restaurant in the extremely expensive land of Yanjing City. He naturally had some eyesight. He naturally knew what these vehicles with special license plates meant.

Many pedestrians stopped and watched on the road, and the customers in the surrounding restaurants cast their shocking and curious eyes.

“My God, could it be that a certain great character came here to eat?”

“Isn’t it possible? In such a big pomp, there are vehicles of Yan Family and Zhang Family Two Great Families in Yanjing City.”

Under the gaze of these shocked eyes around, then these cars walked down each and everyone Ye Han once familiar silhouette.

The people who got off the special licenses are naturally special departments headed by Military God, Situ Zhentian and the others, as well as some experts in the ancient martial arts world of China. After knowing Ye Han’s return, they almost all rushed to Yan overnight. Capital.

Behind the military gods and Situ Zhentian and the others, the young, talented people of the previous generation such as Zhang Shaoyu and Yan Zhen in Yanjing City, today they are either in politics, in the army, or in business, and have gradually emerged in various fields. It is conceivable that after several decades, they will be the pillars of the country and even enter the core position of power.

At this moment, the people around saw the calm men and women with each and everyone expression coming off the car. They were all stunned. Although they didn’t know about the existence of military gods, they did not know about the existence of military gods, but top giants like Zhang Shaoyu and Yan Zhen. , Once stunned the existence of the entire Yanjing city, almost no one in Yanjing didn’t know them.

“Ye Han!” Junshen and Situ Zhentian and the others are excited. After more than ten years, this guy is finally back!

The Chinese ancient martial arts world, which has been silent for more than ten years, has been boiled over by the return of Ye Han.

In fact, after Ye Han entered the city of Yanjing, the military god and Situ Zhentian in charge of the special department were understood, so they all moved towards here immediately.

“Master Han!” Zhang Shaoyu and Yan Zhen also stepped forward with excitement.

“Welcome to the return of Young Master Ye!” At the next moment, this loud voice rang from the entire street. The return of Legendary who once smashed Yanjing, smashed China, and smashed the world made these people who once worshipped Ye Han excited. Endless.

Seeing this, Ye Han smiled nodded and said something that made many people speechless; “Well…Which one of you has hundreds of thousands? Let me use it first.”

Hearing this, the people present were taken aback.

“Master Han, what’s the matter?” Zhang Shaoyu stood up and said.

“It’s okay, my father-in-law meal here cost hundreds thousand yuan, so I borrowed and settled the meal.” Ye Han said with a smile.

Hearing this, dozens of line of sights all moved towards the hotel entrance and the leading man looked over. The strong pressure caused the leading man to kneel on the ground in fright, and look pale anxiously said, “No…no, This son, I don’t need this money!”

“Hmph, you are really brave enough. You want hundreds thousand dollars to blackmail Yan Old Master’s grandson in Yanjing City? Okay, swipe your card!” Zhang Shaoyu coldly took out a card and handed it to him. Leading man.

Hearing this, the leading man’s heart is terrified, Yan Old Master’s grandson, is this young man in front of him the Legendary character who shocked the entire Yanjing City!

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