Divine Perception Chapter 3463

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The city of Yanjing more than ten years ago was an era when Yanjing’s influential figures were born, such as the Nalan Family, Nalan Mietian, and his group of heroes, Han Xiaotian, Xiao Jianli, etc. There were too many For the young, talented people, there were too many heroes dormant in the former China.

Siberian tigers, grassland kings, etc., but these were all trampled underfoot by a single person, so that the original Yanjing city experienced a major change in blood.

Although these things have not been exposed, they have already spread in the upper circles, and even some capable a nobody knows.

Unfortunately, the boss of this restaurant is one of the insiders. He knows better that the person who trampled these Chinese heroes, young, talented people of Yanjing City is the grandson of Yan Family Old Master.

At this moment, the restaurant boss was in a cold sweat, and even had a heart of death. The person he provoked was such a Legendary character.

Thinking about it, the restaurant boss fainted directly.

“Hmph, dare to blackmail in Yanjing City, Hao Fei, give me a good look at this restaurant.” Zhang Shaoyu was very angry. Ye Han was blackmailed as soon as he entered Yanjing City.

“Ye Han, leave these little things to Zhang Shaoyu and the boys. You just entered Yanjing, but the big guy has been looking forward to it for a long time.” The military god said hurriedly.

Hearing this, Zhang Shaoyu said with a smile; “The god of war, Master Han finally came back once. If you discuss a major event, you have to let him rest and rest. Even more how. Nowadays, most of the Chinese celebrities, the rich and young capital of Yanjing City Gathered in the celebrity club, ready to pick up the dust for Master Han, if you take Master Han away, I can’t suppress those guys.”

The military god glared at Zhang Shaoyu; “you brat still wants to snatch someone from me, believing or not, I let Zhang Old Master shut you down.”

“I don’t care about this matter for my grandfather, even more how my grandfather is still waiting for me to take Master Han home to see his Senior at night.” Zhang Shaoyu shrugged.

Yan Zhen also said with a smile; “Military god, my cousin just came back, you can’t take him away. My grandfather can also wait to see my grandson, even more how even if Shaoyu and I agree, don’t the brothers behind us I might agree, brothers, do you promise the military god to take Young Master Ye away?”

“No!” everyone on the street said in unison.

“You bastard, go against the sky!” Situ Zhentian scolded the army with a beard blowing and glaring; “Anytime there is one first come first, you guys best not to make trouble, next time if it falls into my hands , Can don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“Situ Bureau Chief, Young Master Ye are our idols. It’s a bit bad for you to do this.”

“Situ Bureau Chief, the materials in your bureau seem to be in the hands of my old fogey. Be careful. I tell my old fogey to give you small shoes.”

“Yes, Situ Bureau Chief, don’t bluff us, we are not scared.”

Once this group of dudes in Yanjing City made Situ Zhentian a little helpless, his words were okay to scare the little dudes who had just emerged in Yanjing City. Facing this group of’Old Fox’, it didn’t help much.

even more how these’Old Fox’ are now in important positions.

Seeing this, Ye Han shook his head and laughed bitterly, and said, “Okay, you will block this path when you stay, let it go.”

“Master Han, don’t, buddy, I just arranged the reception banquet. Most of the Chinese characters are waiting for you in the celebrity club. You can’t let the big brother lose face!” Zhang Shaoyu looked resentful. Looking at Ye Han, he made Ye Han laugh and curse; “When did you guy learn to play with these face projects, okay, Yan Zhen and I will go back to Yan Family first, and I will go to a banquet with Yan Zhen in the evening.”

Hearing this, Junshen and Situ Zhentian 2 are not happy anymore; “Ye Han, you brat are not authentic, but we have a bloody friendship together, how can you leave us behind and promise them?”

“Don’t worry.” Ye Han said with a smile; “I will stay in Yanjing City this time for a few days, and I will also have a major event to do when I come back this time. You should go back and make preparations first. Chi, the future of China, and even the entire Earth will undergo tremendous changes!”

The military god and the others were shocked; “major event, how big is the matter?”

“Changing the Heaven and Switching the Earth’s major event!” Ye Han squinted and said with a smile.

Later, Ye Han followed Yan Zhen into the car and went to Yan Family. Zhang Shaoyu was not idle either. Ye Han promised to go to the banquet at night, and of course he had to arrange it carefully.

The military gods and the others will not be idle either, they all vaguely guessed that Ye Han will come back this time to do a huge thing, so they must first pass the air with them.

But just after Ye Han followed Yan Zhen to the Yan Family, the news that Ye Han had arrived in Yanjing City went viral in an instant, and the news that Ye Han will be at the celebrity club tonight also made many people excited. Endlessly, some people who are not qualified to go to the celebrity club are trying their best to get into the celebrity club.

I even came outside the Yan Family compound, wanting to witness the honor of the legendary character once!

“Zhang Dapao, why did you brat come again, I said?” In the backyard of Yan Family, Yan Old Master was waiting eagerly, Zhang Old Master unexpectedly came to him again.

“No, I think that kid is coming to Yanjing. The old fart should be the first one to meet you, so I will come to you first and wait for that kid!” Zhang Old Master sat down.

Hearing this, Yan Old Master said triumphantly; “Zhang Da Pao, that kid is the grandson of my Yan Family, how can you compare to grandfather, now you know who is familiar with whom?”

Zhang Old Master hates gnash the teeth, but he is helpless, who made him just the grandfather of that kid.

“Old Master, don’t be angry, be careful to get angry!” Ye Han appeared silently behind Zhang Old Master.

Zhang Old Master and Yan Old Master moved towards Ye Han at the same time. Looking at the past, the eyes of the two old men were red in a moment.

“Grandpa, grandfather, I’m back!” Ye Han looked at the two old men with a smile.

“It’s been more than ten years, just come back, just come back!” Yan Old Master didn’t turn around and wiped his eyes; “Why is the wind so big today?”

Zhang Old Master also said with red eyes; “You, Smelly Brat, has been away for more than ten years. Sit down and talk to our two hometowns. What have you experienced these years?”

“These years…” Ye Han has a touch of recollection in his eyes; “Too much experience!”

“Child, do you want to leave after coming back this time?” Yan Old Master looked at Ye Han expectantly.

“Grandpa, there are still some things I haven’t done yet, and I really won’t leave after I have done it. When the time comes, I can stay with you for as long as possible!”

Ye Han stayed with the two old people until 2 o’clock. After Yan Family had dinner, he and Yan Zhen left Yan Family under the eyes of the two old people.

But as soon as he walked out of the Yan Family compound, Ye Han saw that there were hundreds of luxury cars gathered outside the Yan Family. There were some young men and women standing beside each of the luxury cars, with more than 100 people.

Seeing Ye Han coming out, all these people looked at him excitedly.

Seeing this, Ye Han touched his nose; “You guys are doing too much pomp!”

“Hehe, there will be something bigger later!” Yan Zhen mysterious said with a smile.

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