Divine Perception Chapter 3464

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“That’s Young Master Ye, it’s really Young Master Ye, he’s really back!”

Outside the Yan Family compound, some men and women in their 30s have already recognized Ye Han. They have seen Ye Han’s demeanor with their own eyes, and naturally they will not forget it.

“He is Young Master Ye, the Legendary of Yanjing City, the Legendary of China, and the Legendary of the world!” Some of the newly-emerged sons of the rich have a look of admiration. Today they finally saw this Legendary with their own eyes!

Ye Han quickly followed Yan Zhen into the car, and the two people walked away under the gaze of the surrounding 2 people. If it were not for Zhang Shaoyu and Yan Zhen’s request, Ye Han really didn’t want to come to this party. In name, Ye Han received the wind. Washing dust, but also a means to win over people.

Although standing at Ye Han’s current height, there is absolutely no need to care about these, but Zhang Shaoyu and Yan Zhen are now in important positions. They need this kind of relationship and can go longer in their respective fields.

Yan Zhen drove the car and quickly came to the celebrity club. This place Ye Han had been here last time when he came back. At that time, the whole young generation of Yanjing City gathered here, and the scene was quite lively.

However, before entering the celebrity clubhouse, Ye Han has already seen that there are many well-dressed young men and women on the road outside the celebrity clubhouse that is planted with coconut trees. The celebrities are rich and few.

Most of these people are from other provinces and come from various places in China. Although they can’t get in the celebrity clubhouse, they have already booked the clubhouse outside.

“That’s Yan Family’s car, Yan Zhen is here, so Young Master Ye is also in that car!”

Seeing the low-key Hongqi car coming from outside, the people on this path immediately stood beside 2 and stared at the Hongqi car eagerly.

Seeing this, the banquet held by Ye Han shook the head, Zhang Shaoyu and Yan Zhen is too high-profile!

But Ye Han didn’t even think about how high he is at Huaxia Station now, and he has a relationship with him, and he can almost walk unhindered in this country.

Apart from other things, Great Young Master Tang and Lin Baimo in Shanhai City have a Ye Han relationship. Even if many people in Yanjing City are polite to them, it’s because they are Ye Han. The brother.

And Zhang Shaoyu and Yan Zhen naturally wanted to announce their relationship with Ye Han to the entire China through this banquet, in order to improve their position. Although this is taking advantage of the situation, Zhang Shaoyu and Yan Zhen now need this relationship.

At this point, Ye Han was relieved as he thought about it.

The car stopped at the celebrity club. As soon as Ye Han got off the car, he saw a large number of people pouring out of the celebrity club. There were men and women, old and young, but without exception, those who were able to enter the celebrity club today , In this ancient country, rank and status are extraordinary.

Tonight’s celebrity clubhouse, almost gathered all the celebrities of China, such a scene is extremely difficult to see.

“Welcome Young Master Ye!” The people in the club looked excited.

Zhang Shaoyu took the lead towards Ye Han, said with a smile; “Master Han, how about this party that Yan Zhen and I organized for you? I’m here tonight, but all the celebrities in China will pick you up.”

Ye Han moved towards the clubhouse and took a look. He also saw Guo Yunjiang in Xiangjiang, Yu Shi and the others.

Ye Han bitterly laughed; “Go in first, say yes first, I won’t stay too long, and promised 2 Old Masters to accompany them to play chess.”

“It’s enough for you guy to come!”

The entire group enters the clubhouse. This place tonight will be destined to be the focal point of the entire upper class in Yanjing City. Many people will look at it here.

“Everyone, after more than ten years of absence, the Legendary who used to be this World returns again. Come, let’s toast together, welcome my brother Ye Han, and return to China!”

On the podium, Zhang Shaoyu looked at the audience with a goblet.

“Welcome Young Master Ye back!” All 100 people in the club stood up. They came from various fields of China, with extraordinary status and status. But tonight to pick up Ye Han from the wind and dust, it was not only their willingness, but also they broke their heads. I want to come.

Seeing this, Ye Han could only stand up and say; “Going back to the homeland again, many thanks everyone, enjoy your face, soon, this planet will undergo the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, a new era will come, and We will all be witnesses, when the time comes our homeland, this ancient country, will become the most powerful overlord on this planet, come, let us toast this ancient country!”

Everyone in the club drank it with emotion. Although they didn’t know what Ye Han was talking about, they were already very satisfied with seeing this Legendary with their own eyes.

In the future, when the cultivator floods the sky and Huaxia becomes the overlord of this planet, they will gradually know that Ye Han’s words tonight predict the coming of a great Grand Era!

How long did Ye Han not at all stay in the clubhouse? After greeted people one by one with people he used to know, Ye Han left the celebrity clubhouse alone and returned to Yan Family to play chess with two Old Masters.

Perhaps because of Ye Han’s return, the two Old Masters sat until ten o’clock before going to rest.

Ye Han didn’t sleep all night. He was feeling the trajectory of the power on this planet. Through a night of groping, Ye Han already knew where to start.

when the time comes As long as Ye Han introduces a brand new Taoism from the universe to Earth, then Earth will undergo tremendous changes, and a great era will be born gradually!

Early in the morning on 2nd day, Jun Shen and Situ Zhentian came to the Yan Family compound and picked Ye Han away.

“I said you two guys didn’t sleep all night, right?” Looking at the two soldiers and Situ Zhentian with bloodshot eyes, Ye Han smiled and jokingly said.

The military god helplessly said; “It was really busy all night, you brat attended a high-profile party in Yanjing City, but we were so busy.”

“What?” Ye Han surprisedly said.

Situ Zhentian said, “Because the you guy’s disturbance in outer space is so loud that people from all over the world have mixed into China, and it was very angry. Especially last night, many experts broke through our defense line and mixed into Yanjing City, although it has been We were expelled, but these guys It shouldn’t be easy to give up.”

Hearing this, a cold light flashed in Ye Han’s eyes; “Dare to invade my Huaxia Land, these guys are impatient, right? What I want to do next should not be disturbed, you give me the list of intruders. “

Situ Zhentian handed a list to Ye Han and said, “What do you brat want to do?”

“Of course, it’s to shock some of the younger generations first, so that they can know who is the overlord on this planet!” Ye Han looked at the names on the list, he waved his hand, and a few rays of light shot into the sky. , Passing over the Chinese land, into the ocean, and then these few lights turned into ten thousand zhang-long sword glow, exuding the aura of destroying Exterminating Heaven and Earth, and appeared above the Imperial Palace of various countries!

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