Divine Perception Chapter 3465

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The ten thousand zhang-long Destruction Sword mang appeared on the Imperial Palaces of various countries. This scene shocked all countries and the ordinary persons who had to see this scene were extremely shocked.

In an instant, the Imperial Palaces of various countries were defending. The sword glow destroying heaven extinguishing earth was too terrifying, and some people even launched missiles to destroy the sword glow, but the sword glow destroying Exterminating Heaven and Earth was everywhere. All kinds of weapons are completely motionless under attack.

Once this sword glow moved towards the Imperial Palace of various countries descends, it will definitely be a super attack even more terrifying than a nuclear explosion!

In less than half an hour, what happened over the Imperial Palace in various countries was reported on the news, which shocked other countries!

Huaxia Dadi also understood this matter. When the Army God and Situ Zhentian 2 heard the news, they looked at the young man sitting in front of them quietly drinking tea with horror.

“Ye Han, is this done by you brat?” The military god glanced at the international news on the screen, and then looked towards Ye Han.

Ye Han said in a tranquil voice; “It’s just a lesson to these people. I dare to be impudent in my Huaxia Land. From today on, let them know whether this planet is the master. Anyway, the new era is coming. Many unknown forces for ordinary persons do not need to be hidden.”

Hearing this, the military god and Situ Zhentian were completely shocked. Ye Han used this Magical Powers method to deter the nations without leaving the house. What a terrifying power he possessed!

“However, this is too high-profile. Although we have the power to surpass the ordinary person, it will take a while for the world to accept it!” Military god said with a bitter smile.

“No need,” Ye Han said; “The reason why Earth is not allowed to have the power to transcend the top-gathering realm is because this planet lacks Taoism. I have decided to introduce new Taoism from the universe into Earth. Earth, when the time comes, will become a world with cultivators everywhere. Everyone in the world can cultivation Taoism, and you will all be shackled by the breakthrough and enter a new realm!”

Hearing Ye Han’s words, Jun Shen and Situ Zhentian shook together. Although they both knew that Ye Han was going to do a major event, they also communicated with them. Although they didn’t know what Ye Han was going to do, they all supported Ye Han do it.

However, they still did not expect Ye Han to do something, it turned out to be such a major event of Changing the Heaven and Switching the Earth!

“Ye Han, is what you brat said is true?” Situ Zhentian asked tremblingly, breaking through. This is the dream of the ancient martial arts cultivator of China Land.

“Of course it’s true.” Ye Han said with a smile; “You can talk to the above and the ancient martial arts world about this matter first. Once Taoism is introduced to Earth, the experts who are already in the state of gathering will immediately enter the higher Realm, let them have a preparation.”

“Okay, I’ll do this now.” Jun Divine Eyes is dazzling; “But, what about foreign affairs?”

Ye Han said, “Let’s air them first, don’t worry, I have my own measures.”

Military gods and Situ Zhentian are getting busy. Internationally, there is a lot of noise due to the spectacles that appear above the Imperial Palace in various countries. There has even been an uproar on the Internet at home and abroad, and they are all speculating whether there are aliens appearing, or indeed there. Spiritual God exists.

However, after failing to find any results on the sword glow suspended above their Imperial Palace, countries have convened international conferences to jointly carry out crusades, claiming that this is a new weapon invented by terrorists and preparing to be unfavorable to the whole world, and calling on all countries to unite and contend.

Some unknown countries have joined the condemnation after the crisis.

In Dongfang World, only the powerful Huaxia Dadi did not speak, because the senior management has already understood what the situation is, so there is no need to worry.

However, Huaxia Land did not make any speeches, which allowed the nations that united to begin to focus their tongues on China Land and launch some improper remarks.

For a time, the entire China Land has become the mouthpiece of international public opinion.

Regarding this matter, the people of China Land are naturally very dissatisfied, and they have launched a scolding war on the Internet, but in this online public opinion, the people of China Land still do not have the upper hand.

“Hmph, terrorists, these guys are really imaginable.” Ye Han understood international affairs, he coldly smiled, and immediately his thoughts move, the same voice suddenly rang over the Imperial Palaces of various countries.

“Recall your dog from my Huaxia Land, or kill without mercy!”

This sound resounded over the Imperial Palace of various countries, and it made many people heard it. The next moment the ten thousand zhang sword glow gradually declined, and the coercive atmosphere of destroying heaven extinguishing earth almost extinguished the world’s The Imperial Palace was crushed.

In this scene, the controllers of the countries were scared to face deathly pale, and they hurriedly ordered the expert summon that had been mixed into the land of China to be returned.

At the same time, he also spoke on the Internet and apologized to China Land.

They dare not refrain from doing it, because the sword glow that enveloped the skies of the nations, once it falls, the consequences will be unimaginable. Although they know that this kind of thing is not done by China Land, it is definitely a strong person from China Land.

And the strong of China Land, only the legendary figure who used to cross the world has this ability.

After all, Ye Han has returned from outer space and has shown his Deity-like power to the nations of the world.

After all countries apologized to China Land, at first people who slandered China Land on the Internet shut their mouths. Such a scene naturally made the people of China Land very happy.

Some netizens have even posted what happened over the Imperial Palace in various countries on the Internet.

Especially the phrase “Recall your dog from my Huaxia Land, otherwise kill without mercy”, which shocked the entire China Land and at the same time was proud.

The entire Huaxia people are speculating whether Deity was born. In a word, they shocked the countries, making them all have to bow their heads in front of China.

“This voice…it should be Master Han!” Zhang Shaoyu sat in the office and watched the video played on the Internet. He grinned said with a smile.

At the same time, almost all of the upper-class figures of China Earth understood who did this thing to win glory for the country, and one sentence made the nations bow their heads to China Earth.

“You brat, Niu, even the top guys praised you, and there is even news that you will be named a great nation soldier!” The god of war and Situ Zhentian appeared in front of Ye Han again.

Ye Han said with a smile; “My Huaxia Land was about to become the overlord on this planet. How could I let some Xiao Xiaoxiao provoke me? I just did what I should do. By the way, did the above agree? “

“It’s done, when are you brat going to start?” Thinking about what Ye Han is about to do, both Junshen and Situ Zhentian are looking forward to it.

Ye Han stood up and said, “Then now, this planet should also enter a great era!”

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