Divine Perception Chapter 3466

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Ye Han came to outer space again, and his actions were naturally captured by satellites of various countries.

For this man who can enter outer space at will and can easily destroy the Imperial Palace of the countries, the countries now dare not make any rash actions. If once this man with divine force is angered, no one knows what the consequences will be?

However, Ye Han’s re-entry into outer space also aroused the shock and attention of various countries. They all wanted to know what purpose did Ye Han enter into outer space again?

Even the upper strata of China Earth are closely watching Ye Han’s movements. If Ye Han succeeds this time, the entire Earth will not only usher in the brand new Grand Era, but China Earth, which has already taken the lead, will surely become Overlord of this World.

However, after Ye Han entered outer space, he entered the vast universe directly, and his whereabouts could not even be photographed by the satellites of other countries.

“I hope this guy can really create a new era!”

At the top of Kunlun, the army god looked to the sky with a look of expectation.

Situ Zhentian asked; “Senior Brother, what do you think Ye Han has reached now? Can he really lead a new era?”

Hearing this, the military god said with a smile; “It can only be described as deep and unmeasurable. This kid can cross the universe and change the cultivation system of a world. At what height he stands now, we can no longer guess. .”

Situ Zhentian continued: “The people at the upper level of China Earth are watching what this kid is going to do. If he really succeeds, he will be a pioneer who has created a new era. This is a great move. It can be recorded in history!”

“I have him in Huaxia Land. It is really a blessing for the country, so be prepared. I believe this kid can succeed!” said the god of war.

At the moment on the top of Kunlun, there are the strongest experts in the Chinese Army and the experts in the entire ancient martial arts world, and they are also looking forward to it.

It can be said that what Ye Han is currently doing has attracted the attention of the entire Huaxia Dadi cultivator. Whether a new era can come depends on whether Ye Han can succeed?

After Ye Han entered the vast universe, it didn’t take long before he found an uninhabited primitive planet. The environment of this planet is similar to that of Earth. The only difference is that there is a complete Taoism here, and Earth Taoism Already missing.

“Didn’t expect that there is such a good place here. If Ye Shen Temple is returned to China in the future, Ye Shen Temple can be rebuilt here!”

Ye Han stood on this primitive planet thinking like this.

Of course, in the vast universe, there are many planets that can be inhabited and cultivated, but they have not yet been discovered that’s all.

Soon, Ye Han sat cross-legged on this primitive planet, and began to feel the existence of Dao Fa.

Taoism represents the Three Thousand Great Dao. Anyone who enters the realm of True God must control a piece of power before entering the realm of True God. Before that, Ye Han has controlled the will of True God. Just need to control Tao Fa.


At the moment when Ye Han divine sense expanded, the Dao on this primitive planet trembled, the sky of the entire world was drastically changed, and the Three Thousand Great Dao was like a dormant giant dragon-like, as if summoned by some kind of energy. Woke up.

Three Thousand Great Dao have emerged one after another, wandering in this World.

Perceived by Ye Han’s divine sense, the Three Thousand Great Dao on this planet at this moment is like 3000 giant dragons flying in the sky. In each of these giant dragons, they have the power to destroy Exterminating Heaven and Earth.

After feeling this, Ye Han directly chose one of the powers, and his divine sense moved towards that power covered it madly.

Buzz ~ Buzz ~!

The entire world trembling more severely, as if about to collapse.

The moment Ye Han’s divine sense touched that power, he was met with a frantic counterattack. The terrifying Taoist power counterattacked, making Ye Han feel the pressure.

“Hmph, if in the past, the emperor still feared you a bit!”

Ye Han’s heart was coldly snorted, and all his own battle strength was released. An unrivaled pressure immediately appeared on the planet. The moment when this unrivaled pressure appeared, it seemed to destroy the planet. The entire world has shivered more severely.

Even if the Three Thousand Great Dao felt the crisis, they ran around in this World, they trembled, making the entire world The earth shook and the mountain quivered, the earth and mountains were destroyed by terror.

Soon, under the suppression of Ye Han’s own power, the force that madly counterattacked Ye Han was suppressed, like a giant dragon being ravaged by a great hand on the ground, the other party has no way to leave Ye Han. Control.

But even so, that power still struggled fiercely and violently.

One day, two days, three days!

Three full days passed before this power gradually ceased under Ye Han’s lateral pressure, and slowly returned to calm.

This scene is like a violent wild beast being conquered, choosing the acknowledge allegiance at the foot of the conqueror.

Feeling Ye Han slightly smiled here, and then under the control of his soul mind, the power of this Dao moved towards his body immediately.


In an instant, after the power of this Dao entered Ye Han’s body, all the powers of Ye Han within the body rioted, and they were all suppressed by the power of this Dao.

The power of Dao Fa is the power above the laws and rules. In Ye Han’s body, apart from the strength of Faith, there is no power that can compete with it.

“The Way of Longevity!”

At the moment the power of this Dao merged into his body, Ye Han slowly closed his eyes. The power he now controls is the Dao of Longevity in the Three Thousand Great Dao. The person who entered this Great Dao, It can lead to eternal life!

The Way of Great Longevity is not Strongest Dao in Three Thousand Great Dao, but it is the most fascinating power of Taoism. With this way, life is endless, Eternal Inextinguishable!

Ye Han is quite satisfied with his ability to control this kind of Dao power, although the Three Thousand Great Dao, Destruction Dao, Reincarnation Dao, Dao of Time, etc. are the most strong in the Dao methods.

But if Ye Han, who has 10000 legal bodies, wants to control these Taoisms, would it be difficult?

As far as Ye Han is concerned, if he wants to do it, as long as he is given time, he will control all the methods of Three Thousand Great Dao, and he will be the Three Thousand Great Dao!

Of course, each power in Three Thousand Great Dao has its own Divine Ability, just like the god of fate in the last era. He controls the way of great destiny, which can measure the destiny of 10000 things, and the destiny of Heaven and Earth. !

And Ye Han’s Divine Ability is longevity!

At this moment, a wonderful change occurred in Ye Han’s body. As the way of great longevity entered the body, everything in Ye Han’s body had undergone qualitative changes, and this was the realm of True God!

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