Divine Perception Chapter 3467

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Ye Han can feel the changes in the body. At this moment, his body, as if it has evolved, has become a more advanced lifeform.

The existence of this lifeform has established a connection with this universe, as if the universe is immortal, this kind of lifeform can be Eternal Existence.

Of course, this is only the ability brought by Ye Han’s great longevity. Even True God cannot truly live the same life as Heaven and Earth, Sun and Moon’s Splendor.

But if the way of controlling great longevity is different, controlling this way means eternity and longevity!

“The realm of True God!”

Ye Han slowly opened his eyes, this step, he finally entered.

If the first emperor of the Gods and Demons Continent, Wang Chuyi and the others have not yet entered the realm of True God, then Ye Han will be the first to enter this Realm of Transcendence after the death of the previous era.

However, even if Ye Han has now entered the realm of True God, his own battle strength will not be greatly improved.

After all, Ye Han has entered the realm of God, which is the same as the realm of True God, and Ye Han also controls the strength of Faith that transcends the realm of God. His actual battle strength has already surpassed True God.

However, although entering the realm of True God does not help Ye Han’s battle strength much, if Ye Han wants to explore the realm of the legendary 10000 ancestors, he must first enter the realm of True God. Only in this way can Ye Han have it. Qualified to explore this legendary realm.

In the past, Ye Han believed that the strength of Faith of Perfection is the same as the legendary 10000 ancestral realm of the gods and demons.

However, through his insights in the River of the Universe, Ye Han knew that the Legendary 10000 Ancestral Realm is still in a higher position, which is definitely not comparable to the strength of Faith of Perfection.

There is strength of Faith in the river of cosmos, Dao Fa, and the power of All Heavens Myriad Realms. Strength of Faith is only stronger than Dao Fa in the river of cosmos, but if you want to be equal to the realm of 10000 ancestors , Far from it.

Even Ye Han already had an idea in his mind. If he completely controlled the Three Thousand Great Dao and made the Three Thousand Great Dao compatible with one force, it would be enough to compete with the Lanling God.

Of course, is it true? Ye Han can’t draw conclusions now.

However, this is also a brand new direction for Ye Han, the legendary 10000 illusory of ancestors, he may be able to go this way and try it first.

“If you want to fully control the power of Three Thousand Great Dao, maybe you can go to the river of the universe to have a try. There is the origin of all the power of the universe All Heavens Myriad Realms, where you have full control of the Three Thousand Great Dao. It’s a lot easier in the universe!” Ye Han thought in his heart, controlling Three Thousand Great Dao in this universe, Ye Han still doesn’t know how many years it will take.

But it’s different in the river of the universe, which is the birthplace of all power.

Of course, if Ye Han wants to enter the river of the universe again, he will definitely experience the crisis he experienced last time, but Ye Han can no longer control that many. Once the Lanling God invades the God and Demon Continent, the entire God and Demon Continent will face a crisis of destruction. , He must control the Three Thousand Great Dao as soon as possible to fight against Lanling!

Soon, Ye Han left the planet and entered the vast universe again.

After taking control of the great longevity, Ye Han can feel that the Dao Fa in this universe is extremely active, swimming in this vast universe, and no power can interfere with their freedom.


The Way of Great Longevity, centered on Ye Han, moved towards this universe and spread, ten thousand li, million li, 10,000,000 li, millions and millions li!

Under the endless proliferation of Ye Han’s Dao of Great Longevity, the Dao Fa in this universe immediately resonated, roaring like an angry dragon in this universe.

And Ye Han’s Dao of Longevity is like the head of the Three Thousand Great Dao, driving all Dao Dharma to soar in this universe.

After feeling this, Ye Han was beckoned and shocked the universe; “Come!”

At the next moment, the Tao of Great Longevity immediately gathered towards Ye Han, and under its guidance, other Taoisms immediately gathered into a Heavenly Dao River and moved towards Ye Han one after another.

At this moment, the Three Thousand Great Dao meet and become a dazzling purple light.

This kind of purple light has been spreading ten thousand li in this universe, like a purple river traversing the entire universe.

This scene was extremely spectacular. It was rumored in ancient times that Laozi went out of Hangu and drove Purple Qi for 1000 miles. It was Deity’s move.

And right now Ye Han is motivating Three Thousand Great Dao to spread ten thousand li from the universe, it is extremely magnificent, hard to describe!

Soon, under the guidance of Ye Han, as he gradually approached Earth, the purple light of ten thousand li spread behind him, shining the entire outer space, and the dazzling purple light was taken by satellites of various countries. The people who came to this scene were shocked to the extreme!

“Fuck me, what is this?” Huaxia Land’s researchers looked at the ten thousand li purple light that appeared on the big screen, and immediately stunned.

Soon, when the purple light gradually entered the satellite shooting range, Ye Han walked alone in the universe with his hands on his back. The scene followed by the ten thousand li purple light behind him was completely captured by satellites of various countries. Clear picture.

This kind of Deity’s move has moved the world, and even some foreign researchers who have filmed this scene have bowed to the ground.

“It’s Ye Han, he’s back from the universe, hurry, report to the upper level!” Dean Bai danced excitedly after seeing the people photographed by the satellite, but he has been staring at the situation in outer space, waiting for the result. He is here Nor can there be any sloppy.

Soon, the military god and Situ Zhentian and the others on the top of Kunlun also understood the news.

“The kid is back!” The army looked excited, is a future era approaching!

In outer space, Ye Han controls the Great Longevity and introduces other Taoisms from the universe to Earth. At this moment, the purple light spreading ten thousand li behind Ye Han is surging like a tide.

“Go, it’s time for a new era to come!”

Ye Han waved his hand, and the Tao of Great Longevity immediately guided the purple light spreading ten thousand li into Earth, making up for the lack of Taoism in this World.

In an instant, when the Three Thousand Great Dao entered Earth, people in the entire world saw that the sky was enveloped by purple light, and everyone in the entire world was surprised and shot at the sky.

This scene lasted for a full minute before the purple light that enveloped the entire world gradually disappeared.

At the same time, the cultivator of this World has a feeling in the dark. This piece of Heaven and Earth is undergoing a strong change. In the past, they felt that they were close to this piece of sky, but now, they feel that they are close to this piece of heaven. The sky is so far away, and I am so small in front of this piece of Heaven and Earth!

This feeling is more clearly felt by people at the top of Kunlun.

Next moment, whether it is a military god, Situ Zhentian, or an expert from the world of ancient martial arts, the powerhouses who have already advanced to the top of the world have broken through the shackles of the body and entered a new field!

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