Divine Perception Chapter 3468

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The entire world is undergoing tremendous changes. 10000 things are resurrecting, and the depleted Spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth is gradually growing out. 10000 things are exuding vitality!

On the summit of Kunlun, experts such as Military God and Situ Zhentian entered new areas one after another, and they were all excited.

Not only the god of war and the others, but also the ice masters of Atlantis from abroad have also entered a brand new field, and dozens of foreign experts who occupy Divine Court and guard the old John have also entered a brand new field. Of course, Ye Han once led the Heavenly Dragon to cross the world, and almost eliminated all the international experts. There are not many experts who can enter new fields abroad.

Only China Land, now considered as experts, is emerging in endlessly!

“A new era is here!” The military god and the others looked up at this sky. For the rest of their lives, they can also pursue the higher realm. In this ancient country, there will also be a group of leaders who will lead an era. The strong.

Inspiring Dao Fa into Earth, Ye Han’s move is unprecedented and ushered in a new era.

But when the strong of the entire world was shocked, Ye Han had already returned to Yanjing City, playing chess and chatting with the two Old Masters in the Yan Family compound.

“Child, can you stop leaving?” Zhang Old Master placed his son absent-mindedly, his mind obviously not on the chessboard.

Hearing this, Yan Old Master sighed. He didn’t think so anymore, but he knew Ye Han would leave eventually.

“Grandfather, grandpa, I have a reason to go.” Ye Han said; “this time I met an unprecedented enemy, forced to escape into the Universe World by him, and finally escaped into Earth, now I must go back Kill him, otherwise my family, my child, and everything about me will be destroyed by him!”

Hearing this, both Zhang Old Master and Yan Old Master were shocked. They could not imagine how powerful the person who could force Ye Han to escape into the Universe World, but the person who could surpass Ye Han is definitely terrifying. Very terrifying powerhouse.

“Child, if you go back, are you sure?” Yan Old Master asked, holding the chess piece tightly in his old hand.

“You will be sure.” Ye Han smiled and comforted the two old people.

“when are we leaving?”

“These 2 days!” Ye Han is going to observe what changes will happen to the changed Earth in these 2 days. Once everything is normal, Ye Han is ready to enter the Universe World again, and then go to the Great Desolate universe to make a break.

Once he fully controls the Three Thousand Great Dao and integrates the Three Thousand Great Dao into one force, he should be able to compete with the Lanling God.

Time flickered, and two days passed quickly. After the military god and the others returned to Yanjing City, Ye Han also taught them many powerful martial arts, and even left many precious Celestial Emperor inheritance to the country.

With such a powerful background as support, this ancient country that stands in Dongfang World will surely become the overlord on this planet.

In this way, even if he can no longer return, he can rest assured of this ancient country.

In 2 days, no unfavorable changes occurred in the already changed Earth. Everything was step by step. Between Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi was revived. Ye Han could finally feel relieved after seeing this situation.

On this day, after two Old Masters took a nap, Ye Han quietly left the Yan Family compound and reappeared in outer space.

Ye Han looked at the planet and waved his hand; “I’m leaving!”

These three words sounded in the ears of many people who knew Ye Han at the same time, such as the military god of Yanjing City, Situ Zhentian, Yan Zhen, Zhang Shaoyu, and Great Young Master Tang and Lin Baimo of Shanhai City.

They all heard these 3 words at the same time.

“Master Han!” Great Young Master Tang roared with red eyes looking at the sky; “You fucking come back early, we are all waiting for you in Shanhai City!”

“I don’t know when this kid will come back next time?” Junshen and Situ Zhentian 2 looked distraught, although they didn’t know why Ye Han came back suddenly this time? But they could vaguely feel that Ye Han was carrying a huge amount of pressure, and these things done for China Land were more like fulfilling a certain last wish.

Ye Han once again entered the Universe World, constantly using Space Power to move forward in this vast universe.

The universe is too big to imagine. Ye Han traveled through this vast universe for several days. On the way to the Great Desolate universe, Ye Han also found a lot of life planets, all of which have planets on them. Life exists, Ye Han even discovered some high-tech civilization planet.

There used to be rumors of aliens visiting Earth in the foreign world. Now it seems that those rumors are not necessarily false.

However, Ye Han does not at all stay on these life planets, and the power on these life planets is too weak, so Ye Han has no interest in exploring.

Of course, the power that exists on these life planets is indeed very weak for Ye Han, but if compared with Earth, it appears a bit strong.

However, Earth currently has a complete Taoism system, and it will not be difficult to catch up with these life planets in the future, or even surpass these life planets.

However, among the many life planets discovered by Ye Han, there are also some powerful life planets, which are not even weaker than the gods and demons continent.

In this way, Ye Han himself gradually forgot how long he had traveled through this vast universe, but he still did not reach the end of this universe and saw the existence of the Great Desolate World.

However, Ye Han has not given up. The Universe River in the Great Desolate universe is his only hope. He can’t give up the only hope of having the strongest power quickly.

On this day, when Ye Han felt extremely exhausted, a dim beam of light slowly shone from the dark Universe World in the distance.

Ye Han was shocked when he saw this place, Great Desolate Universe World, he came to this place again.

But after having the last experience, Ye Han didn’t dare to swagger into the Great Desolate universe. There are too many terrifying creatures here, and a little carelessness will lose their lives.

Ye Han had already lost an Avatar here last time. If the loss continues, Ye Han will feel very distressed.

Then Ye Han quietly entered the Great Desolate universe, and walked quietly in this same huge Great Desolate universe. Only when he reached the end of the Great Desolate universe and entered the river of universe Ye Han was in this Great Desolate universe. It is regarded as entering a Safety Sector domain.

However, even if Ye Han didn’t make any noise, he, the Outsider, broke into the Great Desolate Universe World, and it also alarmed some ancient creatures that were sleeping.


In an instant, in this seemingly peaceful Great Desolate universe, the tyrannical aura of destroying heaven extinguishing earth burst out in vain, making Ye Han who feel that here was so terrified, the ancient creatures in this Great Desolate universe awakened !

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