Divine Perception Chapter 3469

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Ye Han didn’t dare to be careless, and hurriedly tore a piece of the universe void and fled in. Soon after Ye Han escaped into the universe void, one after another huge monster appeared at Ye Han’s position just now. Once Ye Han meets them It is conceivable what a terrifying battle it will experience!

Ye Han once again appeared at the next location in the Great Desolate universe, driving so repeatedly, each time it was dangerous and dangerous to avoid some terrible crisis.

Of course, this is also because after Ye Han and Ye Qing are combined, they possess spatial abilities. Without this powerful force, Ye Han would have lost his life the last time he entered this Great Desolate universe.

One day, two days, ten days, one month… or even longer!

Entering this Great Desolate Universe World again, Ye Han completely lost the sense of time. He only knew that he was moving forward in this Great Desolate Universe without daring to stop.

In fact, what Ye Han doesn’t know is that it has been a year since the end of the Great War between him and the Lanling God in 9 Lei world.

It’s just that after escaping into the Universe World, I went through the Great Desolate universe, then I went through the vast universe, entered Earth, and returned to Great Desolate World from Earth again. Except for the few days in China World, the rest of the time was in the universe. Spent.

In Universe World, Ye Han has no sense of time at all, and he doesn’t know how long it has passed. It seems that a short time in the universe may have passed a long time.


On this day, at the end of the Great Desolate universe, in front of the universe blooming with infinite blue light, Ye Han walked out of a universe in the sky embarrassed, with blood on the corner of his mouth. Just now on the way to the river of universe, Ye Han Unfortunately, I ran into a terrifying creature, and after a war, he escaped the disaster dangerously and dangerously.

Of course, after entering the Great Desolate universe, Ye Han experienced more crisis than this time. It was just that he had the last experience and the ability to hold space, which made him turn peril into safety.

“The River of the Universe is here!”

Ye Han wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and he looked towards the cosmic river blooming with infinite blue light in the universe ahead, grinning.

Then Ye Han did not delay, and turned into a light directly into the river of the universe, and slowly sank to the bottom of the river of the universe!

Entering the bottom of the river of the universe again, Ye Han sat cross-legged in the deepest part of the river of the universe, carefully feeling the power carried in the mother river that has nurtured Myriad Realms and nurtured the entire universe.

There is the power of Myriad Realms in the River of the Universe, and Myriad Realms has become eternal because of its existence. Ye Han soon felt the power of Taoism in it.

The power of Taoism flows in the river of the universe, like a giant dragon-like swimming, and the Three Thousand Great Dao all gather here.

Together with the power of Myriad Realms, bred by the river of the universe, and the power of Myriad Realms will live forever!

Feeling the power of Dao Fa to swim in the river of the universe, Ye Han calmed down and began to control the power of other Dao Fa. The power of Dao Fa in the river of the universe will definitely grow much faster than in the universe or the planet of life. Because here is the birthplace of all power.

Ye Han has already controlled the way of great longevity. There are still 2 1000 Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth in Three Thousand Great Dao. The power of Taoism has not yet been controlled, but in the birthplace of the power of Myriad Realms, Ye Han is confident that it will be extremely short. Achieve this goal within a period of time.

At the same time, 9 Lei world.

The former Divine Race place has been changed by the 9 Li tribe, and is controlled by the 9 Li king, the Lord of Lanling.

In order to chase and kill Ye Han, he entered the Great Desolate Universe World and the dragon corpse in the first battle, Lanling was seriously injured, and it took a full year to recover.

At the height of Lanling God, either will never be harmed, and once injured, it will definitely not be able to recover in a short time.

Looking at the Lanling God who reappeared in front of him, the four great Gods who had been summoned here did not even have the courage to look at him, and they bowed their heads.

“One year should be enough for you to twist the power of the 9 Lebanese world into one strand, right?” Lanling God spoke lightly, his indifferent to ruthless gaze, as if he would be obliterated by a glance.

Hearing this, the Holy Feather God hurriedly said; “Reporting back to 9 Lei King, 9 Lei world All races have already fully prepared for war, with 30,000,000 troops, all races are waiting for 9 Le King to lead me 9 Lei world powerhouses to conquer again God Demon Race, let God Demon Race become the subsidiary world of my 9 Li world!”

“That’s good.” Lanling God stood up and said; “God Demon Race is indeed a race not to be underestimated, but it was 10,000 years ago that my 9th world failed to succeed. This time will be doomed to my 9th. Realize in the hands of King Li, go, open the door of the world, lead my people of 9 Li world into the god Demon Race, and step on the god Demon Race at the feet of my 9 Li world!”

For a time, with the order of the Lord of Lanling, the 9 troops of the 30,000,000 Lei world that had already entered the state of preparation for war, led by the 4 Lords, went to the gate of the world.

On this day, the entire 9 Lebanon world is extremely boiling.

tens of thousands of years After 9 Lei world invaded the god Demon Race again, the entire 9 Lei world is looking forward to this day.

The failure of the last invasion of the god Demon Race made the entire 9 Lebanon world quite regrettable, but this time with the terrifying existence led by the Lanling God, the 9 Lebanon world believes that this time the god Demon Race will be conquered by the 9 Lebanon world. Clansman, the god and devil, will also be enslaved by the 9 Lei world.

“God Demon Race Ye Han, if you really are not dead, then the battlefield master of the god Demon Race hopes you can appear, the invading god Demon Race would not be too boring without a decent opponent!”

Lanling God looked up at the sky above his head, coldly smiled.

9 Lei world carries a terrifying army of 30,000,000 into the gate of the world, and the mighty destruction aura has already passed through the gate of the world to the land of gods and demons.

Many powerhouses in the Gods and Demons Continent have felt the coming of this destroying heaven extinguishing earth power.

“The terrifying aura is transmitted from the gate of the world. Is such a powerful force that 9 Lei world has begun to invade my land of the gods and demons? Why is there no news from Ye Han?”

In the Southern Divine Realm, the complexions of the powerhouses who have entered the Human King Realm have become dignified to the extreme. Such terrifying power is simply astonished to the extreme, making them, the powerhouses who have entered the Human King Realm, very shocked.

Dao Zu said solemnly; “The Great Tribulation is here, you guys, prepare for the war, we will meet sooner or later in this battle with the alien race!”

At the same time, in the Eastern Divine Race, the first emperor, Wang Chuyi, and Crown Prince also felt the power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

“Foreign Race Invasion, here comes!” The First Emperor’s eyes were solemn.

“So strong!” Wang Chuyi’s face has several points of ugly.

“What are you afraid of? It happens to be a meeting with a foreigner, prepare for battle!” Li 9 Ye appeared beside the first emperor with squinting eyes. Now his aura is more terrifying than the first emperor!

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