Divine Perception Chapter 3470

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For a time, the terrifying aura that came with the Foreign Race Invasion first enveloped the entire Gods and Demons Continent, and Five Great God Territories all influences all entered a state of preparation.

As the closest Divine Realm to the gate of the world, almost all cultivators have entered a state of preparation.

The Monster God demons of Divine Realm in the East, Divine Realm in the West, and Divine Realm in the North have gathered more than 3 3 troops under the leadership of the First Emperor, the First Emperor, and the Crown Prince.

As for the South Divine Realm human race, under the alliance of the major powers, a full 7,000,000 army has been gathered, ready to go.

Not only that, the Southern Divine Realm is also extremely powerful in terms of the giants. After this year of precipitation, the Southern Divine Realm has controlled the strength of Faith not only the Taoist and the ancient Buddha, such as Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Xi Celestial Emperor, Yan Celestial Emperor Giants such as Huang Celestial Emperor, Holy Spirit Old Ancestor, Undead Ice Queen, White Emperor, and Barbarian Emperor have all controlled the strength of Faith.

Even Cangtian Burial controls the strength of Faith, equal to God!

And in the South Divine Realm, in addition to these giants controlling the strength of Faith, there are also many strong people who have entered the Celestial Emperor realm, such as Yun Family Old Ancestor, Qin Sheng Old Ancestor, Zhantian Old Ancestor, Brahma Old Ancestor, etc. Wait.

There are also strong members of the Ye Shendian Youth League, all of whom have now advanced to the Celestial Emperor realm.

Although Ji Kuangren and 1000 Liu also control the strength of Faith, their current strength can only be regarded as the strongest in the Celestial Emperor’s realm, and they are still not up to the point where they can compete with God.

In terms of overall strength, the South Divine Realm can be said to be the most powerful Divine Realm in the Gods and Demons Continent, surpassing other Four Great God Territories in one fell swoop.

“The power of this alien invasion is too strong. I hope Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva can lead the strong of the hell world to help as soon as possible, otherwise it may be difficult to compete with the alien army with our strength!”

The powers of the human race looked towards the direction of Divine Realm, their expressions are all extremely solemn.

“However, this time Foreign Race Invasion, why there is no news about Ye Han, and Ye Han hasn’t appeared yet.” Celestial Emperor Xi’s expression was tense; “There is a foreign race that transcends God. If Ye Han can’t come forward, Stop him, it will be even more difficult for us to contend against the terrifying power of the alien race!”

Hearing this, the human powers are silent, and now the God and Demon Continent needs Ye Han to come forward to pull strongly against a crazy tide!

The whole world is preparing for battle in the Continent of Gods and Demons. Everyone looked towards the door of the world with solemn expressions. Many people expressed panic. The alien power has not yet truly arrived, but this imposing manner is enough to make the Continent of Gods and Demons chill!

At the same time, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, who has returned to the hell world, is also summoning the king of the ten temples to gather strength from the ten worlds of hell to help the human world.

Soon, under the nervous waiting of everyone in the Gods and Demons Continent, half a day passed, the alien army had already broken through the gate of the world and appeared in the Universe Starry Sky world.

In an instant, with the appearance of the terrifying power of the alien race, the destructive atmosphere of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering swept across the entire continent of Gods and Demons like a torrent.

Here comes the alien!

The cultivator expression of Divine Realm was shocked. They were the closest to the gate of the world, and they were more able to feel this destruction aura.

“In Divine Realm, fight!”

The dark Celestial Emperor led the Divine Realm 400 and more than 10000 army swords pointing to the Universe Starry Sky world. Following his order, the power of the Divine Realm immediately rushed towards the Universe Starry Sky world.

“Oriental Divine Realm, fight!”

The Divine Race land ignited a raging fighting intent, and at the same time rushed to the Universe Starry Sky world.

“Western Divine Realm, fight!” Demon Race is dispatched, demonic energy is monstrous.

“Northern Divine Realm, fight!” Monster Race also moved under the leadership of Crown Prince, and the power of Four Great God Territories moved towards Universe Starry Sky world like a dark cloud.

“Everyone, now is not the time to worry about the grievances of the past, let’s play, I must stop the alien races in the Universe Starry Sky world, and I must not let them enter the continent of the gods and demons!” Dao Zu said solemnly.

“Southern Divine Realm, fight!”

With this voice spread all over the world, the powerhouses of the Southern Divine Realm have led a 7,000,000 army and grandiose to the Universe Starry Sky world.

At the same time, in the passage of the gate of the world, 30,000,000 foreign race armies are constantly pouring out from the gate of the world, like locusts pouring out of the nest, gradually occupying the Universe Starry Sky world around the gate of the world.

“God Demon Race, after a few 10000 years, the power of my 9th world has finally come again!”

4 The Great God stared coldly at this Universe Starry Sky world. Under their gaze, the power of Five Great God Territories is gradually appearing in this Universe Starry Sky world.

The power of the two worlds is watching like a terrifying thunderbolt.

After a few 10000 years, the forces of the two worlds clash again. In the end, stronger and weaker?

In the Universe Starry Sky world, the powers of the Divine Realm and Monster God demons appeared one after another. They looked at the foreign powerhouses constantly pouring out of the gate of the world with extremely solemn eyes.

Among the alien army that came out of the gate of the world, too many powerful men are equivalent to the giants of the gods and demons.

And there are 4 incomparably terrifying powerhouses, the 4 Great Gods!

“Hmph, a group of ants, it seems that I was really deceived by the spies of the god Demon Race. Even if I wait for these weak races, they can be destroyed!” The holy feather god expression is gloomy, the clansman clansman in front of me , Very few people are qualified to fight them.

The undead god said; “It seems that the god Demon Race Ye Han is the most powerful person in the god Demon Race. Now that he is dead, no one of the god Demon Race can stop me.”

“God Demon Race, 10,000 years ago, you have Spiritual God asylum, so that your race struggling on whilst at death’s door live for 10000 more years, but now my 9th world is coming again, and now this era is you At the time of destruction.” The Dark God’s eyes were cold, and the astonishing breath surged, causing this Universe Starry Sky world to tremble constantly.

The Immortal God said coldly; “After a few 10000 years, your race should have been trampled under the feet of my 9 Lei world. At this time, the Lord wants to see who else can guard your this World?”

“Foreign race, wanting to step on my Divine Demon Continent, I am afraid it is not as easy as you said. My Divine Demon Continent can be produced in large numbers. Can you destroy it if you want to destroy it?” In the Divine Race camp, Li 9 Ye carried With the dazzling divine light, he has suddenly entered the realm of True God, one step ahead of the first emperor and the three.

“Hmph, the realm of True God.” Holy Feather said with a sneer; “Your god Demon Race has mixed into my 9 Lei world spy Ye Han is many times stronger than you, but even he has been affected by my 9 Le world’s 9 King Li beheaded, now who else can protect your god Demon Race?”


The words of the Holy Feather God shocked everyone in the Demon Continent, even the first emperor and the others.

Ye Han, really died in the hands of the 9th world powerhouse?

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