Divine Perception Chapter 3471

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“Fuck your mother’s shit, you think you can kill me Ye Shen Temple Lord!”

The billowing breath descended from the Universe Starry Sky, and the great powers of the Southern Divine Realm appeared, Dao Zu, Ancient Buddha, Xi Celestial Emperor, Yan Celestial Emperor, Huang Celestial Emperor, Undead Ice Queen, Holy Spirit Old Ancestor, Cangtian Burial, Baidi, The ten Mandi terrifying existence, like God, stand proudly in the Universe Starry Sky world.

Behind them are the 7,000,000 mighty armies of the South Divine Realm!

Their appearance made the eyes of the four great gods flashed a surprise, the god Demon Race actually has so many powerful people equal to them!

“Everyone, now my God and Demon Continent is facing a great catastrophe, kill it. You must not allow foreign races to enter the God and Demon Continent.”


While the terrifying voices were still shocked by the Four Great Gods, the power of the Five Great God Territories had all moved towards the aliens.

This time 5 Deity Clan has gathered a full 20,000,000 army, but it is still too weak compared to the foreign race.

Not only is it incomparable with foreign races in number, but also in terms of the power of the strong. Although the South Divine Realm has ten equivalent to God-like existences, there is also the True God of Li 9 Ye, the first emperor, the first day of the king, and Dominate the three false gods, Crown Prince, but there is also a 3 Li king who is stronger than God in the alien race!

If no one can stop the 9th King of Li, the Lord of Lanling, the Continent of Gods and Demons is destined to be unable to gain the upper hand in this war.

“Hmph, I control faith, these clansman gods and demons are a little surprising, but you still can’t escape death, kill!”

4 The Great God made a crazy move, and all the foreign powerhouses who have come to this Universe Starry Sky world participated in the battle.

The battle for the destruction of the two worlds began instantly.

The first collision of these two terrifying forces caused this Universe Starry Sky to burst immediately, and countless cultivators fell in this first collision.

Whether it’s the land of the gods and demons or the 9 Lei world, people are dying.

The power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth radiates to the Divine Realm, like a storm of destruction. With no difficulty, it destroys the ten thousand li away, and destroys the underlying cultivator of the several millions of the Divine Realm.

The shock from the Universe Starry Sky world caused all the beings on the whole Gods and Demons Continent to tremble crazily, and a crisis of doomsday has shrouded everyone’s heads.

Once you go to the Five Great God Territories of the Universe Starry Sky world, if the powers can’t stop this alien power, then the final outcome of the God and Demon Continent can be imagined!

“It has already started!”

In the remote place of Demon Race, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva and the king of the ten temples are leading the hell world 10,000,000 army to appear in the world from the boundless and weak water.

They felt the Destruction Strength from Universe World, expressions all were extremely solemn.

“Help the human world, once they are destroyed, our hell world will not be able to be alone!” Wheel King said solemnly.

“This is a doomsday battle. Why hasn’t that man appeared yet?” South Divine Realm Ye Temple, Zhuge Prajna’s face is full of surprises. At the moment this two world war, any crafty plots and machinations are It’s useless anymore, only a real contest can tell the final win or lose.

Once the Gods and Demons Continent loses, Ye Shendian will be destroyed!

“I believe him, he will definitely appear, whether it is for this World, or for us.” The Goddess looked resolutely. They all believed in this world-destroying catastrophe for the entire Gods and Demons Continent. In the end, the man Will definitely come out to pull strongly against a crazy tide.

Universe Starry Sky world, the horrible confrontation is unprecedented. Even the war that broke out in the two worlds in the last epoch was not as horrible.

This piece of Universe World has been destroyed beyond words to describe. The entire Universe Starry Sky world is full of cracks and abysses. There are countless bodies floating in the Universe Starry Sky world.

The entire battle scene was unusually bloody and cruel.

Dao ancestors and ancient Buddhas are equal to the powers of the gods. All the four gods can only continue to retreat in this Universe Starry Sky world. However, the bottom of the battle of the gods and demons continent has been completely at a disadvantage and has been attacked by the gods and demons continent. Slaughter on one side.

Even a lot of the powerhouses of the Gods and Demons Continent have been killed in battle, the newly promoted giant powerhouses in the Monster God 3 clan, and the giant powerhouses like Yun Family Old Ancestor have been killed!

The powerhouses who participated in the battle of the entire Gods and Demons Continent each and everyone died one after another, and at this moment, everyone has been blushing.

“Ha ha ha ha, even if the god Demon Race has yours? In the end, you still can’t change the ending of destruction!” The dark God who was hunted down and fleeing from the Universe Starry Sky world looked up to the sky and laughed, in this Universe Starry Sky world is still the 9th Lebanon world army occupying an absolute advantage.

“Foreign race, and the powers of my hell world!”

In an instant, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva has led the King of the Ten Halls to appear in this Universe Starry Sky world. The army of more than 1000 10000 hell worlds participated in the battle and started fighting with foreign races.

With the addition of the 10,000,000 army of the hell world, the land of the gods and demons, which was already at an absolute disadvantage, gradually moved back to the situation.

But even so, the force of the foreign race is still very terrifying.

“Compared with the previous era, the top power of the god Demon Race has improved a lot, but the power of the god Demon Race should have all been present!” Lanling God slowly appeared in this Universe Starry In Sky world, he looked around the entire Universe Starry Sky world battlefield, with a cold smile on his mouth.

Then, it slowly took a step, and a force that shook the entire universe immediately spread out frantically centered on him.

Next moment, the army of several millions of Gods and Demons Continent was ruthlessly obliterated. Their bodies were wiped out. Disappear without a trace, so that a large area of ​​Universe Starry Sky world appeared blank.

Seeing this scene, the powerful expressions of the Gods and Demons Continent were shocked, obliterating several millions of people in a single thought, and it was still in the case that the opponent did not appear.

“9 Li Lord Wang has taken action!” The Holy Feather God and the others looked surprised. God Demon Race has a group of powerful men such as Dao Ancestor and Ancient Buddha. Only the Lanling God can kill them.

“Hateful alien race!” Daozu, ancient Buddha and other strong men expressed grief and indignation and determination.

“God Demon Race, if your power is nothing more than this, then this time you this World will be destined to be destroyed in the hands of the Lord!”

The Lord of Lanling appeared, he strode in the distant universe, and after waving his hand, he obliterated the closest Yan Celestial Emperor and Huang Celestial Emperor 2 people.

You know, today’s Yan Celestial Emperor and Huang Celestial Emperor 2 are equivalent to the existence of God, but they are obliterated with no difficulty.

Seeing this, the expressions of the great powers of the Gods and Demons Continent trembled, especially Daozu and the ancient Buddha and the others. They had seen the Lanling God and knew how terrifying the other party was, and that was a transcendent existence above God!

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