Divine Perception Chapter 3472

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“Foreign Lan Ling!”

Universe Starry Sky world, Daozu, Ancient Buddha and other powerful expressions are shocked.

One year ago, Ye Han returned to the Continent of Gods and Demons. They have already understood the horror of the Lanling God from the screen constructed by Ye Han.

That is the existence that even Ye Han is quite jealous of, and at this moment, this alien supreme powerhouse has appeared in this Universe Battlefield.

“Hehe, didn’t expect the name of the master, the god Demon Race also knew it, and the master didn’t even think of you people in this world. There are so many people who control the strength of faith. It seems that the god Demon Race Ye Han , It has left a lot of preparation for you this World.”

“But, what? The god Demon Race Ye Han was chased by the master and fled into the Great Desolate Universe World like a bereaved dog, ten deaths without life, leaving behind you group of ants, it is even more difficult to stop the power of the master !”

Lanling God’s eyes are cold and sharp, domineering and unparalleled, watching the world.

In one word, all the powerhouses of the gods and demons in this Universe Starry Sky world expressed shock.

Even Ye Han was chased by the terrifying powerhouse in front of him and escaped into the Great Desolate universe. Who else can stop this terrifying existence? And Ye Han escaped into the Great Desolate universe, there was no way to survive.

“The giants of the Gods and Demons Continent listened to the order and joined forces. We must block this person and protect me from the world. The responsibility lies in this battle!”

Dao Zu, Ancient Buddha, Celestial Emperor, Holy Spirit Old Ancestor, Undead Ice Empress, White Emperor, Barbarian Emperor, Celestial Emperor, Cang Tian Burial are all standing under the same Universe Starry Sky, their eyes are crazy and determined.

Undefeated Celestial Emperor, Invincible Heaven and Earth, Wushuang Celestial Emperor, Li Cheng Celestial Emperor, Li Celestial Emperor, Taiyi Celestial Emperor, Prisoner Celestial Emperor, Qin Sheng Old Ancestor, Zhantian Old Ancestor, Brahma Old Ancestor, etc.

Buddhism 4 Great Buddha, Daomen 3 Great Dao!

There are also ten 2 Celestial Emperor powerhouses of the Ye Shendian Youth League, Ji Kuangren, 1000 Liu, and the demon Saint Race 4, the True Martial Institute Head. In terms of human race, giants have come out.

At the bottom of the battle, they have no thoughts about it now. Only after the Lanling God is removed, will the Continent of Gods and Demons have a glimmer of survival.

“Adding us!”

Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva led the King of the Ten Realms and Ten Halls of Hell to stand against the terrifying breath of the Lord of Lanling.


Dark Celestial Emperor, Monster Race Supreme, Heavenly Demon Zun, Earth Demon Zun, Haotian Divine Emperor, Taiyi Divine Emperor, Taishang Divine Emperor, Heavenspan Divine Emperor, Heavenspan Divine Emperor, etc. All the giants of the Monster God Demon 3 clan are also staring at this moment. Resolutely looked towards Lanling God.

“Although we really hate the bastard who trampled us under our feet, but he is gone, we still have us in the Continent of Gods and Demons!”

The first emperor, the first day of the king, and the crown prince under the crown prince stood proudly with the newly promoted young generation giants of the Monster God 3 clan.

Such as Demon Race 9th, First Divine General and the others!

At this moment, in front of the Lord of Lanling, almost all the Peak powerhouses of the Gods and Demons Continent gathered.

This is tantamount to pour the power of the entire world against the Lord of Lanling.

Seeing this scene, the expression of all beings in the Gods and Demons Continent resolutely shakes the universe with their desire to die.

4 The big god ice coldly smiled, the god Demon Race, even if they give up their entire World Strength, what can they do? How can they stop the terrifying 9 Li Lord Wang?

“Hehe, God Demon Race, even if you put your entire World Strength into it, in the eyes of the Lord, you are still only an ant, nothing more. In the God Demon Race, there are only people who are qualified to make the Lord see So Ye Han that’s all, it’s a pity that this time the Lord descended from the god Demon Race world but he did not appear. This is a great pity, but I think he should have fallen into the Great Desolate Universe World. Let him get together!”

Lanling God smiled coldly, the terrifying strength of Faith, immediately like the rays of light of the sun, illuminating the entire Universe Starry Sky world.


The voices of the powers of the gods and demons continent and hell world shook the entire Universe Starry Sky world.

At that moment, the more than 80 highest beings of the Gods and Demons Continent and the Hell World all attacked the Lanling God.

In those vast scenes, the horror is unparalleled, and the power of destroying Exterminating Heaven and Earth spreads throughout the Universe Starry Sky world. Only the aftermath of this power has wiped out many people.

In an instant, when this power spread all over the Universe Starry Sky world, the strength of Faith and rays of light, like the sun, seemed much dim.

“Hmph, ant regret tree, overestimate one’s capabilities!”

Lanling God made a bold move, and while he waved his hand, this piece of Universe Starry Sky world immediately swept the wave of destruction of the world, like a flood of annihilation, moved towards the gods and demons continent and the hell world.

Endless destructive powers continue to erupt, collide and destroy everything in this Universe Starry Sky world.

After the heaven-shaking, earth-shattering duel, the entire world of Gods and Demons was trembling subversively, and the entire world seemed to be turned upside down. The crisis of the doomsday enveloped the hearts of everyone in the Gods and Demons. on.

Suddenly, in the Universe Starry Sky world, the powers of the Gods and Demons Continent fell under this heaven-shaking, earth-shattering duel.

Dark Celestial Emperor died in battle, Earth Demon died in battle, Taiyi Divine Emperor died in battle, 4 Great Buddha Emperor also died in battle, 3 Great Dao Emperor also died in battle, Li Cheng Celestial Emperor died in battle, prisoner demon Celestial Emperor died…

Within a single thought, the Continent of Gods and Demons lost nearly ten giants!

With their fall, a heavy downpour of red fell on the entire continent of Gods and Demons.

This red rain of blood seems to be silently mourning and seeing off for these powerful men who died in battle.

As this red downpour enveloped the entire continent of Gods and Demons, everyone cried softly in amazement.

These powerhouses, they all fight for all beings in the Gods and Demons Continent, and die for all beings!

Universe Starry Sky world, the gods and demons continent, hell world, the eyes of all the powers are red, the monstrous fighting intent and killing intent shake the universe.

“Foreign race Lanling, you can destroy my world powers, but not my guardian heart. I should have been martyred with all Spiritual Gods in the last era, tens of thousands of years in order to suppress alien races. It’s worth it, Emperor Man I, Bai Chongtian, go one step ahead, ha ha ha ha!”

The tragic laughter spread all over the universe, and the rays of light on Baidi Bai Chongtian’s body illuminate the universe.

He stepped forward and approached Lanling. The Self-destruction Dao Foundation actually wanted to hurt the Lord of Lanling in a self-destruction way.

“Bai Di!”

The emperor’s eyes turned red, and his body also burst out with a monstrous aura, rushing towards the Lanling God like a bomb.

“Everyone, I and Baidi are one step ahead. My God and Demon Continent 10000 cannot be enslaved and killed by a foreign race!”

Hong long long !

The sound of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering explosions resounded throughout the universe, and those explosions could hardly be described in words.

Both the Baidi and the Mandi have controlled the strength of Faith. Their power is equal to that of God. At this moment, Self-destruction, even the Lord of Lanling has been forced to retreat to millions li!

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