Divine Perception Chapter 3473

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“2 Fellow Daoist!”

The sad Qi Sense in Taoist ancestors, ancient Buddhas and the others affects all beings.

Seeing that the Baidi and the Barbarian Emperor used Self-destruction to hurt the Lanling God, the eyes of the powers who participated in the battle under the Universe Starry Sky world were all red.


In the entire Universe Starry Sky world, more than 1000 10000 people from the Gods and Demons Continent simultaneously shouted out this desperate sound of killing.


The eyes of the tycoons were red, and their eyes were determined, and they once again slammed the Lanling God who was a few million li away.

Although the Baidi and the Barbarian Emperor took Self-destruction in succession, their Self-destruction power only forced the Lanling God back, and temporarily did not harm the Lanling God.

“Hmph, a group of ants also want to shake this master!”

Lanling God’s eyes were gloomy as snow, and he saw him blast out with a punch. This piece of Universe Starry Sky world suddenly burst into pieces. The infinite power, the power of one person, will soon be the power of the gods and demons. The forces that came to kill pushed back.

Even under the collision of the terrifying power, many giants in the Demon Continent were immediately killed on the spot.

In the face of the terrifying Lanling God, even if the giants of the Gods and Demons Continent work together, it is difficult to kill him.

“Hmph, ants, is it useful for you to resist? Under the power of this master, your this World is destined to perish, and the god demon clansman is destined to be enslaved by my 9 Li world. Accept the fate that this master arranges for you!”

The voice of the Lanling God shook the Universe Starry Sky world.

“Even if the people of My God and Demon Continent die in battle, they will never accept the fate of slavery. Everyone, I am undefeated and go ahead!”

The undefeated Celestial Emperor vomited blood, his expression was determined, and the aura on his body continued to rise.

“Highly undefeated!” Wushuang Jianzun and Wudi Jianzun had red eyes.

“Highly undefeated, the three of me are respected as the three great swordsmen of the human race. If you die, what is the meaning of the existence of the two of me? Today, let the three of me be martyred and killed for the living beings of my gods and demons!”

When the Undefeated Sword Sovereign exploded at Lanling God, Wushuang Sword Sovereign and Invincible Sword Sovereign also exploded at Lanling God.

The breath of the 3 people alarmed Universe World, and the determined heart to go to death generously made the gods, demons, continents, gods, and the powers of the hell world, who were almost all injured at this moment, feel sad.

Under their joint efforts, they were unable to defeat the Lord of Lanling, and now they can only use this method of self-destruction in order to severely damage or kill the Lord of Lanling.

As long as they can kill the Lord of Lanling, even if they pay a high price, the powers of the Gods and Demons Continent are at all costs at this moment.


The Lanling God’s expression was cold, and the monstrous aura burst out from this Universe World. His astonishing power suddenly fluctuated with his steps, and the terrifying power formed a sky covering the universe and swept out.

In an instant, the collective Self-destruction of the 3 Great Sword Sovereigns collided with the terrifying sky, making the entire Universe Starry Sky world The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

“Father!” 1000 burst into tears.

“Amitabha, walk for all beings, fight for the world, we must do our best to stop the alien race, Fellow Daoists, the little monk is one step ahead!”

The ancient Buddha has a compassionate face, the Buddha light illuminating everything on his body is the entire Universe Starry Sky world, and the remaining three Buddha emperors follow.

In an instant, after the 3 Great Sword Masters Self-destruction shook the terrifying sky, the ancient Buddha and the 3 Great Buddha Emperors also self-destructed themselves one after another, and the power of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering swept across.

At that moment, the terrifying canopy that traverses the Universe Starry Sky world suddenly shattered, making the face of Delanling God suddenly pale.

The power of Self-destruction of 3 Great Swordsman, as well as the power of Ancient Buddha and 3 Great Buddha Emperor Self-destruction, swept back and forth. Even the Lord of Lanling felt turbulent within the body.

“Ancient Buddha!” ​​Dao Ancestor looked sad; “Kill!”

The infinite power of all the giants moved towards the Lanling God shrouded.

“Damn ants!”

The Lanling God complexion is gloomy like snow. Facing the power of the giants to kill again, I saw him in the form of ten thousand zhang white light, like an invisible giant, colliding with all the giants of the Gods and Demons Continent.

dong dong dong dong dong!

The collision of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering resounded through the Universe Starry Sky world.

At this moment, all the giants of the Gods and Demons Continent and the Hell World were severely hit by terror.

“It’s our turn, everyone, one step ahead!”

The four people of Li Celestial Emperor, Li Cheng Celestial Emperor, Taiyi Celestial Emperor, and Prisoner Celestial Emperor, who had been severely damaged, were crazy and determined. They also rushed towards the Lanling God, self-destructed.

Hong long long !

The shock wave of terror has not stopped in the Universe Starry Sky world.

Lanling God’s pale face paled again, and the power of Self-destruction from the Great Demon Continent was bombarded in turn, which had already caused him within the body to be traumatized.

Throughout the continent of Gods and Demons, the blood rain continued to fall, spreading across the entire world.

At this moment, the land, mountains and rivers, 10000 rivers and rivers of the gods and demons are all dyed into dazzling scarlet.

That apocalyptic scene plunged the entire world into infinite despair.

Universe Starry Sky world, with the fall of each and everyone giant, all the remaining giants are equally desperate.

“Human King Ye Han, if you brat are still alive, the last hope of my Divine and Demon Continent is to you!”

Celestial Emperor roared frantically at this piece of Universe Starry Sky world, then he smiled miserably, went to death generously, and rushed to the Lanling God self-destructed with tens of thousands of years’ power!


With the death of the Celestial Emperor, the shock wave that destroyed Exterminating Heaven and Earth exploded. At this moment, the Lord of Lanling finally vomited a mouthful of blood.




The 10000000 army of Gods and Demons Continent with red eyes, collectively calling out to this universe.

This calling voice resounded throughout the entire continent of Gods and Demons.

In today’s land, magnates have fallen in groups and died in battle. Now the young man who once dominated the entire continent of Gods and Demons is needed to protect him. Is he still alive? Can he show up? Can he save this catastrophe?

At the same time, the river bottom of the universe.

Ye Han, who was comprehending Dao Fa, suddenly opened his eyes.

In the dark, he felt a summon, a summon that made him unable to bear sad, unable to bear sad, and unable to bear angry.

This summon seems to be transmitted from the endless universe, so Ye Han who is in this Myriad Realms mother river can really feel it.

It was a desperate, bloody, cruel summon.


Ye Han’s eyes were red, like the rage of the only Spiritual God in the universe, and the power that caused the entire river of the universe to riot, as if spreading out from this river indefinitely, to the Universe Starry Sky world of the gods and demons continent.

At this moment, all the giants in the Universe Starry Sky world fighting, as well as everyone in the gods and demons continent, felt a familiar will!

In a kind of anger, Willpower, which they all feel very familiar with, enveloped the entire Universe Starry Sky world.

This is Ye Han’s will!

“Ye Han, it’s Ye Han’s breath. Has he heard our summon? Has he come back?” The one after another desperate gaze of God and Demon Continent was filled with hope.

At this moment, even the Lord of Lanling feels this amount of Willpower, this amount of Willpower comes from far away!

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