Divine Perception Chapter 3474

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“Ye Han, this is the breath of Ye Han!”

The desperate gaze of the remaining giants in the Gods and Demons Continent carried a burst of strong hope.

As long as that young man exists in the Continent of Gods and Demons, then this World will not be destroyed.

This is a firm idea in everyone’s hearts. That young man has created too many miracles in the Continent of Gods and Demons!

And he was once hailed as the only hope by the Gods and Demons Continent.

Now, has he heard the summon of the entire world to him?

“Are you still alive?” Lanling God looked pale, but there was a strong burst of light in his eyes. In this World, he still has opponents after all, so he won’t be too lonely!

“Kill, stop the alien race, even if we die today, the day when the king returns, we will surely drive these invaders out of my land of gods and demons!”

In Universe Starry Sky world, an unprecedented fighting intent burst out.

Ye Han’s Willpower appeared in quantity, which undoubtedly explained one thing to the entire world. He is still alive. As long as he is still alive, there is hope for this World!

With the outbreak of this unprecedented terrifying fighting intent, at this moment, among the 10000000 million army of Gods and Demons Continent, there are also many powerful men. They have imitated the giants and rushed into the camp of the alien army, self-destructed.

Trade death for death, injury for injury, guard this World by killing 1000 enemies and self-damaging 800, and martyred for this World!

The giants in the universe shot again, Ye Han is still alive, they have no scruples at this moment, because Ye Han is alive, even if they fall in this war, the future of the gods and demons will be guarded by someone.

And now, what they have to do is try their best to resist the alien race, and before Ye Han returns, try their best to consume the power of the alien race to the extreme!

“Foreign race Lanling, my world, you don’t want to control it, the return of the king is when your alien race retreats!”

The strong color of determination erupted from Qin Sheng Old Ancestor, Zhantian Old Ancestor, Brahma Old Ancestor, True Martial Institute Head and the others.

At this moment, they also chose to die in this way, striving to severely damage the Lord of Lanling.

As these great Celestial Emperor powerhouses rushed towards the Lanling God Self-destruction, all the giants with red eyes also broke out the most terrifying blow against the Lanling God.

“courting death !”

The face of Lanling God was extremely cold, the power of Self-destruction swept through, and the power of the giants exploded wildly, the power of faith controlled by Lanling God also broke out in an all-round way.

Ye Han’s will appeared, and the god Demon Race saw hope, and he would completely stamp out this hope!

The terrifying collision sounded through the Universe Starry Sky world. Under that amazing collision force, Dao Ancestor, Undead Ice Queen, Celestial Emperor, Cang Tian Burial, the first emperor, the first day of the king, and the crown prince were three pseudos. The gods have suffered the most terrifying heavy losses.

Even Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva and the king of the ten temples were seriously injured.

As for the Monster God 3 clan, Monster Race, the heavenly demon, and the Divine Emperor were obliterated on the spot.

The powers of Ye Shendian and the demon Saint Race also suffered the most terrifying heavy losses!

The power of the giants on the side of the Gods and Demons Continent has been declining sharply, and that loss is unimaginable.

However, as each and everyone of the Great Gods and Demons Continent continuously self-destruction rushed to the Lord of Lanling, the Lord of Lanling has also suffered serious injuries at this moment.

The madness of the god Demon Race shocked many powerhouses in the world.

“Damn ants, humble race, the master was hurt by you. You 4 idiots should watch enough of the show, kill them!”

The ruthless aura on the Lord of Lanling keeps climbing.

Seeing this scene, the four gods, Holy Feather God, Dark God, Undead God, and Undead God who were going to be watching the theater all the time, immediately appeared beside Lanling God.

Their original intention was naturally to see the Lord of Lanling and the gods of Demon Race perish together. In this way, the controllers of the two worlds would be them, but would the Lord of Lanling not know their thoughts?

At this moment, the giants of the Divine and Demon Continent have suffered heavy losses. Only Dao Ancestor, Undead Queen, Celestial Emperor, and Cangtian Burial, who are qualified to pose a threat to the four great gods, are the four who control the strength of faith.

“Kill!” Cang Tian’s eyes were already red. Although they were all severely injured under the hands of the Lord of Lanling, how could they just give up like this.

However, just when the last giants of this group of gods and demons lands killed the four great gods.

Li 9 Ye, who had never come forward to confront the Lord of Lanling, appeared.

Li 9 Ye, who is already in the realm of True God, is naturally extremely powerful and can contend with God.

“Li Kunlun, joined forces to kill these 4 alien powerhouses!” The first emperor, Wang Chuyi, and Crown Prince were so hostile that they slew the four gods.

“Foreign race power, I, Kunlun, will naturally kill. However, instead of dispersing the power of True God inheritance in the hands of the three of you, it is better to give it all to me. With the power of your three false gods, this Spiritual God It will definitely become the first Spiritual God from ancient times to the present!”

Li 9 Ye Bing coldly smiled, when the first emperor, the first day of the king, and the crown prince were killed and the four gods, he suddenly shot.

“Rebirth, ten destiny for immortality, deprive you of Dao!”

In an instant, a terrifying power of deprivation suddenly enveloped the first emperor, Wang Chuyi, and Crown Prince, so that the power of the pseudo-god realm of the first emperor and even the inheritance of True God All were separated from their bodies, and all gathered in Li 3 Ye’s body.

At that moment, Li 9 Ye’s breath continued to skyrocket, as if surpassing all Spiritual Gods in the world, and a look of shock appeared on the faces of the four gods who felt this aura.

“Spiritual God devours Spiritual God, so insidious guy, he actually regarded these three people as the top of the furnace, depriving them of their power to complete themselves!” Lanling God squinted his eyes and looked at Li 3 Ye, whose breath was soaring at this moment.

“Li Kunlun, what did you do with this bastard?” The Crown Prince was terrified, because the power he possessed was almost exhausted at this moment.

“Li Kunlun!” The same is true for the first emperor and Wang Chuyi. Their True God will be deprived, and even the inheritance of True God is also deprived. At this moment, they are almost mortal.

“Ha ha ha ha, after staying with you three guys for so long, it should be over. It’s a pity that you didn’t even enter the realm of True God this year, and you are still in the realm of false gods. If you enter True The realm of God has swallowed your Dao Foundation, and the Spirit General will be stronger.”

“But in order to deal with this group of terrifying guys of the alien race, it is no longer possible to retain you. The power of the three false gods is enough to increase the strength of this Spiritual God by a large amount!”

Li 9 Ye Yangtian laughed wildly, and under that amazing power turbulence, it seemed to destroy the entire universe.

“Li Kunlun, you actually regarded the three of me as an advanced furnace top. I knew that. At the beginning, the three of me shouldn’t take out True God inheritance to share with you!” Wang Chuyi looked pale.

Had it not been for Li 9 Ye to tell them to share the True God inheritance, and to deal with Ye Han with their three people, how could Li 9 Ye enter the realm of True God before them?

“Li Kunlun!” Cang Tian Burial and the others stared at this scene in amazement. What did this guy that everyone ignored?

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