Divine Perception Chapter 3475

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“Ha ha ha ha, I can only blame the three of you for being stupid. With True God inheritance, you still can’t deal with Ye Han. If Ye Han hadn’t put too much pressure on you three idiots, wouldn’t this Spiritual God have a chance? Take advantage of the vacancy and let you share True God inheritance?”

Universe Starry Sky world, Li 9 Ye laughed crazily, his breath kept rising.

It has swallowed the power of the three pseudo-gods of the First Emperor, Wang Chuyi, and Crown Prince, as well as their True God inheritance, which has made Li 3 Ye’s strength surpass the four great gods and entered a city that even Lanling Unexpectedly.

“Li Kunlun, you damn it!” The first emperor’s face was cold and distorted.

“Hmph, winner is the king, loser is the villain, this is the unchanging truth. I, Li Kunlun, have been silent in this World. I have been under you for so many years, so I should stand on top of you again, even more how In order to deal with this group of alien races, for the gods and demons continent, although you three have been swallowed by this Spiritual God of power and inheritance, as long as this Spiritual God can defeat the alien races, the people of future generations will not forget your kindness.” Li 3 The eyes of the night are overpowering.

“Li Kunlun, you despicable villain!” The strong face of Monster God 3 is extremely ugly. The power and inheritance of the first emperor, the first day of the king, and the crown prince are swallowed by Li 3 night, and now they are What is the difference between mortals?

“This guy really underestimated him, the depth of the city is really deep and unmeasurable!” Cang Tian Burial’s eyes flashed a look of dreading. If she hadn’t converted to the way of faith halfway, I am afraid that she will be Li 9 nights now. Stared at it.

“After spending so long in the city of Gods and Demons, has this bastard finally showed his fangs?” Lin 7, Sha Ben, Ji Kuangren and other strong men looked cold.

The eyes of the remaining giants of the Gods and Demons Continent are complicated. Although Li 9 Ye entraps the First Emperor and 3 people, it is hateful, but the power he has now is indeed very powerful. Now this war still requires Li 9 Ye to fight for that glimmer of hope. .

“Hmph, as long as the Spiritual God defeats the alien race, how can it be mean to say?” Li 9 nights coldly smiled and looked towards the 4 Great Gods.

“Hmph, just a sinister and despicable villain. You want to repel my 9-League world army, foolishly dreaming.” The four gods looked cold and sharp.

“Hehe, just the four of you are not worthy of this Spiritual God’s shot. The opponent of this Spiritual God is him.” Li 4ye looked towards Lanling God, the fighting intent and killing intent burst out wildly; “I heard that even Ye Han has Those who can only be chased by you flee like a bereaved dog. Today, this Spiritual God looked towards you for advice and advice. If you kill you, will it prove that this Spiritual God is stronger than Ye Han?”

“Kill me?” Lanling God smiled coldly; “In this World of you, no one has been able to kill the master, the god Demon Race Ye Han can’t, let alone you.”

“Really? Then this Spiritual God will try today if it can kill you, an alien supreme powerhouse? If you kill you, can this Spiritual God dominate two worlds?”

Li 9 night laughed coldly, and in an instant, the infinite divine might surging under this cruel Universe Galaxy.

At this moment, when the divine might spread to the universe, All Heavens Myriad Realms seemed to be trembling, swallowing the power and inheritance of the first emperor and three people. At this moment, Li 3 Ye was indeed terrifying to the extreme.

It is not an exaggeration to say that he is the first Spiritual God from ancient times to the present. The power he possesses at the moment is almost the same as when Ye Han fought the Lanling God!

“I broke Star River with divine sense, and 10000 things collapsed!”

The terrifying voice shook the Universe Starry Sky world, and the surrounding Universe Starry Sky world suddenly burst. Everything surrounding by this would be wiped out, and the moved towards Lanling God spread wildly.

“Faith, monopoly!”

Lanling God’s expression is cold and sharp, and the infinite strength of Faith is like a curtain of sky, hung horizontally in this Universe Starry Sky world, fiercely contending with the terrifying force that would break the entire universe.

咚咚dong dong!

The endless Destruction Strength crashed crazily, this piece of Universe Starry Sky world crazily collapsed, and the broken cracks seemed to spread to the entire continent of Gods and Demons.

“Quickly retreat!”

The faces of the powers of the Gods and Demons Continent were shocked. Li 9ye confronted the Lanling God, and the remaining power was terrifying to the extreme. Not to mention that the powers of the Gods and Demons Continent didn’t dare to take advantage of it.

The power that Li 9 Ye has now makes them feel like the second Ye Han.

After retreating to a place a few million li away, the powers of the gods and demons continent and the 4 great gods stopped, staring in amazement at the collision that was about to destroy the entire world in the Universe Starry Sky world ahead.


Cang Tian Burial looked towards the 4 Great Gods, she stepped out one step, Dao Ancestor, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Cang Celestial Emperor, and the Immortal Empress also killed the 4 Great Gods.

Right now in this Universe Starry Sky world, there are only four of them who are qualified to fight the four gods.

“Hmph, Final Struggle, is it useful?”

The 4 Holy Feather Gods scanned the entire battlefield. The power of the gods and demons continent and the hell world has been suppressed again by the 9 Li world army. As long as the leaders of the god Demon Race are removed, the entire god Demon Race will be completely eliminated. Was stepped on by them.


The Universe Starry Sky world, which is a few million li, a mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed out of Li’s mouth.

His silhouette retreated several tens of thousands of li in the Universe Starry Sky world, and looked towards Lanling God with a horrified look. The opponent’s power was so powerful that it was so shocking that he couldn’t fight it even now.

“Hmph, the god Demon Race Ye Han had no chance of winning against this master at the time, and you want to compete with this master? Even if the master is injured, do you think you can challenge it?”

Lanling God smiled satirically, and the terrifying strength of Faith once again straddled the Universe Starry Sky world, like a Divine Sword that shattered Myriad Realms, moved towards Li 9 Ye madly beheaded.

“Impossible!” Li 9 Ye looked unbelievable. He is now the strongest in the universe. Why can’t he match the alien powerhouse in front of him?

“Hmph, nothing is impossible, it’s just that you, a frog in well, have a low vision. Even if you now have the same power as Ye Han before, it’s easier to kill you than him. !”

Like the Divine Sword moved towards Li 9 that shattered Myriad Realms, the night fell crazily.

“I do not believe!”

Li 9 Ye’s face shot with a hideous face, the infinite divine force exploded and collided with the terrifying Divine Sword. Next moment, Li 9 Ye vomited blood again. At this moment, Li 9 Ye’s body and face both showed terrifying cracks. Under the terrifying power of Lanling God, compared with the power that Li 9 Ye possesses, after all, it still looks a little weak.

“Dead!” The Lanling God ran across the Universe Starry Sky world, and within a span of a span, the terrifying power suddenly moved towards Li 9 Ye fell crazily.


The terrifying impact made the universe tremble crazily, and Li 9 Ye’s body disappeared directly under the impact.

“Dead!” Seeing this scene, the powers of the Gods and Demons Continent trembled.

But at the next moment, Li 9 Ye’s body appeared again, his look pale.

“Yi!” Lanling God’s expression was unexpected.

“Ha ha ha ha, this Spiritual God has ten lives, combined with the way of True God, you can’t kill me!” Li 9 Ye Yangtian laughed.

“Ten lives are on the body.” Lanling God said with a sneer; “The master will kill you ten times!”

As the voice fell, the terrifying strength of Faith enveloped the entire universe, directly locking on Li 9 Ye, and the sky hanging across the universe shrouded Li 9 Ye’s body again.

However, in less than a few seconds, his body appeared again, and his face became paler.

“I’m not dead yet!” Lanling God Bing coldly smiled, one after another amazing strength of Faith burst out continuously.

With every appearance of Li 9 Ye, that force would kill him once.

In less than half a minute, Li 9 Ye was beheaded 7 times. At this moment, Li 9 Ye was like a terminally ill patient with a pale as snow. Although he had ten lives, he died every time. , He is tantamount to being hit hard once.

“Hmph, how many times do you think you can rebirth?” Lanling God shot again.

The 8th death, the 8th rebirth.

The 9th death, the 9th rebirth.

At this moment, Li 9ye panicked completely. Once he died ten times, he was really dead, and there was no possibility of resurrection.

At this moment, Li 9 Ye wanted to escape, he couldn’t die, and didn’t want to die!

But when Li 9ye wanted to escape, he found that the universe had been completely imprisoned.

“You have one last chance, but the master can also give you a chance to be a dog under the master, and the master spares you for not dying!” Lanling God looked at Li 9 Ye with a sneer.

Hearing this, Li 9 didn’t even think about it at night, so he knelt down; “Li Kunlun, see the master!”

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