Divine Perception Chapter 3476

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Looking at this scene that appeared in the universe ahead, the hearts of all the powers of the Gods and Demons Continent were extremely desolate.

Li 9 Ye, the powerhouse who swallowed the Divine Force and True God inheritance of the first emperor, the first day of the king, and the crown prince, actually acknowledged the allegiance under the powerhouse of the alien race.

His acknowledge allegiance at this moment seems to be announcing the defeat of the Gods and Demons Continent and the fate of this World.

“Ha ha ha ha, it’s not bad that you can subdue your dog when you enter the god Demon Race for the first time. From now on, the two worlds will be respected by the master and kill!”

The killing sound resounding in the Universe Starry Sky world resounded like Nine Heavens Divine Lightning. The Lord of Lanling looked up to the sky and laughed. At this moment, Li 9 Ye knelt in front of him and did not dare to move!

After conquering Li 9 Ye, the powerhouse, the 4 Great Gods, even if they have different intentions, absolutely dare not act rashly, because with Li 9 Ye’s strength, they can eat them to death, not to mention Lan Ling. God exists.

“Withdraw, withdraw to the land of the gods and demons!”

Dao ancestor looked sad, and now the powers have fallen, even Li 9ye has betrayed the land of the gods and demons. , Can only retreat!

Originally, after Li 9 night swallowed the first emperor and three people, although people hated him for this action, everyone hoped that he could kill the Lanling God, even if he couldn’t kill the other party.

But in the end, even the mighty Li 9 Ye was not the opponent of Lanling God at all, and even acknowledged allegiance in the opponent’s knee.

Now, Ye Han is the only hope of the Gods and Demons Continent!

Suddenly, as Dao Ancestor ordered to retreat, all the people who participated in the battle of the Gods and Demons Continent frantically withdrew from the Universe Starry Sky world.

“Hmph, kill, enter the land of the god Demon Race, this race should be conquered by us from now on!”

4 The God’s expression is crazy, the god Demon Race is defeated at this moment, and they can cross this universe into the god Demon Race.

2 worlds, a terrifying super battle is down.

In the end, the Divine and Demon Continent and Hell World had lost nearly 20,000,000 troops, and only 1000 or 10000 people could escape back to the Divine and Demon Continent alive.

The 9 troops of 30,000,000 Lei World also lost more than 1000 10000 people under the desperate counterattack of the Gods and Demons Continent. However, as long as the Lanling God exists in 9 Le World, they are still unimaginable.

Not to mention that even Li 9 Ye, a terrifying powerhouse, has acknowledged that allegiance is under the alien race. In the end, once Li 9 Ye also attacked the Continent of Gods and Demons, with the addition of Lanling God, you can imagine how such a lineup is. terrifying!

After entering the Universe Starry Sky world, the army of the gods and demons and the hell world retreated.

The Monster God 3 clan retreated to Divine Realm in the east, Divine Realm in the north, and Divine Realm in the west. The human race also retreated to Divine Realm in the south.

For a time, the entire Divine Realm was exposed to the cutting edge of the 9 Le world army, and the 9 Le world army entered the Divine Realm and directly launched an amazing massacre.

Although many people in Divine Realm have retired to other Four Great God Territories before this, there are still many people left in Divine Realm.

As the alien army drove straight forward, it took less than half a day to conquer the Divine Realm and completely occupy this ancient land.

With the news of the fall of the Divine Realm, the remaining Four Great God Territories of the Divine Realm were in grief and indignation, and many people were panicked to the extreme. The Divine Realm fell and was occupied by a foreign army. Then the Four Great God Territories only I am afraid it will end like this.

The fact that the Continent of Gods and Demons will be enslaved seems to have become a foregone conclusion.

“Damn alien, they are such a ruthless method!”

The South Divine Realm, now here, is the most solid backing of the remaining Four Great God Territories in the Divine Realm.

Because here are Daozu, Celestial Emperor, Immortal Ice Empress, Cangtian Burial, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, five powerhouses who control the faith, there are more hell world kings of the ten temples, and four great demon saints, Taisheng, and Holy Spirit Old Ancestor, and more than a dozen Celestial Emperor powerhouses in Ye Shendian!

Naturally, what happened in Divine Realm in Central Divine Realm could not be hidden from the eyes of these giants. The alien army entered Central Divine Realm and slaughtered nearly 10000000 million people. They deterred the ancient land with bloody and cruel methods. The rest of them are now Can only acknowledge allegiance under the lust of the alien.

In the face of some low-level cultivators that are not threatening to them, massacre is launched, and you can imagine how terrifying the alien means!

“Now our only hope is the king!”

The powers gathered in the South Divine Realm were heartbroken. This two-world war was too cruel, and the powers of the Divine Realm were almost killed and wounded!

The powerhouses who were once popular in the Continent of the Gods and Demons, as well as those who had tens of thousands of years in the Continent, have all fallen in this war.

Ancient Buddha, 4 Great Buddha Emperor, Xi Celestial Emperor, Wild Celestial Emperor, Yan Celestial Emperor, Undefeated Celestial Emperor, Wushuang Celestial Emperor, Invincible Heaven and Earth, Li Celestial Emperor, Li Cheng Celestial Emperor, Taiyi Celestial Emperor, Prisoner Celestial Emperor, as well as the Celestial Emperor such as Qin Sheng Old Ancestor, Zhantian Old Ancestor, Brahma Old Ancestor.

There are also Baidi, Barbarian Emperor, Monster Race, Heavenly Demon Clan, Earth Demon Zun, Taiyi Divine Emperor, Taishang Divine Emperor, Dark Celestial Emperor, True Martial Dean, Yun Family Old Ancestor, etc. Fallen one after another!

It is not only the South Divine Realm that Zhu Qiang now puts the last hope on Ye Han.

The same is true for the three major Divine Realm powerhouses: Divine Realm in the East, Divine Realm in the West, and Divine Realm in the North. In the heart, they all regard Ye Han as their last hope.

Although these people have cast aside Ye Han, belittle Ye Han, and believe in the three false gods of the First Emperor, thinking that they will be the hope of the future of the gods and demons.

But after this super war of two worlds, everyone in the world deeply understands who the last hope of this World is!

Only Ye Han, he is the last hope of the Gods and Demons Continent!

If Ye Han does not appear, the alien race will still be slaughtered in the Divine and Demon Continent. In the end, this ancient world will definitely become the back garden of the alien race, and all the creatures in the Divine and Demon Continent will be enslaved by the alien race!

“Although I really hate the bastard Ye Han, but now I really hope that this bastard can appear to change everything about the land of the gods and demons, trample Lan Ling under his feet, and behead the sinister traitor Li Kunlun!” Wang Chu was depressed. Their three people were swallowed up by Li 9 nights. At this moment, they can only start all over again and re-cultivation!

The strong will is spreading in the land between Heaven and Earth. Ye Han is the only hope of this piece between Heaven and Earth. It has taken root in everyone’s hearts. At this moment, everyone in the land is looking forward to Ye Han. Appeared!

“Although Ye Han is the last hope of our Divine Demon Continent, we still can’t sit still.” Southern Divine Realm, Cang Tian Burial said with iron and blood; “The alien race has now conquered the Divine Realm, and the next one might be us. We must do everything we can to hold on until the man returns!”

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