Divine Perception Chapter 3477

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For a time, under the leadership of the many giants in the South Divine Realm, all the beings in the South Divine Realm, whether it is the bottom cultivator or the top powerhouse, are all actively preparing for the battle. Today’s Heavenly Jade territory is the boundary of the South Divine Realm. Gathered here, the entire Heavenly Jade domain, almost all the cultivators of the South Divine Realm are gathered here.

Once the Divine Realm is the guide for the alien sword, then the entire South Divine Realm will fight the alien here.

“The Lanling God of the foreign race is too powerful, and now we have no one to contend with, but in the Universe Starry Sky world, the continuous Self-destruction of the powers of the land of the Gods and Demons has caused the Lord of Lanling to be damaged. If the next invasion If he does not participate in the war, we must block the four great gods of foreign races!”

At the boundary of Heavenly Jade domain, Daozu, Ká¹£itigarbha Bodhisattva, Celestial Emperor, Immortal Ice Empress, and Cangtian Burial 5 people are looking at the direction of Divine Realm.

Their eyes have been solemn to the extreme.

“Don’t forget that there is another Li Kunlun. He has betrayed the Continent of Gods and Demons. He is still a mortal enemy with the King of Man. Even if the Lanling God does not enter the war next time, he would be very dangerous if he wants to deal with us!”

Hearing this, the hearts of the giants in the South Divine Realm sank.

Although they can’t resist the invasion of the alien army in Heavenly Jade domain, they can still retreat to the array established by Ye Han, but those formations are the last defense of the South Divine Realm. They cannot enter the formation method unless they are a last resort. Among.

Because once you enter the formation method, you are really waiting to die!

Moreover, even if the four gods cannot break Ye Han and stay behind the array, the Lanling gods and Li 4 nights definitely have this strength.

The Middle Divine Realm has now completely fallen under the iron-blood suppression of the alien race. Nearly 20,000,000 alien troops have moved into the Middle Divine Realm, destroying everything wantonly.

Heavenly Dragon Holy City, the former Ye Shen Temple!

At present, all the powerful foreign races have gathered here, waiting for the next invasion, stepping on the gods and demons continent in all directions.

“Hehe, Li Kunlun, this place is the palace of the god Demon Race Ye Han, Ye Shendian, it looks just this too!”

Lanling God stood on the square of the main hall of Yeshen Temple, and he looked at the surrounding ten 6 peaks, coldly smiled.

Hearing this, Li 9 Ye stood behind the Lord of Lanling without saying a word. He really bowed his head like a faithful dog. He didn’t dare to speak without letting him speak.

“9 Li Lord Wang, now we are standing on the land of the god Demon Race, but we have not yet conquered all this vast land. I don’t know what 9 Li Lord Wang will do next?”

4 The Great God also stood behind the Lanling God before conquering the Middle Divine Realm. For them, this is far from enough. Only when the god Demon Race all living beings acknowledge allegiance can they completely conquer the God. Demon Race.

“Hmph, it’s just a Final Struggle race. What do you want to do next? Do you still need the master to give you advice? Do you still want the master to take action? If you can’t even take this dying race What are you guys doing?” Lanling God expressed indifference, and next he was going to retreat to repair his injuries. Ye Han was not dead yet, so he had to guard.

Hearing this, the 4 Gods expression trembled.

“Master, today’s God and Demon Continent can’t actually be underestimated.” Li Kunlun lowered his head and said.

“Hehe, do you mean this World can still block the invasion of the master?” Lanling God sneered. In the god Demon Race, except for Ye Han, everyone else is ants.

“Don’t dare.” Li 9ye said; “God Demon Race is naturally unable to stop the master’s power, but if the master doesn’t take action, with the remaining power of Divine Realm in the South of the Divine Realm, I am afraid that the four gods will be difficult to win. , I propose to win the other three Divine Realm first, and then deal with the South Divine Realm.”

Upon hearing this, a coldness flashed across the faces of the four gods.

“Hmph, the god Demon Race nowadays is just a bereaved dog struggling on whilst at death’s door. The four of me will not be able to hold it. It’s just a joke.” The dark god coldly snorted was very unhappy about Li 4ye.

“Four gods are confident to take down those strong men who have already controlled the strength of Faith?” Li 4ye lightly saying.

Hearing this, the eyes of the 4 Great God became cold.

Lanling God said: “If the Lord does not intervene, those of the god Demon Race who control the strength of Faith really should not be underestimated. Since you Li Kunlun proposed to start with the other 3 Divine Realm, then the 4 of you will follow Do what he says.”

4 The Lord can only bow his head and agree.

“Li Kunlun, to be a dog, you must have the consciousness of being a dog. Next, the master will have to retreat for some time. The matter of guarding the master is left to you. If you let the master know that you have two hearts, you should know that you will have What kind of end?”

“Don’t dare.” Li 9ye lowered his head and agreed. Although being a dog by the Lord of Lanling made him suffer humiliation, he dare not resist the Lord of Lanling at all.

In the distant Great Desolate Universe World.

In the deepest part of the river of the universe, Ye Han is still comprehending and controlling the power of Taoism.

Summon from the continent of Gods and Demons, Ye Han who is in the river of cosmos felt it, maybe because this river of cosmos is connected to Myriad Realms, he can feel the summon from the continent of Gods and Demons.

The bloody, cruel, and desperate summon let Ye Han know that the Continent of Gods and Demons is now facing a great catastrophe, and he must control the Three Thousand Great Dao as soon as possible and integrate the Three Thousand Great Dao into one force. , And then return to the Continent of Gods and Demons!

“The great way, come!”

Ye Han expression calmly, following his call, a powerful Taoist force in this cosmic river immediately moved towards Ye Han, and was finally forcibly controlled by him and integrated into his body.

At this moment, Ye Han has controlled 500 98 Heavenly Dao Strength in this cosmic river.

As Ye Han thought, it is easier to control the power of Taoism in this universe river than it is to control the power of Taoism in Universe World, dozens of times faster, because this universe river is the birthplace of the power of Myriad Realms.

“Dao of Life and Death, come!”

Ye Han continues to summon, and he is now like a Dao womb with 500 98 Heavenly Dao Strength, he can nurture endless Dao laws, and is the final home of all Dao laws.

Therefore, under Ye Han’s summon, whenever a Heavenly Dao Force is summoned, it all gathers by his side and is forcibly controlled by him.

“The way of massacre, come!”

Ye Han continued to summon, and the Three Thousand Great Dao surged in the river of the universe, without any resistance to his words.

It is as if the king ordered the arrival of his courtiers.

In an instant, with Ye Han taking control of this massacre, Ye Han has become 600 Heavenly Dao Strength.

However, Heavenly Dao contains Three Thousand Great Dao. Ye Han currently controls 600 Heavenly Dao Strength, which is far away from Three Thousand Great Dao!

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