Divine Perception Chapter 3478

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Ye Han is still a long way from the Three Thousand Great Dao. Not only that, the Heavenly Dao Strength currently controlled by Ye Han is the Heavenly Dao Strength that is not difficult to control among the Three Thousand Great Dao. Once you meet the Great Dao of Time, Great Destruction Dao, Great Dao of Space, Great Reincarnation Dao and other powerful Heavenly Dao Forces, Ye Han wants to control it easily, it’s not that easy.

Of course, what Ye Han has to do now is to control these easily controlled Heavenly Dao Forces, such as Dao of Time, Dao of Space, etc., which are difficult to control, and can only be placed last.

But no matter what, Ye Han must control Three Thousand Great Dao as soon as possible. He stays in the cosmic river for a moment, which is more dangerous for the gods and demons continent and for those who care about him.

Soon, 2 days later, Ye Han already controlled 800 Heavenly Dao Strength in the River of Universe.

800 Heavenly Dao Strength gathers in one body. At this moment, Ye Han’s body is undergoing Heaven and Earth turning upside down step by step. His body is like the source of the Three Thousand Great Dao, which can completely contain the Three Thousand Great Dao.

As if his body is the mother of Three Thousand Great Dao, Three Thousand Great Dao nurtured him, and he nurtured Three Thousand Great Dao!

Ye Han naturally felt the changes in his body, but this change made him and Heavenly Dao more compatible. With the addition of 10000 magic bodies, Ye Han could control the Three Thousand Great Dao faster. fast.

However, at the same time, after two days of repairs, under the leadership of the four great gods, in the panic of the people of the Gods and Demons Continent, the nearly 2 army of 4 Lei world has already started again on the Gods and Demons Continent.

This time, the nearly 9 army of 20,000,000 Lebanon world was crushing like a flood of destruction, all moved towards the Divine Realm in the east.

In the eyes of the Four Great Gods, with the current power of 4 Lei world, even if it is divided into 9 troops, it is not a problem to eat the Four Great God Territories.

However, Li 9ye’s proposal was accepted by the Lanling Gods, and the four gods could only execute it in this way. First, take the other three Divine Realm and then deal with the South Divine Realm.

With the 4 Great Gods leading nearly 20,000,000 foreign race forces into the Eastern Divine Realm, for a time, the Eastern Divine Realm, which was difficult to form a defense, was immediately devastated and suffered heavy casualties, including the Heavenspan Divine Emperor and Haotian Divine Emperor. The giants are all killed, and the entire Oriental Divine Realm is a cultivator that is constantly fleeing.

It can be said that in the face of the terrifying power of alien races, the Oriental Divine Realm is like ants, allowing them to trample ruthlessly.

In just half a day, the Eastern Divine Realm was completely occupied and occupied by aliens.

After learning about this, the giants of the Southern Divine Realm suddenly felt a terrifying pressure. After two days of repairs, the alien army began to attack the gods and demons continent, and the alien races will definitely carry out the battle against the gods and demons continent. All-round invasion.

At the moment it is the Eastern Divine Realm, and the other three Divine Realm will be next. Sooner or later, it will be the South Divine Realm’s turn.

“How long does the guy King have to return? The Divine Demon Continent will not be delayed for long!”

The strong eyes of the South Divine Realm were dignified, and they could already feel that the clouds covering the entire Divine Realm gradually spread towards the South Divine Realm.

Cangtian Funeral said, “Now we can only rely on ourselves. How long can it be delayed? Even if it really can’t be delayed, then we must persist until the last moment!”

“Daozu, the first emperor of Divine Race, First Divine General and a group of defeated soldiers of Divine Race want to enter our South Divine Realm, do you let them in?”

Zhan Wushuang, Yi Polu, Linghu Qingyi and the others came to the front of Dao Ancestor and the others. Although they have also entered the realm of Celestial Emperor, the power that can dominate this war is far beyond the Celestial Emperor’s control. .

Hearing this, Daozu said solemnly; “Nowadays, no matter who is on the same boat, let them come in!”

“The First Emperor brought a group of Remnants of Divine Race into our South Divine Realm. I am afraid he wants to rely on our shelter. Now that the Eastern Divine Realm has fallen, it will be my turn in the South Divine Realm soon!” Cangtian Burial sighed, the once the most dazzling genius of the Gods and Demons Continent has fallen to this point. It has to be said that it is very sad and ironic to rely on others to protect their lives!

However, just after the fall of the Eastern Divine Realm and the occupation by the aliens, the Western Divine Realm and the Northern Divine Realm were also in a mess, because they can imagine that after the aliens occupy the Eastern Divine Realm, the next one will be the Northern Divine Realm. And Divine Realm in the West.

Compared with Divine Realm in the East, Divine Realm Demon Race in the West and Divine Realm Monster Race in the North are even more unbearable, because Monster Race Supreme, Earth Demon Venerable, Heavenly Demon Clan have all died in battle, Monster Race no longer exists, and Demon There is only one Demon Race in the ninth day.

How to counter the foreign army with such power? Once Foreign Race Invasion is the two major Divine Realms, it will definitely be as easy as trampling an ant.

Under this panic, many cultivators from Divine Realm in the West and Divine Realm in the North are rushing to the South Divine Realm, because the South Divine Realm is currently the most powerful line of defense in the Divine Realm, even though everyone knows the South Divine Realm. Eventually they will fall under the iron cavalry of the alien race, but for the Western Divine Realm and the northern Divine Realm, they have no other choice.

Therefore, in just one day, a large number of cultivators from the West Divine Realm and the North Divine Realm poured into the South Divine Realm.

Even Wang Chuyi and Crown Prince 2 fled the Divine Realm in the west and Divine Realm in the north in a hurry, and brought people to the Divine Realm in the south.

For the western Divine Realm and the northern Divine Realm cultivator flooded into the South Divine Realm like a flee. The strong hearts of the South Divine Realm sighed and mourned at the same time, they also let these people enter the South Divine Realm. Although these people escaped from the West Divine Realm and The North Divine Realm enters the South Divine Realm, but for the South Divine Realm, it can be regarded as an extra power.

Following the escape of many cultivators from Divine Realm in the West and Divine Realm in the North, the alien army, led by the four gods, occupied the Divine Realm in the East, and immediately attacked the Divine Realm in the West and Divine Realm in the North.

These two Divine Realms have no strength to contend. After entering these two Divine Realms, the alien army won the Western Divine Realm and the Northern Divine Realm with no difficulty.

“Hmph, a group of races that are greedy for life and fear of death, but under the pursuit of my 9th Lebanese army, where can you escape in this world?”

4 The Great God looked at the land under their feet, smiling coldly.

Under their leadership, entering the western Divine Realm and the northern Divine Realm did not encounter any resistance at all. The relaxed appearance is as if you have entered your own back garden and strolled around, stepping on these two Divine Realms. Underfoot.

“Hehe, that’s good, these greedy people who are afraid of death have gathered in the south, and then they can be solved.” The Holy Feather God looked at the direction of the South Divine Realm, said with a cold laugh, and stepped on these three. Big Divine Realm, then they should start the South Divine Realm.

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