Divine Perception Chapter 3479

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The 3 big Divine Realm fell and was stepped on by a foreign army.

The entire continent of Gods and Demons was plunged into extremely sadness and panic. Divine Realm in the West, Divine Realm in the North, and Divine Realm cultivator in the East flooded into the South Divine Realm.

At this moment, the South Divine Realm has become the last line of defense in the Divine and Demon Continent. Once the South Divine Realm is also taken by the aliens, the entire Divine and Demon Continent will be completely occupied.

Above the boundary of the Heavenly Jade domain, even the lowest cultivators of the Gods and Demons Continent are all gathered here. This number is already uncountable. Almost everywhere in the Heavenly Jade Domain are cultivators ready to fight for the Gods and Demons Continent.

Even if the small cultivator of the One Realm has participated in the battle, the land of the gods and demons is about to die, and if you do not want to survive, you can only fight to the death!

Even if he knew it was death, he had no choice.

Regions such as Tianji Region, Tianquan Region, Tianshu Region, Yaoguang Region, etc. have not seen a few silhouettes, and they have become silent airspace.

“Desperate battle, regardless of success or failure, we must do everything we can to persevere in the face of the alien army!”

Above the boundary of the Heavenly Jade domain, Daozu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, the Immortal Queen, Celestial Emperor, Cangtian Burial, and the others looked towards the Heavenly Jade domain behind them, facing the countless cultivators they were looking forward to, they all felt tremendous pressure.

Today, all the cultivators of the entire Divine and Demon Continent are temporarily pinning their hopes on them, because the current Divine and Demon Continent is the most powerful five of them and can compete with God.

Next, the alien army invaded the South Divine Realm. Once the Daozu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Queen of the Undead, Celestial Emperor, Cangtian Burial and other gods and demons were killed in battle with the existence of True God equivalent, then the consequences can be imagined.

When the time comes, not only will the continent of Gods and Demons be enslaved by foreign races, even the hell world will be invaded by foreign troops.

“That kid Ye Han doesn’t know when he can return?” Celestial Emperor sighed in his heart. When it comes to hope, he is the last hope of the Divine and Demon Continent. Why are so many people still insisting on the Divine and Demon Continent right now? ? Just to wait for Ye Han to return and lead them Danger Land to fight back!

“Mother, has entered the Celestial Emperor. I must go to this battle. Father is not here now. As his son, I can’t shame him. I can’t hide behind the elders in fear of life and death!”

Yao Guang domain, in Ye Shendian, at this moment Ji 1000 Qiu finally breaks through the Celestial Emperor’s realm!

He has a firm look on his face. As Ye Han’s son, he cannot be absent from this life-and-death battle in the Divine and Demon Continent. Now that the Divine and Demon Continent regards Ye Han as the last hope, he must stand up as the son of the king.

Hearing this, Huang Nichang burst into tears. As a mother, she didn’t want Ji 1000qiu to participate in this dangerous battle of life and death, but she knew that she could not stop Ji 1000qiu. This bastard had the same temper as his father. stubborn.

“1000 autumn, do I have to go? The war, that is their big man’s business, are you too young to stay with grandma?” Yan Qingmu hugged a 2-year-old child with a sad expression on her face. The man has already rushed to the battlefield of Heavenly Jade domain. His son is still whereabouts unknown, and now his grandson is also involved in this war. Why are Ji Clan’s men so stubborn!

Ji 1000 Qiu resolutely said, “Grandma, Great Grandfather has participated in the battle, grandfather has also participated in the battle, and many Uncles have also stood by the battlefield. I have grown up and cannot always live under their protection, because I am The son of King Ye Han, cannot be a coward and discredit the father, so I must go to this war!”

Zhou Yun’er and the others looked sad, this bastard is too much like his father!

“Big brother, I want to go too!” Ji 1000xun said.

“If you don’t enter the Celestial Emperor, you are not qualified to participate in the war.” Ji 1000 Qiu looked cold, and then he said softly; “Be obedient, protect the younger brother younger sister, and grandma and aunts. After I leave, you take They enter the mysterious world, when the time comes, you take the mysterious world and go as far away as possible. Find a place to hide. Once the war in the Heavenly Jade domain fails, you must never fall into the hands of a foreign race. Understand?”

Ji 1000 looked for tears in her eyes, and she nodded tearfully in agreement.

“Don’t worry, I’m here, I won’t let them suffer any harm!” Yi Yao said with a baby in her arms. Today she is also in the Celestial Emperor’s realm.

“Okay, mother, grandma, and aunts, I’m leaving!”

Ji 1000qiu left, and Alone rushed to the battlefield of Heavenly Jade domain. As he said, he is the son of King Ye Han and cannot be a coward, especially at this time.

Has entered the Celestial Emperor, and also transformed Zhushen 9 into cultivated to Ninth Transformation, Taji 1000 Qiu is not a weak person.

Compared with his father, he is not stronger, but not weak!

Once Ye Han entered the Celestial Emperor realm, he hadn’t changed Zhu Shen 9 from cultivation to Ninth Transformation to kill the Asura God.

Ji 1000, where’s autumn? Now that he has entered the Celestial Emperor, he has also turned Zhu Shen 9 into a cultivation to the extreme. Can he also contend with God? Or even kill God?

Soon, under the leadership of the four gods, the alien army will take control of the three Divine Realm in the north, Divine Realm in the west, and Divine Realm in the east, and has assembled all the power sword guides of the alien race in the Divine Realm in the Divine Realm.

Today, the only place on the Continent of Gods and Demons is not left with the footprints of foreign races.

Only after the aliens have won the South Divine Realm, can they truly dominate the Gods and Demons Continent and enslave the sentient beings on this continent!

In less than a day, the alien army was preparing to enter the South Divine Realm from the Divine Realm. The forces of terror had gathered in the land of Zhuozhou in the Divine Realm, separated by the sea of ​​thunder, overlooking the once infinite land.

“Crossing through this Sea Territory and eradicating all the bereavement dogs gathered in the south, my ambition since the 9th world tens of thousands of years will soon be realized!”

4 The Great God killing intent overflowing heaven, behind them, nearly 20,000,000, the alien army, like a thunderbolt in riots, crossed the thunder sea and entered the invertebrate land, and soon came to the yellow desert connected with the Heavenly Jade domain. .

Here, the South Divine Realm has assembled Life Power, ready to fight to the death with the alien army.

Countless silhouettes gathered on the boundary of the Heavenly Jade domain, their eyes firmly fixed on the yellow desert ahead.

The terrifying and unparalleled aura of the alien army has swept towards Heavenly Jade domain, and the devastating aura makes everyone feel like the end.

Can the Divine Realm defend the last piece of pure land in the South Divine Realm? Just look at this super battle right now!

“Sentient beings in the Continent of Gods and Demons listen to orders, in order to survive, prepare for battle!”

Cang Tian was buried in snow white armor, and the silver spear in her hand was raised high, like an unparalleled Martial Goddess.

“To survive, fight!”

The sound of billowing sound shook the sky and the earth, 100000000 10000 sentient beings at this moment, they all regard death as home!

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