Divine Perception Chapter 3480

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“God Demon Race, your last doom is here!”

In the yellow desert in front of the boundary of the Heavenly Jade domain, nearly 20,000,000 foreign race troops rolled in under the leadership of the four gods, driving the yellow sand in the sky.

The strength of this force is desperate.

Although the Continent of Gods and Demons gathers 100000000 10000 living beings on the boundary of the Heavenly Jade domain, preparing for a desperate battle for the Continent of Gods and Demons, its number far exceeds that of foreign races.

However, the power of the alien race is too strong. Even if there are 100000000 10000 sentient beings guarding this land, 90% of them can only be cannon fodder.

Even with injury for injury or death for death, it is impossible to severely injure the terrifying force of the alien race.

The killing intent in the cold eyes of the heavens shook the sky; “Foreign race, if you want to destroy my gods and demons continent, you have to pay a heavy price. My world is definitely not something you can easily step on.”

“Hmph, the bereaved dog of Final Struggle, God wants to see how long you can struggle on whilst at death’s door? Kill!”

4 The Great God gave an order, and the terrifying alien army behind them was already like a flood of extinction, moving towards Heavenly Jade over 100000000 10000 sentient beings on the boundary of the domain.

“Fight to survive, kill!”

The king of the ten temples and more than a dozen Celestial Emperor powerhouses in the Ye Shendian led the 100000000 10000 sentient beings of the Divine and Devil Continent to kill. These two shocking and terrifying powers collided crazy.

4 The Great God stands proudly. Behind them, there are more than 50 powerful men with tenfold magic power and tenfold Origin Force.

Dao Zu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Queen of the Undead, Celestial Emperor, Heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, face the 5 great gods and more than 4 different races.

“Hmph, as long as you guys are solved, what do I think the god Demon Race has to rely on?”

4 The Great God went straight to Daozu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, the Queen of Immortality, and 5 people buried in the sky.

And those more than 50 powerful aliens with ten tiers of magic power and ten tiers of Origin Force directly blocked Celestial Emperor.

In an instant, the highest collision between Heaven and Earth made the entire South Divine Realm quivered in The earth shook and the mountain, and the entire invertebrate land was wiped out in an instant!

The yellow desert also instantly turned into a horrible canyon crack, and the entire Heavenly Jade domain was constantly collapsing.

And this scene of destroying heaven extinguishing earth is still spreading towards the distance.

Even the Tianji domain, Leihai and the distant Zhuozhou, have been strongly affected in this super war of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

Under the slaughter of the foreign army, there were 100000000 10000 deaths and injuries in the Divine and Demon Continent. Every minute and every second, 1000 to 10000 cultivators fell.

Even if the countless cultivators at the bottom of the Gods and Demons Continent want to perish together powerful aliens in a self-destruction way, it is difficult to do it.

The battle spreading over several tens of thousands of li was extremely cruel and bloody. The beings of the Gods and Demons Continent were being slaughtered side by side!

“Hmph, a humble race. Even if you resist, it will only increase casualties. Can you change the fate of being conquered by my 9th world?”

After Dark God’s opponent is Immortal Ice, the battle between the two is extremely intense.

After the Immortal Queen controls a trace of belief power, its battle strength is already equal to that of God, and even the Dark Lord cannot kill the Immortal Queen.

“Foreign race, even if there is only one soldier left in my Divine Demon Continent, I will definitely not bow to you.” Undead Queen’s glamorous and unparalleled, strength of Faith roared the mountains and rivers, so that the Dark God could only be forced back.

“Hehe, what a fierce woman, God Demon Race, it’s not bad to have a woman like you. Don’t worry, this God will not kill you. Once this God has conquered the God Demon Race, you will surely be treated as the concubine of God. Your acknowledge allegiance is under this God!”

The Dark Lord smiled darkly.

“Hmph, whimsical, if the Continent of Gods and Demons is really destined to perish, even if Wu Leng 1000 Wu falls on its own, it will not acknowledge allegiance under your foreign demon head, let it die!”

After Immortal Bing, his face was cold.

The battle between the giants intensified, and the battle between the bottom layers is extremely cruel. In less than ten minutes, the cultivator at the bottom of the Gods and Demons Continent has killed and injured nearly 10000000 million people.

This is an extremely terrifying number. There are 100000000 million 10000 beings in the Gods and Demons Continent who have already given their lives in constant despair and bloodshed!

During the battle, Divine Race Taiyi Lingzhu was at the moment of fall, and even the nearest First Divine General could not be rescued.

Taiyi Lingzhu’s heart is desolate, she is about to fall at the time of the Mood for Love, perhaps, this is her ultimate fate, this world extinction catastrophe, she is also destined to fall with this World!


Suddenly, a terrifying shock swept across the audience, a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering force dropping from the sky.

A silhouette fell in the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses. As he landed, 1000 to 10000 foreign experts were killed on the spot!

“Ji 1000 Autumn!”

Taiyi Lingzhu look pale moved towards the young man standing proudly on the battlefield. The son of the king of humanity, that young man has also participated in the war!

The breath on the opponent’s body is terrifying to the extreme!

“Live well, at least, don’t die in this war!” Ji 1000qiu swept across the battlefield, holding a sword, like an invincible god who swept the battlefield, madly fighting in this battlefield. Its every sword swept across Heaven and Earth, and countless powerful aliens fell one after another.

Entering the Celestial Emperor realm, with 9 times the battle strength erupting, Ji 1000qiu at this moment, his aura is no weaker than God, and even faintly stronger.

“Why is this kid so strong?” First Divine General was shocked, how old this kid is, how can he be more enchanting than his father Ye Han!

“Foreign race, enter my world, kill me clansman, we never bow our heads, kill!”

Ji 1000qiu’s voice echoed throughout the battlefield. He existed in this battlefield, just like an invincible killing move. He drove in and out of the entire battlefield, and countless foreign experts died under his sword. .

“Who is this kid? God Demon Race is as talented as this evildoer!” The Holy Feather God turned pale with fright. They originally thought that God Demon Race was only Dao Zu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Queen of Undead Ice, Celestial Emperor, Cangtian Burial 5 A giant powerhouse.

But didn’t expect that at this moment, a young man was born out of nowhere, and his battle strength was so shocking and complete, and the foreign powerhouse was like a trivial ant in his hands.

“That guy’s son has already come to this step!” Cang Tian Buried was terrified.

“Ha ha ha ha, well, he deserves to be his son!” Dao Zu looked up to the sky and laughed.

As Ji 1000 Qiu crossed the battlefield by himself, all the powerful foreign races were horrified by him in an instant.

“Boy, who are you?” The Holy Feather King, the Dead Spirit King, and the Undead King hurriedly appeared in front of Ji 1000qiu. If this child is allowed to kill him, the foreign powerhouse will definitely be killed by him alone.

“I am the son of King Ye Han, Ji 1000 Autumn!”

Ji 1000, Qiu Ti sword kills to 3 great alien kings!

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