Divine Perception Chapter 3481

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I am the son of King Ji 1000 Autumn!

This sentence echoed in the entire battlefield, making the cultivator of the entire God and Demon Continent feel a ignited hope.

The king is not here yet, but his heir has come, and his battle strength is equally astonishing, and he is not weaker than his father at the beginning. One person is turning the direction of the entire battlefield.


A terrifying sword swept out, facing Ji 1000qiu’s sword killing, the Holy Feather King, the dead Spirit King, and the Undead King fell immediately.

They couldn’t even take Ji 1000 Qiu Yijian.

“Ha ha ha ha, this kid is here, he deserves to be the brightest upstart in the future of my Ye Temple, kill!”

Lin 7 and the others look passionate, Ye Han is not there, but the Divine Demon Continent and his son Ji 1000 Qiu are already chasing his father!

“Hehe, worthy of my Ji family son, worthy of my grandson of Madman Ji, that little bastard has not returned yet, I hope you can change the outcome of this war!” Madman Ji grinned.

Suddenly, as Ji 1000 autumn descended on the war, one man one sword beheaded all the strong foreign races like a Spiritual God, allowing the strong on the side of the gods and demons to see unlimited hope and exploded the most terrifying potential.

“Roar roar roar …”

The voice full of endless hope resounded through the world, and the strong fighting spirit and the will to survive made this piece of Heaven and Earth change color.

Ji 1000 Qiu is like an invincible general, and even the three kings of alien races were beheaded by him with a single sword. Among the nearly 3 alien army, no one can stop him from doing anything.

Therefore, countless powerful aliens were killed by Ji 1000 Qiu. His horror made the entire alien army seem to have seen Ye Han descend, unmatched!

“Damn boy, your father was chased by the 9th Lebanese king of the world like a bereavement dog and escaped into the Great Desolate universe. Even if you are so powerful, you won’t be able to escape to death in the end!” Holy Feather God and the others looked ugly. , The Divine and Demon Continent has an unrivalled powerhouse like Ji 9 Qiu. Whether they can succeed in this invasion of the Southern Divine Realm is still unknown.

“Foreign race, even if my Ji 1000qiu can’t escape death in the end, I will kill you first!”

Ji 1000 Qiu armed with a sword to kill more than 50 powerful aliens with ten tiers of magic power and ten tiers of Origin Force who fought against Celestial Emperor.

Following his killing, and joining hands with Celestial Emperor 2, these more than 50 top foreign experts were slaughtered in less than a moment.

“Boy, with the demeanor of your father Ye Han back then, this battlefield will be handed over to me, and those wolves who have ambitions will be handed over to you. Whether or not my Divine and Demon Continent can win this war is all up to you now! “

Cang Celestial Emperor stared brightly at Ji 1000 Qiu, his son did not disappoint the world.

In the midst of distress, let the gods and demons continent see a touch of light!

“Wu Ji 1000 Qiu, as the son of the king of man, can he be ashamed? The alien god, my father enters 9 Li world alone, can kill you many alien gods, and stir you 9 Li world into Heaven and Earth turning upside down, Today, my Ji 1000 Qiu Yi can kill you!”

Ji 1000qiu took a step, blinked for 1000 miles, and suddenly came to Daozu’s side; “Master, this alien, I will kill!”

“Ha ha ha ha, okay, leave it to you!” Dao Zu, high-spirited and vigorous, retreated directly and gave his opponent the undead god to Ji 1000 Qiu.

Ji 1000 Qiu’s strength is obvious to all the powers of the foreign race and the gods and demons. Now he is better than Dao Ancestor and the others. If you want to kill the foreign god, you can definitely do it.

Daozu and Celestial Emperor 2 both quit the war between the giants and went straight to the cruel super battle.

Although Ji 1000qiu, a powerful person who can sweep everything is missing from this battlefield, but with the addition of Dao Ancestor and Celestial Emperor 2, it is absolutely possible to suppress all the powerful people of foreign races.

This war Scales of Victory has already tilted towards the Continent of Gods and Demons!

“Yellow mouth child, you think you can kill me? You think you can kill me? You think you can kill me.” The undead God is full of death; “I have to say that your father and you are the most dazzling geniuses of the God Demon Race. If there is no 9 Li Lord Wang, you will definitely be trampled by your god Demon Race. Unfortunately, your father has escaped into the Great Desolate universe, and there is no chance of coming back alive. As for you, this God will let you die without a burial site, completely cut off the hope of God Demon Race!”

“My father is the Heaven and Earth supreme powerhouse. He has experienced countless crises and countless wars throughout his life. He has repeatedly created miracles for this piece of Heaven and Earth. There is no place in this universe that can trap him. When he is trapped in the dragon, it will be When your alien race is desperate and trembling, you can’t see that day because you are destined to die today in the hands of my Ji 1000qiu!”

Ji 1000 came with a sword in autumn, his battle strength was shocking, and he suddenly smashed from the top of the sky with a sword, as if he was about to split the entire world.

The undead God’s heart was horrified, and the power belonging to God exploded, and the endless breath of death enveloped the heavens.


The sword of destroying myriad things fell crazily, splitting the endless breath of death instantly, facing the undead God.

“Not good !”

The undead God is inevitable and can only face the terrifying sword of Ji 1000qiu.

However, under Ji 1000qiu’s full-out blow, he was immediately hit hard. As the weakest of the four great gods, how could he stop the current Ji 4qiu.

At this moment, Ji 1000 Qiu’s strength is one point stronger than Ye Han’s strength when he killed the Asura God.

After all, when Ye Han beheaded the Asura God, he promoted Zhu Shen 9 to the seventh level, and now Ji 7 Qiu has transformed Zhu Shen 1000 into a terrifying level of cultivation to Ninth Transformation.


After Ji 1000 Qiu Jian was hit hard by the next sword, the undead god was so scared that the souls of the dead were scared, and instantly he wanted to escape.

But how could Ji 1000 Qiu give him a chance to escape?

“Alien God, your end is here!”

The power belonging to Ji 1000 Qiu enveloped the surrounding Heaven and Earth, confining everything between Heaven and Earth, making the undead God unable to escape at all. He can block Ji 1000 Qiu’s sword, but it can stop Ji 1000 autumn second sword?


The horrible sword glow fell from the top of the sky again, like the sound of Death God’s sentence reaching deep into the depth of one’s soul.

Under the sword of Ji 1000 Qiu, even if the undead god broke out his most terrifying power, he was still beheaded by Ji 1000 Qiu.


Holy Feather God, Dark God, and Immortal God were terrified. That young boy actually killed the undead!

Seeing this scene, the sentient beings of the Gods and Demons Continent suddenly burst out with even more brilliant fighting spirit, even the giants of Heaven Burial saw the light of hope.

Since the Foreign Race Invasion of the Gods and Demons Continent, it has crushed the powers of the Gods and Demons Continent all the way. This is the first time that a foreign god has been beheaded by a powerful God and Demon Continent!

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