Divine Perception Chapter 3482

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As the undead god was brutally beheaded by Ji 1000 Qiu, the entire battlefield was shocked.

The Undead God, this is the first strong God who died in the hands of the God and Demon Continent. His fall has given all the powers of the God and Demon Continent a strong light of hope.


The Celestial Emperors in Ye Shendian were full of enthusiasm and started a fierce counterattack. There were Dao Ancestors and Celestial Emperor 2 in the battle. At this moment, the foreign race army was still stronger than the Divine Demon Continent, but they were all suppressed.

However, the beings of the Gods and Demons Continent counterattacked one after another, and those forces were quite terrifying.

Hope emerges, no one wants to let this opportunity pass by this group of cultivators who are fighting against each other.

“Damn boy, you actually killed the undead!” The three holy feathers looked terrified, and the invasion of the South Divine Realm would cause them such a heavy loss.

“Kill him, now it’s your turn!”

Ji 1000 Autumn killing intent is shocking. If all the four gods can be killed today, then there should be a glimmer of survival in the Continent of Gods and Demons.

Although the Lord of Lanling is indeed terrifying, but Li 9 Yeruo changed his mind and added Ji 1000qiu and the remaining group of top powerhouses in the Divine and Demon Continent to fight to the death of the Lord of Lanling, it may not be hopeless.

Of course, the premise is that Ji 1000 Qiu can kill all the 4 great gods today, and Li 9 Ye will change his mind and stand on the side of the gods and demons again.

“Hmph, foreign race, my god and devil continent is a genius, but it is not so easy to be trampled by you, now it is time for you to eat your own bad results!”

After the immortal ice looked towards the dark god, the cold killing intent, the ice world is moving, and Ji 1000qiu, the unexpectedly born young supreme powerhouse, joins. Does this group of alien gods have a chance to win?


Ji 1000 Autumn dropped from the sky and entered the battlefield where Cangtian Burial is located. Cangtian Burial’s opponent is the Holy Feather God. The strength between the two of them is both equally excellent. For a while, they will not be able to tell the victory or defeat at all, even Cangtian The funeral was able to kill the Holy Feather God at the end, I’m afraid I would have to pay a heavy price!

Seeing Ji 1000qiu moved towards herself, the Holy Feather God was scared to turn pale with fright and hurriedly fled to the distance. Once she was entangled by the two people of Ji 1000qiu and Cangtian, she would definitely die.


The Holy Feather God gave the order to retreat with a look of unwillingness, she herself was the first to escape, because Ji 1000qiu’s endless killing intent had locked her, and she could only die if she didn’t escape!


The Dark God and the Immortal God did not dare to stay long.

“Let you escape like this, isn’t it too cheap!” Ji 1000 Qiu straddled ten thousand li and fell on the holy feather god who fled first. Under this sword, only the holy feather that escaped God was hit hard immediately.

After the immortal ice, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva also shot against the Dark God and the Immortal God, but they failed to leave a trace on the bodies of these two people.

Seeing the 3 Great Gods fleeing, the alien army of 9 Lei world was panicked and hurriedly moved towards the Divine Realm and fled in the direction of Divine Realm.


Daozu, Celestial Emperor and the others would naturally not let this good opportunity pass, and directly launched a terrifying bombardment against the escaped alien army. Ji 1000qiu, the Queen of Undead Ice, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Cangtian Burial and the others all followed suit. Attacked the fleeing alien army.

These giants were naturally terrifying, and they killed countless aliens in an instant!

Until the land of thunder sea, Ji 1000qiu, Daozu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Queen of the Undead, Celestial Emperor, Cangtian Burial and other giants stopped. Under their pursuit, the foreign army was full. An army of 56 million was lost!

This inspiring victory directly caused all beings in Divine Realm to burst out of unprecedented fighting spirit.

Since Foreign Race Invasion, in the Universe Starry Sky world battle, the giants of the Divine and Demon Continent fell one after another and fled back in embarrassment. This is the first time that the Divine and Demon Continent has defeated a foreign race in a frontal battle.

Not only killed the several millions of alien races, but also killed an alien god.

For the Gods and Demons Continent, this is the hope of hope!

As for Ye Han’s son Ji 1000 Qiu, it is now regarded as a backbone by everyone in the South Divine Realm.

Ji 1000 Qiu can kill the undead gods in a short period of time, which shows that he also has the ability to kill the other three gods. Such a terrifying battle strength is urgently needed by the gods and demons.


Daozu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Queen of the Undead, Celestial Emperor, Cangtian Burial, Ji 1000 Autumn and the others stood on the edge of the thunder sea, looking at the direction of Divine Realm, Foreign Race Invasion South Divine Realm had been beaten back by them.

But everyone understands that their victory this time does not mean the end. The alien race will definitely return in a swirl of dust, and the power of the alien race will be even more terrifying than this time!

However, for the Divine and Demon Continent, it is only once to stop the alien race. They can only delay the alien race to occupy the South Divine Realm. Once it is delayed until Ye Han returns, then the hope of the entire Divine Realm will come.

“The next Foreign Race Invasion, we can’t stop it, this time we beheaded a god, that Lanling god will definitely be angry, maybe the next time we will face him will be him, so we must think One way to continue to delay the Foreign Race Invasion South Divine Realm, and it’s best to find a way to kill all the remaining three gods!” Cang Tian Burial said calmly.

Dao ancestor nodded; “Now all we can do is procrastinate. It would be best if we had the opportunity to kill the three great gods.”

“But, what can be done?” Pondered then said after Immortal Ice.

“There is one.” Cangtian burial looked towards Ji 1000qiu and said; “This method lies in you brat.”

At the same time, after the alien race retreated back to the Divine Realm, the three people, the Holy Feather God, the Dark God, and the Immortal God, were extremely angry.

They had nowhere to vent their anger. They directly vented the flame hair to the many Divine Realm cultivators who were enslaved by them. For a while, Divine Realm was brutalized by the Divine Realm cultivator enslaved by 9 Li world. The slaughter has slaughtered several millions of people!

“This group of damn races still hides such a terrifying young powerhouse among them, causing me to suffer a heavy loss. To kill, we must kill them all.” The Dark God looked brutal.

“That boy turned out to be the son of the god Demon Race Ye Han, and it was so terrifying. It seems that if we want to kill all the bereaved dogs in the south, we have to ask 9 Li Lord Wang!” The Holy Feather God looked pale, She was finally hit hard by Ji 1000qiu and was already seriously injured.

Hearing this, the faces of the Dark God and the Immortal God are very ugly, please name 2 King Li.

Once King Lei understood their invasion of the South Divine Realm and suffered such a heavy loss, I am afraid that even their life will be difficult.

But now, the only choice left to the Holy Feather God and the others is the Lanling God. In the South Divine Realm, Ji 1000 Qiu is here, and only the Lanling God can suppress him!

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