Divine Perception Chapter 3483

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In Divine Realm, Heavenly Dragon Holy City, Ye Shen Temple!

Li 9 Ye looked at the three holy feathers who came here with a mocking look.

South Divine Realm, is it so easy to step on?

“Li Kunlun, when will 9 Li Lord Wang leave the customs?” The Lord of Saint Yu looked at Li 9 Ye with a cold face. Of course, for the god demon clansman who took refuge in the world of 9 Li, the Lord of Saint Feather, Lord of Darkness, and Lord of Immortality, of course Very upset.

The existence of Li 9 Ye directly threatened their control over the two worlds in the future.

More importantly, there is the dog Li 9ye next to the Lord of Lanling, so that the Lord of Holy Feather and the others dare not move rashly, and can only always acknowledge allegiance under the Lord of Lanling.

“The master is still in retreat. As for when I can leave, how can I know.” Li 9 Ye said with a smile lightly.

The Dark Lord said coldly; “Since you don’t know, don’t block the way of the three of me. The three of us want to see Lord Wang.”

Li 9 Ye said; “I’m sorry, the master said, no one is allowed to disturb during the retreat, so please don’t make it difficult for me to do it. If the 3 have to rush in, I can only stop the 3 Come down.”

“Impudent, Li Kunlun, you are nothing but a dog beside Lord Wang of 9 Li, how dare you block me 3 people.”

The faces of the 3 people of Saint Feather God were ugly, and the anger in their hearts who had lost the battle in the South Divine Realm has not dissipated until now, and now Li Kunlun, the 9 Li Lord Wang, dares to stop them.

Li 9 Ye still said in a tranquil voice; “Since the 3 people know that I am Li Kunlun but a dog next to the Master, they should understand that if someone defies the owner, my dog ​​will definitely kill him, 3 Dare to give it a try?”


The faces of the three holy feathers were extremely cold, but they had already seen the strength of Li 3 Ye in the Universe Starry Sky world. Only the Lanling God could suppress him, and even the Lanling God wanted to kill Li. 9 All nights have to spend a lot of money.

With the strength of the three holy feathers, it is naturally impossible to be Li 3 Ye’s opponent.

“3 people, please come back. If the master leaves the customs, I don’t think I need to speak, the master will come and find 3 people personally.”

The Holy Feather God 3 left the main peak of Ye Shen Temple with an ugly expression.

Li 9 night blocked the way of their three people, and now they can only postpone things on the South Divine Realm side temporarily.

Without the Lord of Lanling, relying on the strength of their three people, it would be difficult to step down the South Divine Realm.

“This damn guy is nothing but a dog that’s all 9 Li Lord Wang, who dares to be so rampant!” The undead God was filled with fire.

The Dark Lord said with an ugly face; “His dog is only used by Lanling to contain us that’s all. With him, we must be loyal to Lanling.”

“Then what do we do now? Can’t we just sit and wait?” asked the Immortal God.

“There is no other way but to wait for Lanling to leave.” Shengyu God took a deep breath; “But sooner or later the god Demon Race will be stepped on by my 9 Li world, and we don’t have to rush for a while, the god Demon Race South With the existence of that terrifying young powerhouse, we can’t act rashly for the time being.”

The Dark Lord said; “That’s right, they are just an arrow at the end of its flight. Although this time has caused me a heavy loss in the world, they won’t last long.”

9 The Lebanon world army failed to invade the South Divine Realm, and even a god died in the South Divine Realm.

This news not only excites everyone in Divine Realm in South China, but also the cultivators of the Divine Realm in the Middle Divine Realm, Divine Realm in the East, Divine Realm in the North, and Divine Realm in the West that have been enslaved by the 9 Lebanon world. .

As long as there is a glimmer of hope in the Gods and Demons Continent, they all have the probability to stand up again.

As long as the South Divine Realm is not stepped on by a foreign race in one day, the hopes of the Divine Demon Continent will not be shattered.

“This damn group of aliens lost in the South Divine Realm, and when they returned, Divine Realm slaughtered several millions!”

Above the boundary of the Heavenly Jade domain, a powerful fortress has been built here, and all the Peak powerhouses of the Divine Realm in the South Divine Realm have gathered here.

After the 3 Holy Feathers fled back to Divine Realm, they slaughtered those cultivators who had been enslaved by them. In this matter, all Peak powerhouses in South Divine Realm were understood.

“Foreign races, let them stay in the land of Gods and Demons for more than one day, not only for us, but for those cultivators who have been conquered by them, there is always a sharp sword hanging above their heads. It can be act wilfully!”

Celestial Emperor has terrifying killing intent in his eyes.

Dao Ancestor looked at Cang Tian Burial in a deep voice; “Girl, you said there is a way to delay the alien race, and this method is in the 1000 Qiu Na Little Brat, what is the method?”

Hearing this, the Peak powerhouses present all looked towards Cangtian Burial.

“It’s very simple, challenge the alien god, and this challenger is only this Little Brat!” Cang Tian Burial looked towards Ji 1000 Qiu.

Hearing this, the strong men present became a little silent, but they had to admit that now the only person who is qualified to challenge the alien gods in the Gods and Demons Continent is Ji 1000qiu, because only he can kill the aliens. The power of God.

Cang Celestial Emperor nodded; “You can give it a try. If the remaining three gods challenge, we can take this opportunity to kill the three gods one by one.”

“I’m afraid it’s not easy.” Dao Ancestor shook the head and said; “The strength of this Little Brat is now obvious to all three gods. They are simply looking for a dead end in the fight.”

“I didn’t say it was a one-on-one challenge.” Cangtian said with squinting eyes.

“City Burial, do you want my nephew to challenge the three great gods at the same time?” Lin 3’s expression changed, and the complexions of Ye Shendian’s powerhouses suddenly became cold.

Madman Ji smiled and said to Cangtian Burial without a smile; “Girl, with an enemy 3, do you want my grandson to die?”

“I don’t agree.” Dao Zu was the first to shake his head. Now Ye Han is deeply trapped in the Great Desolate Universe. It is hard to say whether he can survive, and Ji 1000qiu, as Ye Han’s best heir at present, can’t let Ji 1000qiu do it. Such a dangerous thing.

“I also don’t agree.” Undead Ice Queen also said.

“Hehe, Cangtian burial, I don’t think anyone here will agree with your method.” Yu Great Desolate said with a sneer.

“Wait a minute.” Ji 1000qiu stared at the sky burial and asked looking thoughtful; “the sky burial aunt means to bring out the three gods.”

“Hehe, deserves to be Ye Han’s son.” Cangtian burial said with a smile to everyone; “Let this kid one enemy 3, naturally there is no chance of winning, but this challenge will definitely make the three gods very tempted, as long as they can Three people lead out, when the time comes, we kill them together. With these alien gods, we don’t need to talk to them about trust. As long as the Continent of Gods and Demons can survive this crisis, we must be in any despicable way. Do not hesitate.”

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