Divine Perception Chapter 3484

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With one enemy 3, Ji 1000qiu’s current strength is naturally impossible to be the enemy of the three great gods, unless Ji 3qiu can go further and enter the realm of True God, or control a trace of strength of Faith.

But it is too difficult to enter the realm of True God, or to control the strength of Faith, and time does not allow it.

“But, what should we do once Lanling God appears?” Someone asked this question.

Lanling God, this is the existence that all beings on the God and Demon Continent are afraid of. As long as he is there, the God and Demon Continent is impossible to win.

“That heterogeneous supreme powerhouse is too terrifying. Ye Han was not as terrifying as his at the beginning. Now no one in my Divine and Devil Continent is his opponent. The only hope is that Ye Han will have the strength to contend with him when he returns!” Celestial Emperor said solemnly.

“Don’t worry, if he will appear, he will have appeared long ago. Wouldn’t it give us a chance to kill an alien god?” Cangtian Burial’s eyes flashed with the light of wisdom; “Universe Starry Sky world fought against the powers of my gods and demons. The collective self-death, I think it should have caused a lot of trauma to this alien god. I guess he appeared in a short period of time. It shouldn’t be our chance during this time period.”

“You can gamble, chance, fleeting!” Ji 1000 Qiu had a decision in his heart.

Hearing this, Dao Ancestor said silently; “Okay, let’s write down the war script first. It’s best to draw out the three gods, when the time comes, join forces to kill them. If the Lanling God appears, that’s also us. The fate of Gods and Demons Continent should be so!”

Everyone was not opposing, the Divine Demon Continent had reached this point and could no longer hesitate, as long as there was any chance, you should take a gamble.

Soon, the thing that King Ye Han’s son Ji 1000 Qiu was going to challenge the 3 Great Gods was that the entire South Divine Realm went crazy, and even the powers of the South Divine Realm had spread the news to the middle Divine Realm. 3 The Great God writes the War Book.

After knowing this, both the South Divine Realm and the Middle Divine Realm were extremely excited and shocked, and those cultivators who had been enslaved by the alien race were excited and hard to control.

There are still people in the Gods and Demons Continent who dare to stand up to face the alien races and challenge the alien gods. As long as there are people who dare to do such things, the Gods and Demons Continent is still far away from destruction.

For a time, everyone was looking forward to this war.

After the understood, the great powers of the foreign races looked towards the three great gods while being angry. The clansman, the god demon, was about to be enslaved by them all and became their vassals. He even dared to be so arrogant.

“The humble race is about to die. They dare to challenge us, and they want to challenge me three gods alone. These damn arrogant people, do they think there is hope for the god Demon Race?”

3 The Lord’s face was extremely cold, and the challenge from the south made them all angry.

Holy Feather God said with a sneer; “It seems that they want to take advantage of our injuries and prepare to catch everything in one net to us, but even if the three of us are injured, how can the kid alone be able to contend? The son of King Ye Han, these clansman gods and demons actually regard him as hope, even if his father runs like a bereaved dog under Lanling’s hands, what role can his son do?”

The Immortal God said, “The ridiculous and arrogant boy, hairs not even grown yet, dare to challenge the three of us at the same time. He is really young and ignorant. Since he is so arrogant, we will fulfill him and destroy him, the hope of the clansman. It should be completely shattered!”

The Holy Feather God said, “Don’t pay attention to it, and see if Lanling will leave the customs recently? As long as Lanling leaves the customs, it will solve them all at once.”

As Ji 1000qiu’s challenge to the 3 Great Gods spread to Divine Realm, the 3 Great Gods did not respond, which caused the hearts of the powers of Divine Realm to sink. Once the 3 Great Gods should not fight, their plan Simply cannot be implemented.

“Hehe, I’m not tempted, it seems that these three guys have several points of vigilance, but even if they should not fight, we have to force them to fight.” Cang Tian buried coldly smiled.

“3 Great Gods should not fight How do we force them to fight?”

Cangtian burial said with a smile; “Well, I want to see how long these three guys can survive?”

The eyes of the powerhouses in the South Divine Realm all flashes through a bright light, and they all laughed immediately. Although this method is not brilliant, it is the most effective.

Soon, the South Divine Realm heard a lot of hard-to-earth words.

3 The Great God did not dare to fight, and was constantly mocked and jokes by the South Divine Realm cultivator. Various voices swept through the South Divine Realm hiding the sky and covering the earth, and soon spread to the Divine Realm. .

Even after Ji 1000, son of King Ye Han, challenged the Alien 3 God, and the Alien 3 God did not challenge,

Now the foreign races occupy the Middle Divine Realm, Eastern Divine Realm, North Divine Realm, and Western Divine Realm. These Four Great God Territories all have their powers. These foreign powers suppress and enslave the cultivator of the Four Great God Territories.

However, even under their suppression and enslavement, the Four Great God Territories sounded the same mocking voice of the 3 Great Gods.

This kind of voice made the alien army who entered the continent of the gods and demons a little unbearable. The god Demon Race was almost destroyed by them, and he even dared to humiliate the three great gods, which is equivalent to humiliating the entire 3 Li world.

“Hmph hum, if the group of guys in the South Divine Realm don’t have absolute power to suppress them, it is indeed difficult to deal with. There are a few more insidious guys over there. Once they are challenged…”

In the Yeshen Palace Lord, Li 9ye coldly smiled, the 3 great gods first entered the land of the gods and demons, and did not understand the behavior of certain people in the land of the gods and demons, but he understood, but he would not remind the 3rd Lords, the 3rd Lords Life and death has nothing to do with him.

At this moment, the three great gods also understood the humiliation and ridicule from all directions of the gods and demons continent, which made them extremely angry, but even under the anger, the three great gods still remained calm.

“Hmph, it seems that those act recklessly things in the south of the god Demon Race want to force us to fight, but with an enemy 3, do they really think that young man has such strength?” The Lord of Saint Feather looked cold.

The Dark God said with a sneer; “Since they really want to push the boy out to die, then we will fulfill them, with an enemy 3, which will make them desperate, even if the three of us are injured, the boy is also It’s as difficult as 3.”

The Immortal God said, “If this is the case, let’s fight. As the ultimate victor of this war, we can’t be underestimated by these clansman clansman!”

Soon, after the three great gods decided to fight, the news reached the South Divine Realm in a short time.

After knowing that the three great gods challenged, the great powers of the South Divine Realm were coldly smiled, and these three great fishes took the bait!

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