Divine Perception Chapter 3485

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3 The Great God will fight, and will fight Ji 1000 Qiu Ming on the Thunder Sea.

This news made the Great and Demon Continent, and even the army that entered the 9th World of the Demon and Demon Continent, set their sights on this war.

Everyone in the Divine and Demon Continent is very excited. Once the king of Ye Han’s son Ji 1000 Qiu really beheads the three great gods above the Thunder Sea, this will definitely be an exciting victory for the entire Divine and Demon Continent. .

Even if Ji 1000qiu killed the three great gods, there would still be a terrifying Lanling God on the foreign race’s side, but if the power of the foreign race was consumed, the Divine Demon Continent would have more hope.

For a time, everyone in the Gods and Demons Continent was looking forward to the coming of the great battle tomorrow.

“In the battle tomorrow, you will face the three great gods alone. When the time comes, are you sure?”

At the boundary of the Heavenly Jade domain, under the night sky, Ji 1000qiu stood above the fort and looked at the direction of Divine Realm. A silhouette came from under the night sky, and finally stood beside Ji 1000qiu.

Ji 1000qiu looked at the night sky. He said with a smile; “There is no absolute certainty about anything, but even if I face the three powerful aliens at the same time, I have the confidence to hold on for a while, even if it is not for the sake of God. In the Devil Continent, I have to survive for my father and my family!”

“Then tomorrow you can do nothing for 10000000, just live as you told me last time, at least survive tomorrow’s battle.” Taiyi Lingzhu stared at Ji 1000qiu’s profile and said.

“Yes, but I don’t know how long the Divine Demon Continent can last after passing this level?” Ji 1000 Qiu sighed.

Taiyi Lingzhu also looked towards the night sky; “Then it depends on your father, whether the last hope of the Gods and Demons Continent can come back as soon as possible?”

The river bottom of the universe.

At this moment, Ye Han is still in control of the power of Three Thousand Great Dao. Since entering the river of the universe, Ye Han has controlled 2 1000 power of Grand Dao. The distance from Three Thousand Great Dao is more than halfway!

With the more power of Grand Dao under his control, the more Ye Han’s body changes, and his body has gradually become a Dao birth!

The greater this change, the less resistance the power of Grand Dao has to him.

Under this shift, it has naturally become much easier to control Ye Han’s power of Grand Dao.

However, Ye Han also understands that once it reaches the final stage, it will become difficult again, because Ye Han at first starts with simplicity, and the power of Grand Dao that is difficult to control is pushed to the end by Ye Han.

But even so, Ye Han has to continue to speed up. He has no idea what is going on on the Gods and Demons Continent. He can only control the power of the Three Thousand Great Dao as soon as possible, and rushing back as soon as possible may be able to save this big deal. Robbery!

On the 2nd day, over the already devastated ridgeless land, there are already more than 1000 human races and more than 10000 armies of the hell world, as well as many cultivators from the South Divine Realm. Today, Ji 1000 Qiu and the 3 Great Gods are in this battle. Should not be missed.

In the land of Divine Realm Zhuozhou, at this moment, there is also a gathering of many foreign powerhouses, between the two sides, across the sea of ​​thunder!

Not long after, all the top powerhouses in the South Divine Realm have arrived.

Daozu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Queen of the Undead, Celestial Emperor, Cangtian Burial, the powerhouses of the Ye Temple, the demon Saint Race, and the powerhouses of the hell world, Ji 1000 Qiu has appeared in front of Thunder Sea.

These giants looked at each other, and their eyes were filled with terrifying cold light.

Can you get rid of the three gods in one fell swoop? It all depends on this battle. Although it is a bit despicable, how about despicable for the sake of the gods and demons continent and to survive?

“God Demon Race, you are looking for a dead end!”

Opposite the Thunder Sea, the 3 Great Gods came from above Zhuozhou with a billowing breath moved towards the Thunder Sea.

“The Alien 3 God is here!”

The people who were in the sky above the ridgeless land looked towards the opposite side of the Thunder Sea, where the alien army occupies Heaven and Earth. The densely packed alien powerhouses gave people an extremely terrifying sense of suppression.

At this moment, the three great gods are standing in front of the alien army, and their gazes are equally cold looking towards the powerhouses of the southern Divine Realm opposite the Ridgeless Land.

“Even if you ask for a dead end, my sacred and demon continent is being persecuted by your alien races. As long as there is any glimmer of hope, my sacred and demon continent will not give up. God, now that you are here, let’s start!”

The sound of Cang Tian’s burial resounded through the thunder sea, and then the strong men on the southern Divine Realm side retreated one after another. Only Ji 1000 Qiu, holding a sword, stood proudly above the thunder sea, facing the three alien gods alone.

“Hmph, act recklessly, you let this kid challenge me 3 people at the same time, that is digging your own grave, but since you pushed this kid out to die, my 3 people will do you well!”

3 The Great God wandered from above Zhuozhou and entered the land of Thunder Sea. The monstrous killing intent has made the land of Thunder Sea extremely chaotic, and the surging sea water has become extremely violent.

Ji 1000 Qiu’s expression is cold, and said; “Foreign race, my father Ye Han can kill you. As a son of man, how can Ji 1000 Qiu be afraid of you? Last time I could kill you a foreign race and a god, today I Ji 1000 Qiu Yi You can beheaded.”



“Kids, you are courting death!”

The three great gods were all angry. They were indeed not Ji 3qiu’s opponents one-on-one, but they did not put Ji 1000qiu in their eyes.

In an instant, a terrifying and coercive aura enveloped the entire Thunder Sea and the three great gods simultaneously shot Ji 3qiu.

Three powers that shake the sky and the earth swept up, suddenly moved towards Ji 3 Qiu burst out.

“Hmph, you can dare to challenge the three great gods only by one person. The teenager of this god Demon Race is dead!” The foreign powerhouses above Zhuozhou sneered.

Ji 1000 pulls the sword in autumn, sword light vertical and horizontal ten thousand li, moved towards those 3 powers that shake the sky and the earth swept away.


The world-destroying collision resounded through half of the gods and demons at this moment. Under the destructive force collision, the radiated force immediately ruthlessly destroyed everything around it, and the entire thunder sea instantly sank. ten thousand meters!

Ji 1000 Qiu’s face turned pale, and he resisted the combined forces of the three gods. He felt his body almost exploded, and the giants of the southern Divine Realm in the distance were nervous.

In an instant, Ji 1000 Qiu hurriedly backed away until he reached the edge of the Ridgeless Land before stopping.

3 The Lord sneered, moved towards Ji 1000 Qiu killed again.

“God Demon Race kid, go to hell!”


With an order from Cang Tian Burial, Dao Ancestor, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Immortal Ice Empress, Cang Celestial Emperor, the giants who had already controlled the strength of Faith, instantly took action, and the infinite power immediately moved towards 3 Great Gods.

Seeing this, the three gods looked terrified; “God Demon Race, you are despicable!”

“What about despicable?” Ji 1000 Qiu sneered, suddenly killing the immortal god!

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