Divine Perception Chapter 3486

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Seeing the god Demon Race, the giants all shot instantly, madly killing the three gods.

At this moment, while the foreign experts over Zhuozhou were stunned, their expressions were shocked.

“God Demon Race, you despicable little people, don’t speak credit!”

“Kill, do it!”

The foreign powerhouses gathered in the sky above Zhuozhou rioted one after another, swept like a flood that destroys the world.

“Hehe, what if you don’t speak credibility to you wolves and ambitious aliens? Kill!”

In an instant, under the leadership of the powerhouses of the Yeshen Temple, the powerhouses of the hell world, and the demon Saint Race, the human army that had already gathered here greeted the alien army that had been killed from the sky above Zhuozhou.

The South Divine Realm has already prepared for the battle against the powerful aliens.

Once the South Divine Realm controls the strength of Faith and all the powerhouses attack the three gods, the aliens will certainly not stand idly by, so this battle is destined to break out.

However, with the power of the Divine and Demon Continent at this moment, when all the giants who control the strength of Faith attacked the three great gods, the Divine and Demon Continent could not stop the terrifying force of the alien army.

However, the goal of the South Divine Realm this time is the three gods, as long as they are slaughtered, it is worth the price no matter what.

The terrifying war between the two worlds broke out again, just like two torrents hitting, and in an instant, many creatures fell, and a corpse moved towards Thunder Sea and fell away.

At the same time, under the siege of 1000 great powerhouses such as Cangtian Burial, Daozu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Immortal Queen, Celestial Emperor, and Ji 6qiu, the 3 great gods fell into the desperate situation of death in an instant. in.

The power that destroys the world moved towards 3 The Great God blasted and killed them, and at this moment they had reached the extreme.

3 The Great God never thought that these giants of the Gods and Demons Continent, standing in this area between Heaven and Earth, would be so despicable and unbelievable.

“God Demon Race, you shameless!”

3 The Great God desperately wanted to escape from the encirclement of the 6 great powerhouses of the Gods and Demons Continent, but when the forces moved towards all directions landed, they had no way to escape.

“Shameless, it’s better than destroying my God and Demon Continent in the hands of your foreign races. The 3 Great Gods, who have been rampant in my God and Demon Continent for many days, have your end!”

In an instant, under the siege of the six great powerhouses of the Gods and Demons Continent, the three great gods were forcibly separated immediately.

Ji 1000 Qiu, who originally targeted the immortal god as the target, is like a thunderbolt that destroys the world. A terrifying sword slashed from the sky. Before the sword arrived, the power came first, and the thunder sea had already been cut out. The gully of 1000 miles.

Seeing that Ji 1000 Qiu’s terrifying sword was about to fall on his body, the undead God’s face was extremely shocked, and he moved towards the distance to escape madly.

With his strength alone, he is not Ji 1000 Qiu’s opponent at all. Although his strength is stronger than Ji 1000 Qiu’s dead soul, he still can’t stop Ji 1000 Qiu, and sooner or later he will be Ji 1000. Qiu beheaded.

“Hmph, invade my gods and demons continent, foreign race, you should be ready to be beheaded long ago, this time is yours!”

The immortal god escaped from the sword of Ji 1000qiu in a dangerous and dangerous way, but Ji 1000qiu is like a Spiritual God who controls this piece of between Heaven and Earth, 9 times the battle strength, no matter his speed It is his power that has reached his current Peak of this realm. Today, the immortal God is doomed to death under his sword.

The infinite sword net, like a waterfall hanging in the sky, instantly blocked the escape of the immortal god.

“Boy, you mean!”

The immortal god trembled, and he hurriedly ran away again.

However, the sword net that hangs like a waterfall in the sky has moved towards him.


Ten thousand zhang huge waves surged from the thunder sea. Under the sword of Ji 1000 Qiu, the immortal god was struck directly to the deepest part of the thunder sea. This impact caused most of the southern Divine Realm and most of the middle Divine Realm were all shaking crazily.

Seeing this scene, the Holy Feather God and the Immortal God under the siege of the five great powerhouses of the Gods and Demons Continent were extremely frightened.

At this moment, the Dark Lord had already been cut off, and his body was seriously injured. Only the Holy Feather God was still struggling to support it.

But judging from the current situation of the battle, in today’s battle, the three great gods are doomed to escape.


Under the thunder sea, the immortal god escaped in embarrassment. At this moment, half of his body seemed to be separated from his body. Under the sword of Ji 1000qiu, he almost died.

“Alien, it’s over!”

Ji 1000qiu flashed from the distant sky, and his Sword Like A Rainbow, like a scorching sun, burst out with endless bright light, making it difficult to open the eyes of the undead God who had to look up.

Next moment, this devastating sword directly split the body of the Immortal God into two halves.

So far, another alien god died in the hands of Ji 1000qiu.

Seeing that the immortal god was beheaded by Ji 1000 Qiu, the hearts of the two people, the holy feather god and the dark god, were already desperate.

In the face of Cangtian Burial, Daozu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Immortal Ice Queen, Cangtian Burial, these five great powerhouses, two of them have fallen into endless death, and there is no chance to escape. Right now, Ji 5 Qiu killed the undead god. , Once he intervenes, it will be the end of the two gods of holy feather and darkness.

At this moment, the hearts of this alien army between Heaven and Earth are also turn pale with fright. Because of the balance of this battle, they have also seen that they have shifted on the side of the moved towards God Demon Race, once Holy Feather God and Dark God are 2 people He was also beheaded by the strong god Demon Race.

So, isn’t their army of alien races going to be slaughtered by the powerhouses of the god Demon Race?

For a while, the heart of the alien army has been extremely cold.


Ji 1000 Qiu came with a sword, straight to the Holy Feather God, and at this moment, the Holy Feather God, who was under the siege of several other giants, was inevitable. Ji 1000 Qiu fell with this sword and almost cut half of her body. open.

“die, die, die, die die!”

In an instant, the power of Dao Ancestor and other giants moved towards the dark gods and holy feather gods who had been seriously injured, and they were about to kill these two gods.

“Hmph, a bunch of trash, a dilapidated world, you can’t hold it anymore. What do you want from this master?”

Suddenly, an extremely cold voice suddenly came from the distant between Heaven and Earth, and then this piece of between Heaven and Earth exploded in vain. The power of this explosion instantly swallowed the attacks of the giants of the gods and demons continent. .

Moreover, this explosive force swept through, and at the same time it severely damaged the giants of the Gods and Demons Continent!

“Could it be that the Lord of Lanling is here?”

This thought flashed through the minds of the great powerhouses of the Gods and Demons Continent, and suddenly made them look unwilling!

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