Divine Perception Chapter 3488

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In 5 days, the two people, Holy Feather God and Dark God, don’t even think about recovering their injuries completely.

But Lanling God has given them a chance, they dare not disobey, even if the injury has not recovered, when the time comes, they can only take Li 9 nights to the South Divine Realm and step on the only pure land of the god Demon Race Come down.

Regarding this point, the Nan Divine Realm powers did not expect at all, and they would not even think that the Lanling God would actually let Li 9ye attack the Divine Demon Continent!

In the absence of Ye Han, the current strength of Li 9 Ye is second only to Lanling God. If he really wants to take action against the giants of the South Divine Realm, then no one can stop him.

Therefore, the calm that the South Divine Realm Zhu Qiang wants to see can not last long!

However, 5 days seems to be enough for Ye Han, who is still in charge of Heavenly Dao Strength in the River of the Universe!

Leihai battle concluded that the immortal god was beheaded by Ji 1000 Qiu, and the 2 gods fled back to the Divine Realm in embarrassment. The alien army suffered heavy losses.

These things also made the Divine Realm of the Divine Demon Continent, whether it was the major Divine Realm that has been enslaved by the alien race, or the Southern Divine Realm, become extremely boiling. Although this is not driving the alien race out of the Divine Demon Continent, this battle made them All saw a glimmer of hope.

As long as there is hope, the Continent of Gods and Demons will not necessarily be enslaved by foreign races, and this World will not necessarily belong to foreign races!

Soon, the entire Divine and Demon Continent fell into a rare period of calm. The alien powerhouses in the Divine Realm were not taking action, but this calm was more like a precursor to the arrival of rainstorm.

Everyone understands that once the alien race makes another move, then all beings in the God and Demon Continent will really become prisoners of the alien race, when the time comes I am afraid that all the strong in the God and Demon Continent will be killed by the alien race!

The river bottom of the universe.

At this moment, Ye Han has controlled 2 1000 300 power of Grand Dao, and he is full of Taoism.

The endless power of Grand Dao walks in the river of the universe, like a god dragon-like. With Ye Han already controlling 2 1000 300 power of Grand Dao, he can let the river of the universe exist with his breath. The power of Great Dao resonates with him.

The power of Great Dao wandering around Ye Han looks like 1000 to 10000 dragons protecting him in the middle.

This scene formed a spectacle at the bottom of the river of universe!

Soon, another day passed, Ye Han already controlled 2 1000 600 power of Grand Dao.

Two days later, Ye Han has controlled 2 2 power of Grand Dao.

Three days later, 3 2 1000 9 power of Grand Dao!

From Perfection, Ye Han is already only 3 power of Grand Dao!

At this moment, Ye Han also ushered in the most difficult stage of controlling the power of Grand Dao.

Three Thousand Great Dao, the power of Three Thousand Great Dao, Ye Han has not yet controlled the only three Heavenly Dao Strength: Reincarnation Dao, Dao of Space, and Dao of Time!

“Just the last step!”

A strong light of hope burst out of Ye Han’s eyes. After 3 power of Grand Dao, it was Perfection.

Soon, Ye Han first started with the great Reincarnation Dao. Ye Han’s divine sense has completely locked the great Reincarnation Dao at the bottom of the river of the universe, because of the Three Thousand Great Dao, the other 2 1000 900 97 power of Grand Dao All are under the control of Ye Han.


In an instant, as Ye Han’s divine sense touched the Dao Reincarnation Dao, a terrifying to the extreme rebound force seemed to make Ye Han fall into endless reincarnation.

“Endless Great Dao, lock!”

Ye Han thoughts move, 2 1000 900 97 power of Grand Dao Crazy moved towards the Great Reincarnation Dao shrouded, and instantly locked the Great Reincarnation Dao, but the Great Reincarnation Dao is still fierce as a god, constantly rebelling against Ye Han , But 2 1000 900 97 power of Grand Dao shot together, even if the Reincarnation Dao is terrifying, it can’t stand it.

“Reincarnation Dao, can it fit my law of reincarnation?”

This kind of thought flashed in Ye Han’s mind, and the law of reincarnation surged all over his body, moving towards the Great Reincarnation Dao.

In an instant, the moment Ye Han’s law of reincarnation came into contact with the great Reincarnation Dao, Ye Han suddenly felt the great Reincarnation Dao as fierce as a Spiritual God, and gradually became quiet, trying to accept Ye Han, try It is under the control of Ye Han, because it feels the power of the same sect in Ye Han.

The law of reincarnation, just like the baby born by Reincarnation Dao, makes Reincarnation Dao very kind to the law of reincarnation.

Sure enough!

Ye Han’s heart was overjoyed. In this way, it would be much easier for him to control the big Reincarnation Dao.

Soon, under the control of Ye Han, the big Reincarnation Dao kept moving towards Ye Han, and finally turned into a reduced version of the dragon and entered Ye Han’s mind.

“It is!”

A smile appeared at the corner of Ye Han’s mouth.

However, the law of reincarnation can attract Dao Reincarnation, so can his space power also attract Dao of Space?

And Ye Han’s innate ability, Time Freeze.

Can the power of Time Freeze also attract Dao of Time?

This kind of thought kept flashing in Ye Han’s mind, and suddenly Ye Han had an illusion.

It seems that all of this is destined a long time ago.

The power of Time Freeze, Ye Han already possessed, the law of reincarnation was controlled when the hell world changed the Samsara Channel.

The power of space is the ability that the Immortal King body gives him after Ye Han and Ye Qing are combined.

And these three powers fit in time, space, and reincarnation, the three most powerful Heavenly Dao Force!

“All this, is it really God’s will?”

Ye Han murmured in his heart that the great Reincarnation Dao was controlled so easily, which made Ye Han’s worries lessened. Originally, Ye Han thought he wanted to control the three most powerful Great Dao forces in the Three Thousand Great Dao. It will definitely take a lot of time.

But now, these three kinds of power of Grand Dao are the easiest for Ye Han.

Soon, Ye Han used his own space power and began to fit the Dao of Space in the river of the universe.

In an instant, without Ye Han using other 2 1000 900 98 Great Dao forces to suppress, Dao of Space directly moved towards Ye Han, converging and continuously blending with Ye Han’s space power, and finally the Great Dao of Space also turned into A reduced version of Shenlong entered Ye Han’s mind!

Now, it’s only Dao of Time!

Time is a more mysterious existence than space. It is rumored that Dao of Time is in control and can travel to the past and even enter the future world through time!

Ye Han’s Time Freeze power was released, and everything in the river of the universe seemed to be still at this moment.

However, Dao of Time still swims in it, without any restraint.

Finally, Dao of Time came to Ye Han’s side, Ye Han extended the hand, Dao of Time was also transformed into a reduced version of the dragon, entered his palm, and slowly integrated into Ye Han’s body .

At this moment, Ye Han suddenly felt that this universe no longer has any defenses, any restrictions on him!

He can pass time and go wherever he wants!

Three Thousand Great Dao, Perfection!

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