Divine Perception Chapter 3489

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In 4 days, Ye Han completely controlled the Three Thousand Great Dao, and endless Taoism surged through his body.

Ye Han at this moment is like the ancestor of 10000 Dao, and he is also the Three Thousand Great Dao. The sense of detachment from Heaven and Earth, and even beyond everything, gives Ye Han a feeling that he can destroy the entire universe in a single thought. .

Of course, this is only Ye Han’s illusion, the power of Three Thousand Great Dao gives him too much power!

Especially the Dao of Time that was in control of the last.

When Dao of Time was controlled by Ye Han, Ye Han suddenly seemed to have a lot of clear comprehension. Everything between Heaven and Earth runs under the operation of time. Once it is out of time, this World loses time, it will Stay completely at a certain moment.

Through time, Ye Han can do as one pleases, even if you go back to the past, even the future is not difficult.

This is the terrifying part of time. It can be said that time is the most terrifying weapon in the world and the most terrifying force!

World’s All Living Things, even Spiritual God cannot withstand the destruction of time.

“With time, although I cannot change the trajectory of the world in the past, the future is still under my control!”

A bright light burst out of Ye Han’s eyes. Time can be regarded as the oldest force in the universe.

Soon, Ye Han continued his cultivation and took control of the Three Thousand Great Dao. What Ye Han still had to do was to completely integrate the Three Thousand Great Dao into one force. Only in this way would it be the ultimate power.

Buzz~ Buzz~ Buzz…!

In an instant, after releasing all the Three Thousand Great Dao that he had under his control, within a million li of the river of the universe where Ye Han was sitting, all the power of the Great Dao was endless swimming in the river of the universe.

Every power of Grand Dao is like a dragon-like god, 3000 dragons revolve around Ye Han, such a scene, looks majestic.


Ye Han’s heart burst out. Under his control, all the 3000 dragons intertwined and merged.

In that scene, it was like 3000 iron chains twisted into a rope.

But when Ye Han forcibly merged the power of the Three Thousand Great Dao, a terrifying resistance immediately made Ye Han spit out a mouthful of blood, and even his eyes, ears, and nose flowed out of blood.

Forcibly integrating Three Thousand Great Dao, that kind of terrifying backlash, even Ye Han’s current strength is difficult to contend.

However, although it is impossible to forcefully integrate Three Thousand Great Dao at one time, under the control of Ye Han, there are still 100 power of Grand Dao integrations successfully!

Over 100 powers of Grand Dao merged into one power. The majestic and terrifying power of that power made the river of the universe boil. The other powers from Myriad Realms seemed to feel threatened and rioted!

Ye Han didn’t care about the riots in the river of the universe. It seemed that he wanted to integrate the power of Three Thousand Great Dao into one power. It was too difficult, only step by step!

Immediately, Ye Han once again controlled the 2 100 power of Grand Dao and merged. The terrifying power surged at the bottom of the river of the universe, and the power of Grand Dao was as high as a dragon.

This time, Ye Han took a full hour to forcefully integrate the 2 100 power of Grand Dao.

But even if he succeeded, Ye Han felt exhausted, even more intense than he had experienced a terrifying battle, as if he was going to fall asleep in a moment.

The difficulty of forcibly integrating the power of the Three Thousand Great Dao is not as difficult as controlling the Three Thousand Great Dao, but it is not easy.

Immediately, Ye Han cheered up and once again integrated the power of Grand Dao.

After 3 hours, Ye Han has forcibly integrated 300 power of Grand Dao!

After 5 hours, 400 power of Grand Dao.

After 7 hours, 500 power of Grand Dao.

One day later, 1500 power of Grand Dao!

In one day, Ye Han continued to force the power of Grand Dao, and only walked to this step. It is half the distance from the Three Thousand Great Dao’s complete integration into one power!

However, the 1500 power of Grand Dao was forcibly blended. This force was so terrifying that Ye Han felt that it was not weaker than the Perfection strength of Faith controlled by the Lanling God.

Integrating the 1500 power of Grand Dao will have this sense of power. Once the Three Thousand Great Dao all merge successfully to form a power, it will definitely be more terrifying than the Lanling God.

This situation also allowed Ye Han to see infinite hope. At least, his direction is right. The Three Thousand Great Dao merged into one force, enough to contend with the Lord of Lanling!

However, while Ye Han is still forcibly integrating the power of Three Thousand Great Dao, the Great Dao of Gods and Demons is coming back!

In the Divine Realm, under the leadership of Li 9ye, the 10,000,000 alien army, the Holy Feather God, and the Dark God have moved again, and the rolling power is like a black cloud of extinction, moving towards the South Divine Realm. !

“What, Lee Kunlun!”

The place where the great powerhouses of the Heavenly Jade domain are located, they were shocked when they knew that Li 9ye led the alien army was moving towards the South Divine Realm!

Because no one thought that Li 9ye would lead a foreign army to kill Divine Realm south.

“Damn it, ignoring him, is this guy really going to do something against his own?”

The faces of the giants are extremely ugly. The horror of Li 9 Nights is obvious to everyone in the Universe Starry Sky world battle. This is a terrifying existence that is qualified to break the wrist with the Lord of Lanling. If the mainland powerhouse starts, no one can stop him.

Cang Tian Burial said, “Prepare for the battle, no matter whether Li 9 Ye will attack us or not, we cannot avoid this battle, but if Li 9 Ye can be convinced, then this time may be an excellent one for us. opportunity!”

Everyone nodded solemnly. If Li 9ye can turn his back, then this time the alien army that killed the Divine Realm south will suffer unprecedented losses.

After all, once Li 9 nights turn, with his second only to Lanling God’s strength, coupled with the giants of the Southern Divine Realm, it is not difficult to kill the alien army on a large scale, and it can be eliminated in one fell swoop. Holy Feather God and Dark God 2 people.

However, will Lee 9 fall at night?

No one dares to give the most accurate answer.

Soon, when the powerhouses of the South Divine Realm led the army to the edge of the thunder sea, in the direction of Divine Realm, there was a terrifying force coming towards Zhuozhou, and soon appeared in Zhuozhou. Overhead.

The faces of the Holy Feather God and the Dark God were somewhat pale. They were hit hard in Thunder Sea last time, and they have not recovered completely now, but Lanling God ordered that they dare not disobey.

Immediately, behind the terrifying alien army, Li 9 Ye wandered with his hands on his back, with a faint smile on his face, moved towards the heavenly burial opposite Lei Hai and the others looked over.

“Li Kunlun, are you really going to attack the Divine and Demon Continent?” Cang Tian Burial’s eyes were cold.

“Why not?” Li 9 nights faintly smiled.

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