Divine Perception Chapter 3490

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The hearts of the powerhouses of the Gods and Demons Continent sank, and once Li 9 Ye took a shot, the South Divine Realm was unstoppable!

Even if Li 9 night can be blocked, I am afraid that it will have to pay an extremely heavy price, just like the giants in the Universe Starry Sky world battle the Lanling God!

“Li Kunlun, do you really want to do that? Betray the Continent of the Gods and Demons and give up this World to the foreign race?”

South Divine Realm, the giants of the South Divine Realm, have a cold expression.

Li 9 night lightly saying; “Perhaps, you have not figured out one thing. I, Kunlun, I have already betrayed the land of the gods and demons. Now my master is the king of 9 Li. For the sake of sharing the same world, you still Obediently surrender, once I, Kunlun, Lee, you should know what the consequences will be.”

“Li Kunlun, are you really willing to be a dog by the Lord of Lanling?” Cang Tian buried coldly; “The God and Demon Continent is not without hope. Today, as long as you stand by our side, our God and Demon Continent will pay There is hope, and you can completely get rid of the control of Lanling God.”

Hearing this, the face turned cold of the Holy Feather God and the Dark God, once Li 2 Ye is really turned cold, then today’s 9 Li world will be hit hard by unimaginable, and even they will die. Yellow Springs.

Dao Zu said solemnly; “Li Kunlun, how can you be willing to subdue to the Lord of Lanling with your strength? Today, you should join hands with us to create a foreign race.”

Immortal Bing also said: “Li Kunlun, as long as you join hands with us today, you will be able to severely damage the alien race. When the time comes, the alien race will only be left with the Lanling God. He is alone in my gods and demons continent. Once Ye Han returns, , We have hope in this World.”

Listening to the strong men of Divine Realm in the south across from Lei Hai, the complexions of both the Holy Feather God and Dark God suddenly became even more ugly.

The Holy Feather God hurriedly said; “Li Kunlun, 9 Li Lord Wang is terrifying you should know how terrifying, so I advise you to be cautious.”

“It’s troublesome, how do I Li Kunlun do things, do you still need you to teach me?” Li 9 Ye gave a faint glance at the two people of Shengyu God, and immediately he smiled brightly at the powerhouses of Divine Realm in South Divine Realm; “You think Let me, Lee Kunlun, join forces with you to severely damage the alien race. Isn’t this trying to beat Ye Han?”

“Hehe, fight Ye Han, don’t you know how deep my hatred is with him? Even if I, Lee Kunlun, turn against him today, Ye Han won’t let me go when I come back. In that case, why should I help you guys? !”

A word of horror is like destroying the world.

In that scroll, carrying infinite Destruction Strength, the giants moved towards the southern Divine Realm across from the Thunder Sea swept wildly.

Seeing this scene, the expressions of the powerhouses in the Southern Divine Realm were cold to the extreme, Li Kunlun, this is really determined to betray the Divine Realm and attack them.

“Kill, take down the god Demon Race!”

Holy Feather God and Dark God 2 people immediately gave the order, and in an instant, the 10,000,000 alien army moved towards the southern Divine Realm opposite the Thunder Sea like a flood.

“Should fight!”

The powerhouses of the Southern Divine Realm have taken action one after another, and the two people of Cang Tian Burial and the Queen of Undead Ice have resisted the two people of Holy Feather God and Dark God.

Daozu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Cangtian Burial, Ji 1000 Qiu 4 people face Li 9 nights.

“Li Kunlun, it’s still too late to look back!” Cang Tianzang looked at Li 9 Ye who was opposite her coldly.

“Hehe, look back? My Li Kunlun can’t look back anymore, and there is no turning back in my Li Kunlun dictionary. Since you are stubborn, let me send you to the West!”

The infinite power of terror spread from Li 9 Ye, and the terrifying killing intent made the burial of heaven and the others feel extremely terrifying.

Ji 1000 Qiu’s body also has terrifying power surges. He points his sword at Li 9 Ye; “Li Kunlun, you are taking refuge in a foreign race, I am afraid that my father, King Ye Han, will come back to you to settle the account, but even if you take refuge in a foreign race When my father, King Ye Han, returns, he will surely kill you by the sword!”

“Hmph, how can my Li Kunlun’s ambitions be known to you a frog in well, kid, as Ye Han’s heir, you are indeed outstanding, so much older than your father Ye Han, but at the beginning This holy monarch came to China, and when you were not born, he beat father Ye Han out of the country like a bereaved dog. At this moment, even if you really face you, father Ye Han, this holy monarch is not afraid of him. It depends on you. The fledgling kid also dared to perform in front of this sage, courting death!”

Destroying heaven extinguishing earth-like power suddenly fell from the top of the sky. At this moment, Li 9 Ye was like Monarch Overlooking The Whole World in China, as if he could destroy the universe with one hand, and bring everyone in front of him Destroyed instantly!

“No choice, kill!”

Daozu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Cangtian Burial, and Ji 1000qiu together shot together, and the power that shook the sky and the earth exploded crazily between Heaven and Earth.

Hong long long !

The horrible confrontation caused all the surrounding void to be shattered.

The Destruction Strength spread out from the confrontation between the super giants destroyed the entire Zhuozhou in an instant.

Confronting the terrifying existence of the second only to Lanling God like Li 9ye, Daozu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Cangtian Burial, and Ji 1000qiu immediately retreated several hundred li, and their faces were a little pale.

Li 9 Ye proudly stands on the sky, completely motionless, he rampantly said with a big smile; “ha ha ha ha, although this saint is not Lanling’s opponent, but what difficulty is there to take down your group of ants Contribute all the power you have!”

In an instant, a terrifying power of deprivation suddenly enveloped this piece of Heaven and Earth. At this moment, not only Daozu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Cang Tian Burial, Ji 1000 Qiu, the Four Great Giants, were enveloped. This piece of between Heaven Everyone in the war with Earth is enveloped by this deprivation.

“Not good !”

The complexion of Cang Tian Burial has greatly changed. In Universe Starry Sky world, Li 9 Ye deprived the first emperor, Wang Chuyi, and Crown Prince of the divine force of the three people, making him extremely powerful.

At this moment, Li 9 Ye once again displayed such terrifying methods. Once he swallows the power possessed by Daozu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Cangtian Burial, and Ji 1000 Qiu, how terrifying will he become?


The faces of Daozu and Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva 2 were also shocked, they hurriedly burst out, one after another extremely crazy power spread from their bodies.

“Hmph, think about the Self-destruction Dao Foundation, do you think this holy monarch will give you this opportunity? Contribute your strength! Immortality, deprive you of your Dao!” Li 9 nights coldly smiled, that kind of terror The deprivation of power instantly made it difficult for Dedaozu and Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva to move.

“Li Kunlun, what are you doing?”

The Holy Feather God and the Dark God are also shocked, because at this moment, Li 2 Ye’s this method has also enveloped them!

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