Divine Perception Chapter 3491

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Daozu and Kṣitigarbha look pale. At this moment, their power is completely in a state of imprisonment, unable to resist, and their power within the body is constantly passing away.

“Too Master!” Ji 1000 Qiu looked pale. At this moment, he couldn’t resist the terrifying devouring strength.

“Go, withdraw!”

Cang Tian Burial did not dare to stay for a long time, and hurriedly issued the order to retreat. Li 9 Ye has such a weird means. Once he absorbs the power of all the Peak powers here, he will become more terrifying.

“Li Kunlun, you lunatic!”

The faces of the Holy Feather God and the Dark God were shocked, because the power of their within the body was also constantly passing by at this moment.

Not only that, all the Peak powerhouses of the Gods and Demons Continent, and even everyone in the alien army, felt their own power passing, as if this piece of between Heaven and Earth has a tripod that swallows the sky, which can swallow 10000 things!

“Boy, don’t dawdle, go!”

One Sword Shrouding the Sky, cut off the terrifying devouring strength of Celestial Emperor 2 who was enveloped in the immortal ice queen.

“Everyone retreat!”

The powerhouses of Ye Shendian, the world powers of hell, and the demon Saint Race dare not to stay the same. Li 9ye’s methods are extremely terrifying. If he is allowed to swallow them, I am afraid that the powers of two worlds , And even the power of the army of the two worlds will be swallowed up by him alone.

In an instant, the strong on the side of the Gods and Demons Continent retreated.

But even so, in the camp of the God and Demon Continent, the power of a few hundred thousand people was swallowed by Li 9 Ye alone in less than a few breaths.

The same is true for the alien army.

“Hmph, this sage takes action, where can you escape?” Li 9 Ye sneered watching the retreat of the gods and demons continent, he was not in a hurry.

After that, in less than half a minute, Daozu and Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva’s cultivation base was completely swallowed up by Li 2ye, and their faces became extremely pale.

So far, Li 9 Ye reluctantly stopped.

“Li Kunlun, do you want to court death?” The Holy Feather God was so scared that he was so scared that the power of their tens of thousands of years was almost cheaper than Li 9 nights.

The face of the dark god is also extremely ugly. Li 9 Ye used this method of devouring the power of others, but it swallowed the power of nearly 9 powerful people in the 1000000 world. If it weren’t for the power of Li 9 Ye’s too strong, the dark Lord could not wait to dominate Li 9 Ye .

“I can’t stop it!” Li Jiuye’s expression was indifferent. Although the Lord of Lanling is still in retreat, Li Jiuye didn’t dare to go too far for the time being. Once he really angered Lanling, he has no absolute right now. Grasp of.

However, in the Continent of Gods and Demons, there are still many powerful people who can provide him with strength, and even among the foreign race army, there are many people.

Li 9 Ye will really always be a dog by the Lord of Lanling?

Of course not. In the past, he just had no chance.

But now his chance has come. Lan Ling asked him to send troops to deal with the powerhouses of the South Divine Realm. This is Li 9ye’s opportunity. Once he swallows more powerhouses, his strength will definitely increase tremendously. , And even pursued the Lanling God.

And this is the intention of Li 9ye that did not remind the three great gods at the beginning. As long as the Holy Feather and the others invaded the South Divine Realm and failed, and even suffered huge losses, the Lanling God will definitely launch Li 3ye.

Once Li 9ye swallowed enough power, he could challenge Lanling in turn, and even swallow the power possessed by Lanling God for his own use.

Once successful, he will be the only Ruler in the two worlds. When the time comes, even if Ye Han returns, Li 9ye will not be afraid of Ye Han!

“Li Kunlun, the two of me will definitely report this matter to 2 Li Lord Wang!” Holy Feather God said with look pale.

Li 9 Ye coldly smiled and said; “Whatever, the master asked me to deal with this group of rebels, but there is no restriction on what method Li Kunlun can use, as long as the final result can satisfy the master.”

“Li Kunlun, you want to use this method to fight the alien Lanling, don’t you be afraid to play with fire and self-immolate at the end?” Dao Ancestor look pale looked at Li 9 Ye, whose aura had become extremely powerful. At this moment, all his power was lost by Li. 9 Night swallowed clean.

However, Li 9ye’s intentions, no matter what it is, he does not want to be a dog under the knee of Lanling God, but he is more sinister than Lanling God.

“Amitabha!” Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva sighed.

“Hmph, how can I betray my master at 9 nights, but your strength can help this sage to rise, and how can this sage reject it? Now, you should also look down. The next South Divine Realm will be The saint stepped on it alone.” Li 9 Ye waved his hand, and Daozu and Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva were immediately wiped out.

“Come on, enter the South Divine Realm!”

Swallowing Daozu and Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva and the power of more than 100 10000 people, the breath of Li 9 Ye has become extremely terrifying.

The Lord of the Feather and the Lord of Darkness looked at Li 2 Ye’s back, a look of dreading, this bastard flashed in their eyes. They definitely gave birth to the ambition to resist the Lanling, maybe they will eventually become this sinister. Nourishment for the power of generation!

After thinking of this, both the Holy Feather God and the Dark God were very frustrated. A Lanling had been so heavy that they could not lift their heads. Once Li 2ye became as powerful as the Lanling God, even these two fierce tigers In the end, both sides suffer, I am afraid they will be killed before both sides suffer.

Daozu and Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva died in battle, and the powers of the Southern Divine Realm retreated one after another, until they dared to stop until the Tianshu Region.

“Li Kunlun, this scumbag has such a terrifying means, which can devour the power of others infinitely. Once it really grows up, I am afraid it will be more terrifying than the alien Lanling God!”

“Now that Lee Kunlun is about to enter the South Divine Realm, we can no longer compete with him.”

“This bastard has great ambitions, and we are afraid that people like us will become his stepping stones to improve his strength.”

The expressions of the powers of the Southern Divine Realm at this moment are hard to see the extreme. They were not lost in the hands of the Lord of Lanling, but they were chased by Li 9ye like a bereaved dog, and now they are facing the crisis of being swallowed by the cultivation base by Li 9ye. It made everyone feel aggrieved.

Can’t beat Li 9 nights, they seem to have to accept this fate now!

“Li Kunlun wild ambition, he won’t give up this good opportunity to improve his strength. Next, ask for more blessings!” A sense of powerlessness flashed in Cang Tian’s eyes.

Li 9 Ye, this guy that almost everyone ignores will turn out to be their terminator in the end. No one has thought that the degree of danger of this kind of person has become the same as that of the Lanling God, terrifying, capable of bending and stretching, Even if he is willing to be a dog under the knee of the Lord of Lanling, the depth of the city makes people fearful!

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