Divine Perception Chapter 3492

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As Li 9ye brought the Holy Feather God, Dark God, and the alien army into the South Divine Realm, the South Divine Realm cultivator that had not had time to evacuate from the Heavenly Jade domain was almost completely swallowed by the horror of Li 9ye.

At the moment of entering the Heavenly Jade domain, the power that belonged to Li 9 Ye was enveloped the entire Heavenly Jade domain and started terrifying devouring of the cultivator still in the Heavenly Jade domain.

How many people are in the Heavenly Jade domain? Even if many people are evacuated, there are still several millions.

At this moment, all of these people have been sucked up by Li 9 Ye alone in a cultivation base. Under this endless swallowing, Li 9 Ye’s strength has skyrocketed very quickly, without the use of foreign troops at all.

After the Heavenly Jade domain, the Tianji domain and the Tianquan domain were also attacked by Li 9ye, and the cultivation base of 1000000 cultivator was completely swallowed by him.

Seeing Li 9 Ye’s strength skyrocketing more and more terrifying, the alien army following him was even more frightened. They had never seen anyone improve their strength so terrifying.

Holy Feather God and Dark God are also extremely frightened. On the way, they almost watched Li 2 Ye’s improvement a little bit. How strong is Li 9 Ye now? Has reached an unpredictable range?

Is it qualified to challenge the Lord of Lanling?

No one knows.

With the addition of True God inheritance, these two kinds of inheritance have been merged by Li 2 Nights, and they have almost escaped from the scope of the undead and True God inheritance, and entered another brand new martial arts. .

It can also be said that after Lee 9 Nights merged two kinds of inheritance, he created a 2 ancient rare cultivation martial arts!

You can devour the power of others to continuously improve your own power. This kind of martial arts is quite terrifying, and Li 9 Ye still has ten lives!

“Once this bastard is allowed to swallow it all the time, I’m afraid it won’t be long before he can reach the same height as Lanling!”

Holy Feather God and Dark God 2 followed Li 9 Ye with ugly faces, but they couldn’t stop this situation at all, they could only watch Li 9 Ye keep improving.

After learning about Li 9 Ye’s actions, the faces of all the powerhouses in the Tianshu domain are extremely ugly.

A horrible pressure has enveloped everyone’s heads.

Li 9 swallowed all the way through the night, and sooner or later it will fall on their heads.

“Lee 9 night is so crazy, now, we can only let our fate!” Cang Tian Burial slowly closed his eyes, the gods and demons continent, the final ending is finally here, even Daozu and Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, the two giants have fallen, even though Ye Han finally came back, how much can he change?

Ji 1000 Qiu said coldly; “Go to the Yeshen Temple, even if our ultimate destiny cannot be changed, we cannot let Li 9ye easily succeed!”

Soon, Li 9ye has already arrived in the Tianshu region. Now most of the cultivators who come to the South Divine Realm are gathered in the Four Great Regions of Tianshu, Kaiyang, Yuheng and Yaoguang.

In the face of Li 9 Ye’s frantic devouring all the way, the cultivator of the South Divine Realm has now accepted this destructive fate.

Can’t resist, can’t escape, of course can only accept desperately!

Soon, the terrifying devouring strength enveloped the entire Tianshu region, making the cultivator who was in the Tianshu region extremely desperate. In less than half an hour, Li 9ye was the cultivator of the Tianshu region as a cultivation base. Swallow it all.

Above the sky, Li 9 Ye lifts the head with a satisfied face to look at the sky, successively devouring the cultivation base power of several millions of people, making him feel that his strength has reached a peak!

Facing Lan Ling, he finally had a trace of confidence and confidence.

But even so, Li 9 Ye still dare not challenge the rule of Lanling God. In the Universe Starry Sky world battle, although Li 9 Ye played against Lanling God, Li 9 Ye knew that it was not Lanling. The ultimate power of God.

Unless Li 9 Ye raised his own strength to a point where he couldn’t make progress, he would dare to challenge Lanling.

“Hmph, guarded by Formation, just a trifling a breaking the formation and then, can you protect you?”

Li 9 Ye looked towards the Tianshu domain, where there was the station of 1000 Night Tower. Once Ye Han established the Formation for 1000 Night Tower, it was difficult for even True God to break.

But for this Formation, for the current Li 9 Nights, there is naturally no difficulty.

With no difficulty was destroyed by it, and the cultivation base of 1000 Yelou and 1000000 disciple was also swallowed by Li 9 Ye.

Soon, Li 9 Ye had already arrived in Yuheng Domain, and he had swallowed all the cultivator power in Yuheng Domain in the same way.

However, after swallowing so madly, at this moment Li 9 Ye has found that his own power has reached a saturated state and cannot continue to swallow it, unless he refining the power that he has swallowed can continue to swallow the power of others. In your own body.

Moreover, it has swallowed the power of several millions, nearly 10000000 million people, which is too complicated. It must not be easy for Li 9 Ye to refining all these powers.

“This bastard has finally stopped!” The expressions of the Holy Feather God and the Dark God were trembling. They thought that Li 2 Ye’s body was a bottomless pit, which could continuously devour and accommodate the power of others.

“what a pity!”

Li 9 Ye’s icy face is still full of meaning. Most of the cultivators of the Southern Divine Realm are gathered in the remaining Kaiyang domain and Yaoguang domain. In these two regions, he still has too much power to swallow, but at this moment The power of his within the body has reached a level of saturation and cannot continue to be absorbed!

“Li Kunlun, is it time to solve those people now?”

The Lord of the Feather and the Lord of Darkness looked at Li 2 Ye with unhappy expressions. Their goal was to get rid of the four great powerhouses of Ji 9 Qiu, the Queen of Undead Ice, Celestial Emperor, and Cang Tian Burial. Only Eliminate all the giants like Demon Race, 1000 Lei world will have absolute control over Demon Race.

“Hmph, how does this holy monarch do? It’s less than two people to make arrangements.” Li 2 Ye gave a cold glance at the two people, holy feather god and dark god. Just one glance was to win holy feather god and dark god. As if falling into an endless abyss, they felt a terrifying aura that made them desperate!

Li 9 night swallowed the cultivation base of nearly 10000000 million people. His power has reached a terrifying level. At a glance, even the Lord was trembling with fear!

It didn’t take long for Li 9ye to lead 2 great gods and nearly 10000000 million foreign race troops into the Yao light domain and came to the place where Ye Shen Temple was.

But at this moment, within several hundred li around Ye Shendian, there are densely packed silhouettes everywhere. Almost all the cultivators of the Yaoguang domain are gathered around Ye Shendian, ready to fight with Ye Shendian and Li 9 Ye Jue.

“Hehe, so many people, it’s a pity!” A greedy desire flashed in Li 9 Ye’s eyes!

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