Divine Perception Chapter 3493

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In addition to the several hundred li around Ye Shendian, there are many cultivators gathered, the densely packed silhouettes stand in the void, all of them are looking at the foreign army that has entered the Yao light domain with a decisive expression.

And Lee 9 Nights, who has become extremely powerful!

“Hmph, they are all gathered together, it just happens to be able to solve them all at once!” The two gods of Saint Feather and the Lord of Darkness looked cold.

Li 9 Ye’s eyes are full of greed. At the moment, in the South Divine Realm, only the Yaoguang domain has the most powerful people, and now these people have gathered together, but it’s a pity for Li 9 Ye to temporarily Can no longer consume more power.

In Ye Shen Temple, Ji 1000 Qiu, Cang Tian Burial, Immortal Ice Empress, Celestial Emperor, Demon Saint Race, King of Ten Temples, Ye Shen Temple, the faces of all the powers are cold to the extreme, and a terrifying breath of decisive battle has been on them. Spread.

Immediately, the Sky Formation that enveloped Ye Shendian slowly opened, and these powerful men walked out of it and led Ye Shendian’s discipline to prepare for the final fight.

“Li Kunlun, if you are still a strong man, wait for a head-on fight with me!”

All the strong came to the forefront of the crowd, facing the alien army, the 2 great gods, and the terrifying Li 9 Ye.

“Hehe, this sage has the idea of ​​moving his hands and feet.” Li 9ye faintly smiled, standing on the top of the sky and looking proudly at all the people between Heaven and Earth.

Seeing this, Holy Feather God and Dark God led the alien army to retreat slowly.

Ji 1000 Qiu and the others expression cold, Twilight came to the top of the sky, one after another terrifying breath was released from their bodies.

The powers of Ye Shendian, the king of ten temples, and the demon Saint Race, plus Ji 1000 Qiu and the others, make up nearly 30 powerhouses.

“Li Kunlun, didn’t expect that my Divine and Demon Continent will eventually be destroyed in your hands.” Cang Tian Burial looked sad.

“The survival of the fittest, you can only be eliminated if you can’t keep up with the pace of this era. Even if the sage does not do this, Lanling will do it. Therefore, your final outcome will not change, but you can rest assured. For this sage, you are a rare cultivation material, this time this sage will not kill you, at least it will not kill you until you exhaust your power.”

Li 9 Ye looked greedy and laughed.

“Scumbag, even if Lord Seven died in the end, he would never give you his power in vain!” Lin 7 shouted loudly, with a terrifying aura, and had already taken the lead to kill Li 7ye.


All the powerhouses of Divine Realm in the south of the top of the sky have all shot together.

“Hmph, only ants, let you see the most terrifying power of this sage today!” Li 9 Ye Void waved his hand, in an instant, the universe turned upside down, Heaven and Earth reversed, and anyone who killed Li 9 Ye felt that There was a terrifying sense of weightlessness.

The sense of weightlessness spreads between Heaven and Earth, so that the South Divine Realm who has to kill Li 9 Nights seems to never be able to approach Li 9 Nights. They are clearly in front of them, but they feel separated by millions and millions li!

“So close, yet worlds apart, never ends, darkness falls!”

In an instant, with this indifferent voice resounding through Heaven and Earth, Li 9 night palm moved towards the south Divine Realm in front of him. Nearly 30 powerful players fell.

That palm print traverses the sky, as if the darkness covering the entire world descends, enveloping all the powerhouses of the Southern Divine Realm.

puff puff puff puff …

In an instant, under the terrifying palm of Li 9ye, the nearly 30 strong players in the South Divine Realm were all hit hard, spit blood flying upside down one after another, and this was still when Li 9ye left his hands.

After all, in Li 9 Ye’s eyes, Cangtian Burial and the others have very few powers. As long as the power of one of them is swallowed, it is equivalent to swallowing the power of 1000000 people, leaving these people temporarily, once he waits for him to completely refining After the power swallowed this time, you can use the power of Heaven Burial and the others.

Once once again swallowed by the powerful such as Cang Tian Burial, Ji 1000 Autumn, Immortal Ice Queen, Celestial Emperor, Ye Shendian Powers, Demon Saint Race, and King of Ten Temples, Li 9ye believes that he will surely surpass the Lanling God. Because he can feel that his current power is not far from the Lord of Lanling!

Seeing that all the powers of the South Divine Realm were hit hard under the palm of Li 9 Ye, the hearts of the foreign army were shocked. At this moment, Li 9 Ye was just like the Lord of Lanling in their eyes, unmatched!

The Holy Feather God and the Dark God are even more terrifying. Among the nearly 30 powerhouses in the South Divine Realm, 4 are as powerful as them, and even Ji 1000qiu’s strength has surpassed God.

However, under such a terrifying joint force, it was impossible to stop Li 9 Ye’s palm!

“Lee 9 nights!”

The expression after Immortal Ice was extremely cold, it took a step, and the billowing breath was released all over its body.

“Hmph, think about Self-destruction, it’s a pity that such a powerful force just passed away in vain? Don’t you think it’s a pity? Leave it to me!” Li 9 Ye’s expression was gloomy, a terrifying deprivation power enveloped Heaven and Earth, immediately It made the Immortal Ice Empress feel that the power of his within the body is gradually fading. In less than a few seconds, the strength of the Immortal Ice Empress disappeared cleanly.


Li 9 Ye’s expression was gloomy, and his power within the body had reached a saturation level. At this moment, the power after forcibly swallowing the undead ice made him feel that his body was about to burst.

“Li Kunlun, isn’t it a pity that such a stunner killed him? It’s better to hand it to this god.” A coveted color flashed in the eyes of the dark god.

“Hmph, a useless person, you can give it to you if you want it!”

“Li Kunlun, your motherfucker courting death!” Lin 7 shouted wildly.

But at this brief moment, a majestic body has rushed towards Li 9 Ye like a cannonball, with a touch of madness and determination on his simple face!

“Courting death!” Li 9 Ye’s face was cold, and he hit the majestic body directly and blasted away.


Heaven and Earth exploded, and that majestic body fiercely hit the sky, The earth shook and the mountain quivered, he smiled miserably and closed his eyes; “Boss, I did my best!”

“Silly run!”

“Silly Uncle Ben!”

The strong expression of Ye Shendian Youth League was shocked, watching the silhouette whose body suddenly exploded.

“War God !”

The disciple of the War God Camp of Ye Shendian looked sad, and the War God Huang Ben of the Ye Shendian War God, the in mind of the War God Camp disciple, was just like Ye Han.

At this moment, endless sadness and killing intent surged on everyone in Ye Shendian, and the honest young man who had always appeared taciturn, died in the hands of Li 9 Ye.

Ji 1000 Qiu is killing intent soaring into the sky; “Li Kunlun, the man who returned from my father will surely crush you!”

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