Divine Perception Chapter 3495

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The breath of horror swept wildly from the sky above the river of the universe, making the Great Desolate cosmic horror creatures feel this aura terrified. This terrifying aura has even awakened the overlord of the Great Desolate universe, the ancient dragon corpse!

Each and everyone huge monster appeared in front of the cosmic river, their aura terrifying to the extreme, but facing the silhouette that stood proudly above the cosmic river, these creatures that were extremely terrifying in the Great Desolate universe were terrified.

Because the breath of Ye Han’s body at this moment has completely surpassed them, and the power that Ye Han possesses is more terrifying than them.


Suddenly, a huge monster appeared that seemed to traverse the entire Great Desolate universe. The head alone was unimaginable, and its body was even more ten thousand li!

Its appearance caused all the terrifying creatures gathered in front of the cosmic river to scatter.

Swire dragon corpse!

The overlord in the Great Desolate universe, at the top of the food chain, specializes in devouring other terrifying creatures for food. There is no terrifying creature in the Great Desolate universe that is not afraid of the ancient dragon corpse.

“Hmph, get in my way, but I want to see how capable you are?”

Ye Han carried a force on his back, and he walked away from the sky above the river of the universe to face the existence of the overlord in the Great Desolate universe.

Ye Han, who has mastered Three Thousand Great Dao and even integrated Three Thousand Great Dao into one force, would he be afraid of it?

Even if Taikoo dragon corpse is the overlord in this Great Desolate universe, Ye Han is not afraid of half a point.

The Gods and Demons Continent, now this World is completely controlled by the alien race.

Under the enslavement of the alien race, the cultivator of the Divine and Demon Continent has completely fallen into despair. Although Ye Han is still the last hope of the Divine and Demon Continent, Ye Han has not appeared for a long time. The people of “don’t hold any hope. Maybe Ye Han can’t get out of the Great Desolate universe, or maybe Ye Han has already died in the Great Desolate universe!

“9 Lei Lord Wang, Lee Kunlun’s threat is too great. If he is allowed to grow up, sooner or later he will threaten the 9 Lei Lord Wang and even the safety of my 9 Lei world!”

In Yeshen Temple, the Holy Feather God and Dark God both bowed their heads with humble faces.

“Hehe, he is really a restless guy, even a dog, it is also a dog that makes people worry.” Lanling God smiled faintly; “However, a dog wants to betray his master. He may be whimsical, Li Where is Kunlun now?”

“Reporting back to 9 Li Lord Wang, Li Kunlun is still in the south of God Demon Race.”

“Okay, call him back, and bring the people from Ye Shendian back by the way. The master wants to see how far his dog has grown?” Lanling God’s voice was icy cold.

Hearing this, the faces of both the Holy Feather God and the Dark God both showed a cold smile.

It didn’t take long before the Holy Feather God and Dark God came to the South Divine Realm.

“Li Kunlun, 9 Li Lord Wang called you back, and this group of gods and demons clansman, 9 Li Lord Wang also ordered me to take it back.” The two gods of the Holy Feather and the Dark Lord looked at Li 2 Ye with a sneer.

Hearing this, Li 9ye who was refining power within the body slowly opened his eyes. Those eyes looked very calm, making people wonder what he was thinking.

“Good!” Li 9 Ye answered indifferently.

Seeing that Li 9 Ye was so peaceful, both Holy Feather God and Dark Lord were a little surprised, but they didn’t think much about it. They watched the powerhouse holding Ye Temple return to Divine Realm, and Li 2 Ye naturally returned to Divine Realm. , Came to Ye Shen Temple.

“Li Kunlun, see the master!” Li 9 bowed his head and put his posture very low.

“Li Kunlun, how can a dog win the favor of the owner?” Lanling God’s indifferent voice resounded above this great hall.

“Loyal!” Li 9ye slowly said.

“So, are you loyal to Ben Master?”

“Li Kunlun naturally dare not betray his master!”

“Hehe, the master hates liars, kneel down!” Lanling God’s voice suddenly became extremely terrifying and cold, and a terrifying aura that ruined Exterminating Heaven and Earth was roaring across the great hall.

Hearing this, Li 9 Ye’s eyes flashed with an imperceptible cold light. He slowly lowered his head and knelt on the great hall; “Please forgive me, master!”

“Go away, I will find you to settle the account after the day the master leaves the customs!” Lanling God’s voice was extremely indifferent.

Hearing this, Li 9 Ye slowly withdrew from the great hall. Outside the hall, there was already an endless tyrannical killing intent in his eyes gradually releasing.

“Hehe, he can bend and stretch. It is really a terrifying guy. It is not unreasonable to be able to live until now and walk to this step. However, the god Demon Race Ye Han has not returned. It would be nice to have you as the opponent to dominate. “The Lord of Lanling smiled coldly, and in two days, he should also leave the customs. He is looking forward to what surprises Li 2ye will give him?

Under the conquest of the alien races, all living beings have acknowledged allegiance and enslavement. Now in the continent of the gods and demons, many cultivators are reduced to coolies. The alien races are building a foreign royal court on the continent of the gods and demons. Change to 9 Lei world.

And the enslaved beings on the continent of Gods and Demons have completely become coolies for building the royal court. Under the suppression of the foreign army, no one dares to resist!

In just 2 days, the Divine Realm has built 3 royal courts.

Holy Feather King Court, Dark King Court, and the most magnificent and spectacular 9 King Li Court!

The Holy Feather God is naturally located in the Holy Feather King’s Court, the Dark God is in the Dark King Court, 9 Li Wang’s Court is naturally the palace of the Lanling God, the 9 King Li!

But also on this day, a piece of news spread across the continent of Gods and Demons.

The Dark God will accept the god Demon Race as a concubine, and is about to get married!

As soon as this news came out, the foreign race army got busy in the Dark King Court, arranging everything so that the entire Dark King Court looked very festive.

After the news of understood, the enslaved cultivators sighed. The Queen of Immortality was once one of the pillars of the Continent, but now, it is about to be accepted as a concubine room by the alien god. This has to be said. A very humiliating thing!

In the Dark Royal Court, there are silhouettes of the strong from the alien army everywhere. Today, the dark god is married, and the immortal ice queen is a concubine. This seems to indicate one thing, the god Demon Race is enslaved, and the alien race will be in the land of the gods and demons. Will be able to act wilfully without any scruples!

“Hehe, God Demon Race woman, God said that he would accept you as a concubine. Today is the day when you and I get married. Don’t worry, there will be people from the God Demon Race to congratulate you!”

The Dark Lord looked at a red suit, after looking beautiful and alluring to the extreme immortality, he was coldly smiled.

“It’s the last moment!” The immortal ice queen is expressionless. For her, this is the last moment. If Ye Han does not show up yet, then she would rather die than become the concubine of the alien god!

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