Divine Perception Chapter 3496

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The dark palace is as big as a city. Today, the dark god is married. After accepting the immortal ice as a concubine, many powerful people in the alien army have come to congratulate.

The entire dark palace is filled with 1000000 powerful foreigners, and the lively scene looks extremely spectacular!

This scene also seems to be celebrating the 9th Lebanon world stepping on the continent of Gods and Demons.

In the huge royal court, joy filled.

Although the Dark Lord was cut off by Ji 1000 Qiu, he is still very powerful. He is like the king of the Dark World in a black robe with a golden silk border, sitting high above the first place.

Below him, there are many powerhouses in the 9 Lei world, even the Divine King who once killed Divine Race.

Moreover, even the powerful Ye Shendian, Cang Tian Burial, Celestial Emperor, King of Ten Temples, and Saint Race were all brought here, but they were all imprisoned by Li 9 Nights. At this moment, they are just like an ordinary person. I can only watch many cultivators enslaved by foreign races, becoming servants here, giving wine to foreign powers, and even accepting taunts from foreign powers.

“Hmph, after 9 years in my 10000th world, I finally stepped on this group of gods and demons clansman. In the future, the territory of the god Demon Race will be the playground of my 9th world.”

“The god Demon Race has resisted for so many years, and their ultimate fate is still to be enslaved by our world.”

“Hmph, a humble race, they should have been destroyed in the last epoch, let them live a few 10000 more years, they should also bow down to me!”

Listening to these voices from the royal court, many of the cultivators enslaved by the alien races had extremely ugly faces. In the royal court today, they can only be the objects of giving wine and pleasure to the powerful aliens.

The complexions of Ye Shendian Zhu Qiang were also extremely ugly. Today, the marriage of the Dark God and the Immortal Queen made them feel a deep sense of humiliation!

Above the first place, the Dark Lord looked at the audience with a smile on his face. At his left and right, two female cultivators from the sacred and demons continent were giving him wine.

“Holy Feather God is here to congratulate!”

In the twilight, a rolling voice came from outside the palace.

The Holy Feather God descended in the royal court in a clothes whiter than snow.

Seeing this, the Dark Lord stood up with a smile on his face and said, “Holy Feather God, this God is married today, I am afraid that the person who will be married will fall on your head.”

“Hehe, extremely happy!” Holy Feather God faintly smiled.

Dark God said with a big smile; “Okay, please bride!”

The next moment, dressed in red, the immortal queen with a cold face like Ten Thousand Years Cold Ice was brought in from outside the palace.

The Immortal Queen at this moment is very beautiful, even when compared with the peerless beauties of Cang Tian Burial, it is nothing more than beautiful!

It’s just that the beautiful face that is as indestructible as Ten Thousand Years Cold Ice makes this beauty a little bit sad. If you don’t smile after death, it will definitely dump all beings!

Seeing this, the expressions of the powerful Yeshen Temple, Cangtian Burial, Celestial Emperor, King of Ten Temples, and Saint Race deliberately arranged by the Dark God in front were stiff.

“Hehe, the Lord said that there will be people from the Demon Race God who will come to congratulate you today. Now they have arrived. For you, this God is also benevolent and righteous.” The Dark Lord coldly smiled at the Immortal Queen.

Hearing this, the immortal ice queen was indifferent, her gaze looked towards the powerhouses of Ye Shendian, above the cold and beautiful face, finally a touch of desolation was drawn!

At the last moment, the man still did not return, so her fate was already doomed!

Living under a foreign race, of course she didn’t have this idea after Immortal Ice. Even if she died, she would not willingly be a concubine to a foreign god.

“Dark God, the hour is almost here, let’s start!” Holy Feather God said.

The dark god is nodded.

However, at this moment, a faint voice resounded through the entire royal court; “The Dark God’s wedding, how can we miss my congratulations from Li Kunlun.”

Hearing this, the Dark God and Holy Feather God 2 suddenly moved towards the king’s court and looked outside.

I saw Li, who was also dressed in white, strolling around the home court of the wedding on 9 nights dropping from the sky, moved towards the wedding.

The Dark Lord said with a cold face; “Li Kunlun, the Lord probably didn’t invite you. Please leave. My Dark King does not welcome you.”

Li 9 Ye faintly said with a smile; “Dark God, you and I and the others are both members of 9 Li Lord Wang, why are you so repelled? And I, Li Kunlun, came with sincerity.”

Seeing the arrival of Li Kunlun, not only the faces of the powerful foreign races were a little cold, but the faces of the powerful Ye Shendian, Cangtian Burial, Celestial Emperor, King of the Ten Temples, and Saint Race were all very cold. .

If it weren’t for Li’s 9th night to attack the entire South Divine Realm, how could the foreign race want to win the South Divine Realm so quickly? Dao ancestors and Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, and even Ye Shendian War God Huang Ben will fall?

And all of this is because of Li 9 Nights. It can be said that the entire South Divine Realm was completely stepped on by him.

For the Continent of Gods and Demons, he was completely betrayed!

“Hmph, this god does not need your congratulations from Li Kunlun, and the dark palace is the place of this god, get out of here!” The dark god’s expression is cold.

Hearing this, Li 9 Ye’s eyes narrowed into a line, he said with a smile; “Since the Dark God is not welcome, then, can you give me the people of the God Demon Race, and I, Li Kunlun, will take them and leave immediately.”

Holy Feather God said with a sneer; “Li Kunlun, you are afraid that you have not figured out one thing, this group of gods and demons clansman is under our care, this is the order of 9 Li Lord Wang, are you trying to defy 9 Li Lord Wang? ?”

“So, you guys don’t make it?” The smile on Li 9 Ye’s face gradually disappeared.

“Hmph, even if the Lord doesn’t pay, could it be that you Li Kunlun still dare not do it?” The Dark Lord said with a sneer; “Li Kunlun, this God advises you to put away that little thought, 9 Li Lord Wang is about to leave the gate, you If you want to dominate the two worlds, I am afraid that there is no chance!”

“Hehe, do it, if my Li Kunlun do it, can I stop it with your two idiots?” Li 9ye coldly smiled.

Hearing this, the strong foreign races present stood up one after another, the faces of the Dark God and the Holy Feather God were cold.

The Dark Lord said coldly; “Li Kunlun, do you want to betray 9 Li Lord Wang?”

The face of the Holy Feather God is also cold; “Li Kunlun, 9 the horror of Lord Wang, you should know that if you turn, there will be no place for you in the two worlds, when the time comes you will die without a burial site.”

“Hehe, how can you know if you don’t have a chance if you don’t try it? Since you two idiots think I Li Kunlun dare not turn back, then this saint will turn it back today!” The faint laughter of Li 9ye just fell.

In an instant, a terrifying force of deprivation enveloped the entire Dark Palace!

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