Divine Perception Chapter 3497

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The terrifying deprivation power enveloped the entire dark royal court, and in a short time the expressions of the dark god, holy feather god, and even the powerful men of foreign races changed drastically.

The powers of Ye Shendian, Cangtian Burial, Celestial Emperor, King of Ten Temples, Saint Race and other powerhouses also changed their expressions drastically.

“Li Kunlun, you really want to oppose Lord Wang? Don’t you be afraid of death?”

The Holy Feather God and the Dark God were extremely horrified, and that terrifying power enveloped the entire Dark Royal Court. At this moment, the 2 foreign powerhouses in the Dark Royal Court felt that their power was constantly passing by.

Even the Holy Feather God and the Dark God 2 felt that their own power was passing fast, and their power was declining.

“Hmph, do you think this sage dare not oppose? Today, this sage will show you this group of idiots.” Li 9ye sneeered, that terrifying deprivation power became more terrifying, letting the many foreign races present The strong all feel that they have been horribly imprisoned, completely impossible to move.

“Damn thing, you are courting death!”

The Dark God and the Holy Feather God broke away from that terrifying imprisoned power, and the power belonging to God burst out frantically, causing the entire royal court to be on the verge of collapse.

Then, two terrifying powers instantly moved towards Li 2 Ye shrouded.

“Hmph, courting death only!”

Li Jiuye’s expression remained unchanged, he raised one hand, and then waved it down.

At the next moment, the entire royal court sank into the ground, and many powerful aliens were blasted out.

The power imprisoned in the Ye God Temple, the Celestial Emperor, the Celestial Emperor, the King of the Ten Temples, and the demon Saint Race are even more as if was struck by lightning.

But at this moment, an azure robed girl, bearing the terrifying destruction aura, appeared beside the powerhouses of Ye Shendian and the others.

It was Ji 1000xun, and saw that with a wave of his sleeves, the powers of Ye Shendian, Cangtian Burial, Celestial Emperor, King of Ten Halls, and Saint Race of Demon entered the Xuanmen Realm within the realm.


A mouthful of blood spit out from Ji 1000xun’s mouth. Today, she mixed into the dark palace. She was looking for an opportunity to take away the powerful Ye Shendian, and let her watch her big brother, grandfather, Uncle and Of course she couldn’t do the others falling into the hands of aliens.


On the other side, Yi Yao came crazy with the immortal ice of look pale. Under the sweep of the terrifying aura of Li 9 night, both of them were seriously injured, especially Ji 2xun, almost even under this aura. Was obliterated.

“Hmph, want to go!”

Li 9 Ye Bing coldly smiled; “Ten directions Heaven and Earth, ban!”

The terrifying imprisonment power spreads several tens of thousands of li instantly, and almost the entire Divine Realm is imprisoned.

Make Ji 1000xun and Yiyao unable to break free from this bondage at all, and can only be imprisoned in a void unable to move.


Yi Yao’s face turned pale, even the Celestial Emperor could not break away from this terrifying power that seemed to be imprisoned by Heaven and Earth!

“Li Kunlun, you must die, 9 Li Lord Wang will definitely kill you!”

The Dark God and the Holy Feather God are now dying. In less than a few breaths, Li 2 Ye has absorbed most of their power within the body. Facing the terrifying Li 9 Ye, any of their resistance will be In vain.

“Hmph, 2 tigers are fighting, who will die? Heaven knows?” Li 9 Ye looked contented, and now he absorbed the power of the 1000000 powerful aliens in the Dark King’s Court, making him feel that his own strength is constantly skyrocketing and has reached This piece of Heaven and Earth can withstand the same critical point.

Li 9ye believes that as long as he swallows the Holy Feather God, the Dark God, and the power of 1000000 foreign powerhouses, he is absolutely qualified to compete with the Lanling God.

As for the powerhouses of Ye Shendian, Cangtian Burial and the others, even if they have not swallowed their power for the time being, Li 9ye does not feel a pity, now he only needs to have the power to contend with the Lanling God.

Once he has defeated the Lord of Lanling, it will not be too late to devour the power of Ye Shendian’s powers and Cangtian Burial and the others.

Soon, but in just one minute, all the powerful aliens in the Dark King’s Court were swallowed by Li 9 Ye alone.

At this moment, Li 9 Ye’s strength is constantly rising, and the power that reaches its peak makes this piece of Heaven and Earth change color.

The entire dark palace has become a shocking ruin, even if Li 9ye only used a trace of power just now, it was unimaginable.

If Li 9 Ye wanted to directly swallow the power of the Holy Feather God, the Dark God and other foreign powers, he could completely wipe out everyone in the Dark King’s Court with a wave of his hand.

“Is this the most terrifying power of the world? This feeling is not bad!” Li 9 deep in the night exhaled, standing proudly on the ruins, with his hands open, as if he was feeling his within the body that crosses the universe. Invincible power.

Ji 1000xun He Yiyao 2 people are terrified, a sense of despair is covering them at this moment, Li 9 Ye is so terrifying to this point, and now they finally know that the South Divine Realm was facing Li. 9 How weak at night!

“Li Kunlun!”

In the distance, countless army of alien races, like locusts hiding the sky and covering the earth, came to Heaven and Earth around the dark palace. They watched limp in the ruins, like a dead dog, the holy feather god, Dark God and the others, his face changed drastically!

“Hmph, it’s just right to come, this holy monarch is worried about not having enough to eat, and swallowing you, even if Lanling comes?”

Li 9 Night’s greedy looking towards the alien army that came to this piece of between Heaven and Earth, that kind of terrifying deprivation power immediately enveloped Heaven and Earth again, engulfing the countless alien army in it, and devouring them madly within the body the power of!

“Dogs bite dogs, let them bite, even if my land of the gods and demons is really destroyed, with Li Kunlun, a wolf and ambitious generation, the life of a foreign race will not be easy!” The immortal queen looked pale and stood beside Yi Yao.

Seeing that the endless alien powerhouses between Heaven and Earth were all swallowed up by Li 9 Ye alone, after Immortal Ice smiled miserably, even if the Gods and Demons Continent were really enslaved, what? What if Ye Han really can’t come back? The alien race finally paid a heavy price.

Although everyone in the Divine Demon Continent hates Li 9 Ye, they hate the alien race even more!

Li 9 Ye was despicable and sinister, and now he became so terrifying, just in time for him to fight Lan Ling.

In the end, no matter who wins, it doesn’t matter to the Gods and Demons Continent.

“Ha ha ha ha, this holy monarch has been waiting for this day for more than ten years. From now on, in this World, no one in this universe will be able to tell the holy monarch, no one is qualified to let this holy monarch give him Be a dog, Lanling, get out and die!”

The extremely rampant laughter spread wildly across the entire continent of Gods and Demons at this moment, and the power that would destroy the entire universe made 10000 things tremble!

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