Divine Perception Chapter 3498

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If the terrifying force like the Exterminating Universe makes Heaven and Earth tremble, the void seems to be unable to withstand this terrifying force. It will burst and explode, full of infinite hostility, and the sound of liberation is transmitted. Over the entire continent of Gods and Demons.

At this moment, Li 9 Ye seems to be announcing his rise to the entire world. In this universe, there is no one who can oppress him, and there is no other thing to stop him, even if it is Lanling, it is in Li 9 Ye at this moment. It is no longer aloof and remote in my eyes!

Hearing these words, the entire continent of Gods and Demons was shocked and terrified, challenging the alien Lanling God!


Suddenly, over the destroyed dark palace, a white silhouette tore through the void. He slowly appeared in this piece of between Heaven and Earth, his face calmly looking at the sky and laughing, his smile was extremely impudent Lee 9 night!

“Lanling is here!”

Ji 1000xun, Yiyao, and the Queen of Undead Ice looked at the Lanling God who appeared in the distance between Heaven and Earth, their eyes shook.

“Go!” The Queen of Undead said in a low voice.

Ji 1000xun He Yiyao Saint Emperor 2 people led her crazy to the distance.

In this regard, Li 9ye and Lanling God did not care about it. At this moment, they only have both sides in their eyes. As long as the opponent is resolved, the two worlds will be the final winners!

“Lanling!” Li 9 Ye’s eyes were cold, one after another monstrous aura was being released from him.

“You should be called the master.” Lanling God coldly smiled; “Even if you are indeed strong at this moment, as a dog under the dominator, do you think you can have the opportunity to backlash the master?”

“Hehe, Lanling, this sage can be your dog and endure a moment’s humiliation, but it will never last forever. Today is the opportunity for you and me to fight for the overlord of the world. Either you die or I die.” Lee 2 nights expression is crazy.

“Hehe, it makes sense, and it’s not useless to indulge your own master. You have risen to this point. It is lonely to be invincible in this World. Since Ye Han has not returned, it would be nice to have you as your opponent.”

The Lord of Lanling took a step, and the most terrifying power followed him, a force that seemed to cover the entire sky moved towards Li 9 night.

“Hmph, Lanling, this holy monarch is not what it used to be, take out your strongest strength, today, let me die!”

Li 9 Ye’s body’s rolling power exploded, and the power that was about to cover the sky shattered.

The corner of the Lord of Lanling’s eyes narrowed, and his palm was slowly raised, a destroying heaven extinguishing earth-like faith power erupted like a flood of extinguishing the world, the moment this faith power appeared, the force that overwhelmed everything Destructive power, when everything within 1000 miles around was destroyed.

“Hurry up and leave Divine Realm!”

Yi Yao’s face was shocked. Fortunately, they were counting beyond a thousand li when they were at first. Otherwise, under the confrontation of these terrifying forces, they would all be wiped out!

After Yi Yao took Ji 1000 to find and immortal ice, she retreated to the south Divine Realm before stopping. Their gazes looked towards the direction of Divine Realm in amazement, where a wave of terror that destroyed the entire world has surged.

During the confrontation between Lanling God and Li 9ye, the lesser half of Divine Realm’s creatures were completely wiped out at this moment. Whether it was a foreign race within this range, or the cultivator of the Divine and Devil Continent, it was inevitable.

At this moment, in all directions of Divine Realm, there are also countless silhouettes starting to flee in moving towards Heaven and Earth all directions.

The entire Divine Realm, like a devastating earthquake, will bury this ancient land!

“Li Kunlun challenged the Lanling God of the alien race. I wonder which of them is better?”

“Hmph, it’s better for these two bastards to be perish together, no matter which one of them wins is not a good thing for us.”

“Yes, even if Li Kunlun defeated the alien Lanling God, with his wolf ambition, the life of my God and Demon Continent may not be easy.”

The cultivator who had already escaped from the destruction zone looked in amazement. The battle between Li 9ye and Lanling God had already affected the hearts of everyone in the Divine and Demon Continent.

At this moment in that terrifying confrontation zone, the horrible strength of Faith in the palm of the Lord of Lanling, and the infinite divine might of Li 9 Ye’s body permeated, a rainbow-like divine might hanging above the sky, I saw Li 9 Ye’s body move , That rainbow-like divine might turn into a Divine Sword that breaks Exterminating Heaven and Earth, and twilight moved towards Lanling God madly cut down.

The corner of Lanling God’s eyes narrowed, and the terrifying power of faith erupted endlessly, and then the Lord Lanling shot out with a punch, rushing towards the terrifying Divine Sword.

Viewed from a distance, this scene is like the crazy collision of two meteorites that destroy the universe. Annihilation Power has exploded to the extreme!


The dull sound caused Heaven and Earth to explode, endless explosions in Divine Realm one after another, madly destroying everything.

Above the sky, one after another terrifying cracks continue to emerge. The world above the Divine Realm has become fragmented. The one after another cracked crack seems to divide the world into countless pieces.

Under the spread of this terrifying destructive power, even the cultivators who escaped to the Divine Realm in the North, Divine Realm in the East, Divine Realm in the West, and Divine Realm in the South felt that there was a sharp sword hanging above their heads. Once this destroys 10000 things The spread of the power of’s is wider, so I am afraid that no one in the Continent of Gods and Demons will be able to escape this devastating battle!

“Hmph, really has several points of skill, no wonder you dare to challenge this master, but today’s battle, you Li Kunlun want to win, I am afraid it is not so easy.”

The Lord of Lanling has a burning will to fight like destroying heaven and extinguishing earth. Li 9ye is so powerful that his fighting intent has reached a Peak. The terrifying strength of Faith has been raised again and again, reaching this piece of Heaven and Earth. To the point.

Li 9 Ye’s eyes were crazy and cold; “Lanling, if this sage does not have absolute certainty, how dare to challenge you, today this sage will not only defeat you, but also swallow you, and use your power to strengthen this sage. With the power of your prince, in the future, the sage will personally go to the Great Desolate universe to eradicate Ye Han. By then, the sage will be invincible in the universe!”

Endless divine might burst out. At this moment, Li Jiuye bears the divine light like the scorching sun, making it impossible to look directly at it.

He seems to be the sun on the land, so when the rays of light illuminate the entire world!

In an instant, the two destroying heaven extinguishing earth-like fists collided like two worlds. At that moment, the Divine Realm collapsed crazily in a large area, the earth’s crust trembled and sank, one after another as deep as ten. The abyss of thousand meters is constantly emerging in the Divine Realm.

The horrible confrontation caused Li 9 Night and Lanling God to retreat from the top of the sky. Under their feet, the once prosperous Divine Realm has become an unsightly horrible ruin!

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