Divine Perception Chapter 3499

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“It is best that these two bastards are extinct in this battle. The Lord of Lanling is trying to dominate the two worlds. Li 2’s ambition of the night wolf, even his own people can be ruthless. In the end, neither of them will be a good thing for us!”

On the southern Divine Realm, at this moment, the powerhouses of Ye Shendian, Cangtian Burial, Celestial Emperor, King of Ten Temples, Saint Race and other powerhouses all walked out of the mysterious world.

The horror battle that broke out in the Divine Realm, with their eyesight, can naturally see clearly.

Whether it is Li 9 Nights or Lanling God’s strength is too terrifying, even if Ye Han finally returns, it is still unknown whether the two of them are opponents.

Therefore, for the entire continent of Gods and Demons, it is a good thing that both Li 9ye and Lanling God are dead.

“If these two bastards are dead, then my Divine and Devil Continent will be peaceful!” Ji 2 Qiu said with solemn eyes.

On the terrifying ruined battlefield, both Li 9ye and Lanling God are going backwards madly. At this moment, even if they both burst out their most terrifying power, they can’t help each other for a while.

In terms of strength, Li 9ye and Lanling God are not the same at this moment, and it is very difficult for them to get rid of each other.

“Come again, Lanling, irreconcilable today!”

Li 9 Ye’s voice spread throughout the Gods and Demons Continent, he seemed to be killed from the end of Heaven and Earth, moved towards Lanling God, he himself was like a nuclear weapon ejected out, full of power to destroy everything, constantly moved towards Lanling God approaches.

“Hmph, irreconcilable, you also need Lee Kunlun to have the ability to kill the master, but if you can compete for 2 worlds with opponents like you, you will feel more fulfilled in the end!”

Lanling God’s fighting intent is monstrous, the endless power of faith is like a river of faith, giving Lanling God inexhaustible power, I saw it lifted up with one hand, a sword of faith, ten thousand zhang, hanging in the sky Above.

Like a tyrannical sword, the terrifying power of the sword, with no difficulty, opened the void, and then the Lord Lanling waved with one hand.

This world-destroying overlord knife moved towards directly as if it was Li 9 Ye who had been killed from the end of Heaven and Earth slashed it with a single knife.

Boom, hong long long!

Heaven and Earth exploded, and under the destruction of these terrorist forces, the entire Divine Realm disappeared at this moment, no longer its former glory, replaced by a trembling horrible ruin.

Mountains, rivers, earth, city buildings, 10000 things and 10000 things were destroyed under this collision. The power that swept Heaven and Earth all directions, even the people currently in the Four Great God Territories were terrified and kept backing away and avoiding That sweeping wave of destruction!

“Li Kunlun and Lanling God are both too terrifying. This is the real power to destroy the world. It is absolutely difficult for the two of them to tell the victory or defeat. It is even more difficult to distinguish between birth and death, but even if they are separated Life and death, the other party must have suffered unimaginable damage to survive!” Cang Tian Burial looked towards the battle of Divine Realm’s destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

Ji 1000 Qiu sighed; “Unfortunately, I have been imprisoned by Li Kunlun for most of the cultivation base. If during the peak period, the surviving party is injured, if we fight to the death, we will definitely be able to kill them!”

Above the Divine Realm, the atmosphere is chaotic. At this moment, whether it is Li 9ye or the expressions of the two Lanling Gods, the expressions are all extremely crazy, even the terrifying fighting intent makes people feel terrifying to the extreme.

“Come back!”

Li 9 Ye and Lanling God both raised their heads to the sky and drank. The extremely crazy fighting intent made them look like the gods of 2 things in the universe, and the fierce and sword-like expressions all can kill many powerful people in the world.

In an instant, the endless strength of Faith and the terrifying divine might broke out again, and a wave of destruction of the world swept across the Divine Realm, and the two gods moved towards the two sides critically.

At that moment, under the clash of these terrifying divine fists, the entire continent of Gods and Demons trembled crazily.

Among the Four Great God Territories, some weaker cultivators were killed by this terrifying shock on the spot.

Even Yi Yao from the South Divine Realm had to burst out with the power of the body to counter this terrifying shocking force and protect everyone.

The beings on the Gods and Demons Continent were shocked and terrified. The two terrifying existences, Li 9ye and Lanling God, continue to fight. Once they leave the Gods Territory Battlefield, when the time comes and the Four Great God Territories will all be destroyed by them, God The Devil Continent is afraid that no one can survive this kind of battle of them!

Over the Divine Realm in the middle of the sky, after a terrifying confrontation, Li 9 Ye and Lanling God both retreated again, backing several tens of thousands of li.

But even if they fought for so long, neither of them can suppress each other for the time being, and neither can hurt each other. Of course, at the level of Li 2 Ye and Lanling God, they want to distinguish between the winners and losers when they are equal in strength. , Divided into birth and death, definitely not succeed in a short while.

It can take as little as a few days, as long as half a month!

Unless the power of one party completely surpasses the other party, can you decide the outcome, life and death in a short time!

“Hmph, Lanling, feel the ultimate power of this sage, Divine Art, immortal, all living beings are extinct!”

Li 9’s night expression was extremely crazy. I saw one after another terrifying Death Power and endless divine might burst out at the same time. With Divine Realm as the center, moved towards Heaven and Earth all directions continued to burst out.

Seeing this, the eyes of the Lord of Lanling seemed a bit solemn, one after another powerful strength of Faith surged out, turning into a terrifying mask that obscured the sky, isolating the terrifying Death Power and the infinite divine might. But even so, Lanling God also felt a strong pressure.

“Not good !”

In the south of Divine Realm, Yi Yao’s face changed, Lanling God could block the terrifying Death Power and divine might, but this terrifying force that destroys all living creatures is now spreading towards other Four Great God Territories.

Once the Four Great God Territories are destroyed by this Death Power and divine might, when the time comes the creatures of the Divine and Demon Continent, I am afraid they will be extinct!

At the same time, the cultivators of the other three Divine Realms were panicked to the extreme, and a terrifying shadow of death was now hanging over everyone’s hearts.

“Damn it, Li Kunlun is a lunatic, does he really want to exterminate all living creatures of the whole land of gods and demons?”

Among the Four Great God Territories, countless cultivators are fleeing madly, and the terrifying Death Power and divine might have spread to the edge of the Four Great God Territories.

“Hmph, A great man has to be ruthless, you Li Kunlun really has this way!” Lanling God sneered, what about the extinction of the creatures of the gods and demons? What is he doing?

“This crazy man!”

In the South Divine Realm, Yi Yao is also leading everyone to flee at the moment, and the power of destroying myriad things has spread to the Heavenly Jade domain.

However, just when the sentient beings in the Gods and Demons Continent were desperate and panicked to the extreme, in this World, the endless power of Grand Dao manifested and turned into golden dragons, with no difficulty suppressing the power of destroying myriad things Down.

“Li Kunlun, not killing you today is not enough to calm my Ye Han’s anger!”

The billowing voice spread throughout the entire continent of Gods and Demons, making all living beings come from desperation; “The King of Humans, the King of Humans is back!

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