Divine Perception Chapter 3500

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The billowing voice resounded in every corner of the Gods and Demons Continent, enabling people in the entire world to hear this.

“The King of Humans is back, it is the King of Humans who has returned, and my Divine and Demon Continent is saved!”

“It’s really Ye Han, the king of people. After so long, he finally came back!”

“Human King Ye Han, the last hope and only hope of my Divine and Demon Continent, he who was trapped in the Great Desolate universe, finally came back at this last moment!”

The sentient beings of the Gods and Demons Continent cried with joy, and they all lifted the head when they were fleeing, looking at the dragons manifesting above the sky. They, with golden rays of light, illuminate the entire world like the light of hope.

At this moment, there are 3000 dragons traveling Heaven and Earth in Divine Realm in the South, Divine Realm in the North, Divine Realm in the West, and Divine Realm in the East.

That scene was extremely spectacular, and they were naturally transformed by the power of Three Thousand Great Dao!

This Three Thousand Great Dao enveloped the entire continent of Gods and Demons, with no difficulty was to suppress the terrifying Death Power and the endless divine might, making this World escape the end of destruction in a dangerous and dangerous way!

“That bastard, he finally came back!” Yi Yao was also crying with joy, looking up at the spectacle that appeared above the sky!

“Boss!” Lin 7’s eyes flushed.

“Palace Lord is back, everything should be over, my God and Demon Continent will return to the past!” Ye Shendian Zhu Qiang expressed excitement.

“Fortunately, this guy came back in time, otherwise this World would really be unsaved!” Cang Tian Burial slowly sighed in relief, she raised her head and looked up at the golden dragons swimming on the top of the sky. From these dragons, she felt With the existence of Heavenly Dao 10000 Dharma, how strong is that man now?

Is he stronger than Lanling God and Li 9ye?

“Father!” Ji 1000, Qiu and Ji 1000 were looking for siblings 2 people burst into tears. During this time, they all persisted very hard and witnessed each and everyone and their close people leaving them.

“I’m back, this World, it’s up to you now!” Undead Ice Queen murmured, her voice trembling.

In Divine Realm’s chaotic Heaven and Earth, Lanling God and Li 9 Ye 2 stopped one after another. They all squinted at the sky above their heads. They knew that their common enemy had finally appeared. !

“You can come back alive after entering the deepest part of the Great Desolate universe, Ye Han, let the master see how powerful you are now?”

The eyes of the Lord of Lanling flashed with an extremely cold and cold color, and one after another heaven-shaking, earth-shattering fighting intent was constantly erupting from his body.

Whether it is Ye Han who is returning now, or Li 9ye who has already fought with him, he has a terrifying fighting intent in his heart, standing on the top of two worlds. If there is no rival, it is really too lonely!

“Ye Han!” Li 9 Ye’s strength became cold and biting. This fateful opponent, from the beginning of China to the present, they are destined to face off again. This time, only the complete death of one party is the end.

“Let you wait!”

Above the Divine Realm, Ye Han slowly appeared, his eyes were like swords and arrows, full of infinite ruthless aura.

The World of Gods and Demons has become what it is now, countless strong men have died, countless cultivators have been slaughtered, these two guys it’s hard to forgive even after 2 deaths, and now, it is Ye Han who replaces this World to collect debts from them. The time has come!

The Lord of Lanling squinted his eyes, killing intent overflowing heaven; “It is true that you have been waiting for so long. After waiting for so long, you, the bereaved dog, finally appeared. This time the Lord will completely destroy you and will not let you escape. opportunity.”

“I’m afraid you have no chance and no qualifications in Lanling. You are not dead today, heavens cannot tolerate!” This voice, like Nine Heavens thunderbolt, exploded in the Continent of Gods and Demons.

“Hmph, Li Kunlun, stop the war between you and me first, and wait until the master has solved the bereaved dog to fight you again!”

The fighting intent of the Lanling God is monstrous, the strength of Faith is surging crazily, and the strength of Faith is more violent between Heaven and Earth, and finally all gathered in the hands of the Lanling God, turning into a terrifying Divine Sword that is like an entity. Sharp and boundless!

“Please!” Li 9 Ye squinted his eyes and watched this scene faintly. Although he also wanted to kill Ye Han himself, it would be good to let the Lord Lanling try Ye Han’s power first. Li was wary by nature. 9 Even if Ye is strong enough to compete with Lan Ling, he does not dare to underestimate Ye Han, vigilance and insidiousness are the reasons why he has been able to live till now.

“Hmph, you alone dare to attack me, I think you two should go together.” Ye Han’s face was extremely cold, and the endless violent killing intent in his heart made him want to break Lan Ling and Li 2 nights. The corpse is 9 paragraphs.

“Just because you, a bereaved dog, are you qualified to ask me to shoot together? Ridiculous, Ye Han, die!”

Suddenly, the razor-sharp Divine Sword of the Lord of Lanling suddenly moved towards Ye Han. The sword pierced the sky, and the sky was like a piece of tofu. With no difficulty, it was torn apart into several tens of thousands. The void crack of li.

Then, the sword came so close to Ye Han, he was about to split Ye Han into two halves.

“Hmph, the power of ants, dare to show off in front of me!”

Ye Han expression was cold. Facing the terrifying Divine Sword to kill, he waved with one hand, the golden dragon that wandered the entire land of the gods and demons, madly moved towards the Lanling God, the sword rushed down, like the horror in the Great Desolate universe Ordinary creatures, tear up the terrifying Divine Sword directly!

Seeing this, the expression of the Lord of Lanling was shocked.

Even Li 9 Ye’s eyes flashed with shock and panic in the depths!

Ye Han is so powerful that even the terrifying power of the Lanling God can easily be destroyed!

“impossible !”

Lanling God looked shocked, the terrifying strength of Faith erupted again, and a hammer that destroyed Exterminating Heaven and Earth fell from the sky moved towards Ye Han.

“Lanling, this saint can help you!”

Li 9 Ye’s heart was rolling and shaking, and it was difficult to calm down. A terrifying divine might descended, moving towards Ye Han with the Lord of Lanling, and blasted over.

At this moment, the forces of the two most terrifying powerhouses moved towards Ye Han together. The entire world couldn’t bear the deformation of this force, and the void collapsed!

“Hmph, a frog in well. Today, Ye Han will give you a chance to resist!”

Ye Han’s palm was wide open, raised high, and then a palm moved towards Heaven and Earth in front of him fell.

Next moment, an infinite force of repression spread across Heaven and Earth, and directly suppressed the Lord of Lanling and Li 9 Ye in this piece of Between Heaven and Earth, so that their power was connected to the qualifications of Ye Han. No.

The horizontal pressure is completely overwhelming. Lanling God and Li 9 Ye are terrifying, but facing Ye Han at this moment, they are not on the same level at all!

“Resist, today is your last chance!”

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