Divine Perception Chapter 3501

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The terrifying force of suppression spread to Heaven and Earth, even though Li 9 Ye and Lanling God both shot together.

However, in the face of this terrifying force of suppression, they could hardly resist. The force that killed Ye Han was like encountering the most terrifying resistance in the world.

Suppressed by this terrifying force, the faces of Li 9ye and Lanling God were shocked.

“Impossible, you impossible have become so powerful? Now the power possessed by this master is the Peak of this World, this World impossible can bear even more powerful power than this master!”

The Lord of Lanling looked unbelievable. The power that Ye Han possessed at this moment almost crushed his fighting spirit. Li 9ye was also unbelievable, but the expression on his face was even more crazy and hazy.

The strength that this piece of Heaven and Earth can withstand is the strength of faith of his Perfection Realm. Once it exceeds this strength limit, this piece of Heaven and Earth is absolutely unbearable.

However, the power that Ye Han possessed at this moment completely surpassed Perfection’s strength of Faith by a large margin. This made the Lord of Delan Ling unable to believe. He tried many times to continue to improve, but was suppressed. Lanling God firmly believes that the strength of Faith of Perfection is the most powerful force between Heaven and Earth.

Even if Ye Han returns and has the same power as him, he will not be afraid of half a point.

But at this moment, the Lanling God was a little desperate to find that Ye Han had surpassed him too much!

“Hmph, a frog in well, because you have been to the Great Desolate Universe in Lanling, do you think that your power is the top of this World? The top of the universe? It’s ridiculous, even Ye Han dare not say that I am invincible in the universe! “Ye Han Bing coldly smiled, and then the horrible pressure of suppression broke out endlessly, and the two people of Lanling and Li 9ye were to be killed in this piece of between Heaven and Earth.

“Lanling, join hands!” Li 9ye’s expression was crazy, the terrifying divine might burst out, contending with the oppressive force that fell on them between Heaven and Earth.

The Lord of Lanling did not refuse. The horror after Ye Han returned has made him a little frightened. Once Ye Han does not die, he will be the one who died.

In an instant, the strength of Faith and the terrifying divine might resemble the terrifying creatures in the Great Desolate Universe World. At the same time, Heaven and Earth trembled one after another, and the force of suppression seemed to be difficult to suppress this riot.

“Can father alone beat Lan Ling and Li Kunlun?” In the direction of South Divine Realm, everyone stared nervously at Divine Realm.

“These two bastards have joined forces to the extreme. I am afraid that they can be called invincible in the universe. Whether Ye Han can suppress these two people is not something we can guess. However, since Ye Han dared to show up, we should be sure of it. Cang Tian Fu said with a calm face, and now the hope of the Divine and Demon Continent falls on Ye Han, and everyone naturally hopes that Ye Han can win.

“Hmph, I said that today is your last chance to resist, resist as much as you want!”

Above the sky, Ye Han’s hostility erupted endlessly. Looking at the Lanling God and Li 9 Ye who were frantically rebelling against him, he saw his palm suddenly pressed down, between Heaven and Earth that endless The golden dragon suddenly whizzed down, carrying the power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth to kill the rebelling Lanling God and Li 2 Ye!

“Not good !”

The Lanling God’s expression was horrified, and he hurriedly retreated between Heaven and Earth.

As soon as Ye Han shot, he felt the endless breath of death moved towards him. Compared with Ye Han at this moment, the Lanling God discovered that Ye Han had surpassed him too much!


A mouthful of blood was sprayed from the mouth of the Lord of Lanling. He expressed horror. Until now, the sense of being in control of the whole situation completely disappeared without a trace.

Facing death, even Lanling God was afraid and horrified. Until now, he thought he was the most powerful person in the two worlds. Even if the variable of Li 2 Ye appeared, he thought so. Even if Ye Han finally returned, he I also think I can destroy Ye Han.

But now, he found that everything had changed, completely different from what he expected, Ye Han’s power surpassed him too much!

Li 9 Ye was also vomiting blood, and his cold face was full of horror, but looking at the injured Lanling God, Li 9 Yemu shot, a terrifying deprivation force enveloped Lanling God and swallowed it crazy. With the power of his within the body.

“Li Kunlun…”

The Lanling God complexion greatly changed.

“Lan Ling, anyway, you can’t escape death today. Why don’t you contribute your power to me? Don’t worry, if you swallow your power, this saint will definitely help you kill Ye Han!” Li 9 Ye looked crazy.

“Asshole, stop!” Lanling God is completely scared. His strength does not know how many nine deaths and still alive he has experienced before he can achieve his current achievements, but now he has to fulfill Li 9 nights.

“It’s late, this saint has the chance to compete with Ye Han!” As the power of Lanling God continues to devour Li 9 Ye, the aura of Li 9 Ye is constantly increasing.

“Hmph, really is a sinister to the extreme. It is not unreasonable for you to live till now.” Ye Han sneered at this scene, but he didn’t stop Li Jiuye, letting Li Jiuye continue to grow himself. power.

Even if Li 9 Ye became stronger? His final fate has been doomed by Ye Han!

In no time, the power of Lanling God was completely swallowed by Li 9 Ye. At this moment, Li 9 Ye possessed the power, as if it could pierce the sky and destroy the universe with a light finger.

“Li Kunlun, you can’t die!” Lanling God looked pale. He never thought that his fate would be like this. Instead of dying in the hands of Ye Han, he was killed by Li 9 Ye, a sinister and cunning man. It’s a pit, I knew it, he should have killed Li 9 nights in the Universe Starry Sky world!

“Hmph, for your sake of fulfilling this holy monarch, let this holy monarch send you a ride!” Li 9 Ye’s face was cold, and he moved towards Lanling God and slammed down.

The Lord of Lanling’s face was ashen ashes, he laughed madly; “God won’t bless me Lanling, plotting for 10000 years, this is the ending, Ye Han, kill Li Kunlun for me!”

With a bang, dignified 9 Lei world’s 9 Lei king, terrifying existence above God, was thus obliterated by Li 9 Ye, in this world, the ashes are annihilated!

“Lanling is dead, Li Kunlun is really insidious!” In the direction of South Divine Realm, everyone’s faces were full of horror.

“Li Kunlun has become stronger now, is Palace Lord his opponent?” Ye Shendian’s all strong faces looked towards the battlefield of destroying heaven extinguishing earth in Divine Realm.

“This scene is so familiar!” Lin 7 killing intent overflowing heaven, looking at Ye Han and Li 9 Ye looking at each other in the sky above Divine Realm.

Above the sky, Ye Han expressionless.

“Ye Han, it’s up to you and me now. In this scene, does this scene seem to be familiar?” Li Jiuye’s breath was overwhelming, and he was contented to feel the Destruction Strength flowing in his body; “It seems that fate is relieved. You and I are fighting for the supremacy of the world, and now in this World, in the end, it is still you and me. Since the fate is destined, you and I are destined to live only one!”

Ye Han sneered; “It makes sense, let you escape in Huaxia Land, and let you escape many times in the Continent of Gods and Demons, but your good luck has been exhausted, and the person who will die today must be you. , Because this time I will kill you Divine Soul, the soul flew away and scattered!”

“Hmph, this sage swallowed Lanling’s power, I don’t believe that there is no power to fight you, kill!”

In an instant, endless power seemed to burst out within the entire world, and finally all gathered in the Divine Realm. Li 9 Ye controls a Destruction Universe-like power, just like the Spiritual God that can destroy the universe with the same eye.

Then, this force swept out like a flood of destruction, all moved towards Ye Han buried.

“Power of Grand Dao, town!”

The terrifying dragons converged from all directions in the continent of the gods and demons. A full 1000 golden dragons merged and collided with the power of the flood like the destruction of the world.

Next moment, the force that caused the void and the universe to collapse crazily exploded and spread to 4 directions.

This power almost destroyed the entire continent of Gods and Demons. If it weren’t for the protection of 2 1000 power of Grand Dao in the continent of Gods and Demons, just the horrific confrontation between Ye Han and Li 9ye would be enough to defeat the Gods and Demons. All the creatures on the mainland have been killed!

“Ha ha ha ha, it seems that the power of this holy monarch swallowing Lanling is really good, Ye Han, who is going to die today? God knows?”

Li 9 Ye Yangtian laughed. The power he possessed at the moment was hard to contend with the terrifying golden dragon controlled by Ye Han.

Ye Han expression is indifferent; “Really? Heaven doesn’t necessarily know, but Ye Han knows, Lee Kunlun, you must be the one who died today!”

“Hmph, let this holy monarch see if your prediction can be realized!” Li 9 Ye smiled grimly, and the terrifying power like Destruction Universe broke out again.

“Hmph, Li Kunlun, you think you can compete with Ye Han, but do you know that even now, Ye Han has never come up with true strength, it’s time to end, a force, now!”

In an instant, as the voice of Ye Han spread throughout Heaven and Earth, the 3000 golden dragons on the Divine Realm seemed to have been summoned, all of them gathered towards the Divine Realm.

In the sky above the Divine Realm, 3000 golden dragons roared, shaking the earth, representing the power of the Three Thousand Great Dao. Finally, the Three Treasured Daughters were fused together to form a golden light dragon that illuminates the world. Same spirituality, moved towards Li 9 nights suppressed.

Seeing this, Li 9 Ye’s eyes were horrified, shocked, and desperate. With a force, even Li 9 Ye felt a deep sense of powerlessness!

“How can there be such terrifying power in this universe?”

Li 9 Ye’s expression was mad, all of his own power exploded frantically, contending with the suppressed force.

“Li Kunlun, you deserved to die more than ten years ago, let you live more than ten years, now everything should be over!”

Ye Han’s palm was slowly raised, and a force of force crazily suppressed it.

“Ha ha ha ha, in the end, the sage lost, just like the top of Kunlun in China!” Li 9 Ye Yangtian laughed.

Next moment, his body was instantly annihilated by the ashes of suppression!

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