Divine Perception Chapter 3502

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Over the Divine Realm, which is full of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, under the suppression of a force, Li 9ye was obliterated on the spot, even though he had ten lives, but under the suppression of a force, his ten lives It has no effect at all, Ye Han can kill him all at once!


Ye Han looked around the entire battlefield and murmured in his mouth.

Immediately, a force soared above the sky, and finally turned into 3000 dragons again, like one after another divine light, suddenly plunged into the earth, changing the completely destroyed Divine Realm earth!

Soon, the mountains and rivers are arching, the canyons are filled, the rivers are flowing, and the devastated Divine Realm is slowly recovering!

Feeling the change in Divine Realm, at this moment, everyone in the Four Great God Territories is coming towards Divine Realm!

Lanling God and Li 9ye were beheaded by Ye Han. This war finally ended in Ye Han’s hands. The Continent of Gods and Demons was not perished and was not enslaved.


“Palace Lord !”

“See the King of People!”

Heaven and Earth all directions, countless people moved towards Ye Han are pouring around, and everyone’s face is filled with rejoicing. The last hope of the Gods and Demons Continent did not disappoint. It was in his power Next, everything is over!

Ye Han glanced at this piece of Heaven and Earth; “My God and Demon Continent should have this tribulation. It is not easy for you to persist until now. It is Ye Han who came back late!”

Hearing this, between Heaven and Earth, the eyes of countless people turned red, how many people died in the Divine and Demon Continent in this alien invasion battle? That is a totally incalculable number.

“Although you did come back a little later, we were lucky in the end and lasted until the moment you returned!” Cang Tian Burial looked at Ye Han with complicated eyes.

Ji 1000 burst into tears and said, “Father, Uncle Silly Ben is dead, too Master is dead, ancient Buddha grandfather is dead, Holy Spirit grandfather is dead, and many grandfathers are dead!”

Ye Han sighed in his heart; “They are all heroes of this World. Although Ye Han cannot change the past, this sky in the future will not stop me from changing. The heavens are buried, and the rest of the world will be left to you. Up.”

“Mr. King, where are you going?” Celestial Emperor Cang asked.

“Heroes, how can they just fall like this before they accept the worship of the world? Get ready to welcome the hero’s return!”

Ye Han looked up at the sky.

Hearing this, the expressions of the people between Heaven and Earth were shocked.

But next moment, time between Heaven and Earth stopped flowing, everything stopped working.


Ye Han waved his hand, and the Dao of Time suddenly gathered, forming a space-time passage between Heaven and Earth. Ye Han walked in along this space-time passage and kept jumping in the endless space-time passage.

Finally, Ye Han stopped at a certain point and walked out of a torn piece of in the sky.

At this moment, in his sight, the Universe Starry Sky world is breaking out of an unimaginable super war.

And here, it is the first battle of the Foreign Race Invasion, the powerhouses of the Divine and Demon Continent are working together to fight against the invasion of foreign races.

The Lord of Lanling came from the distant universe, the one-man War God, the great powers of the Demon Continent!

Ye Han walked into the Universe Starry Sky world like an outsider. He watched each and everyone on the land of the gods and demons. The strong were madly slaughtering the Lord of Lanling, but he could not shake the Lord of Lanling. He sighed in his heart. What despair should be in the hearts of the powerhouses of the Demon Continent!

Soon, Ye Han shot, one after another Soul Power suddenly from Daozu, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, ancient Buddha, Xi Celestial Emperor, Huang Celestial Emperor, Yan Celestial Emperor, Baidi, Barbarian Emperor, Holy Spirit Old Ancestor, Great Saint, Silly Ben, Qin Sheng Old Ancestor and the others, 3 Great Sword Sovereigns and the others were pulled out, even Monster Race Divine Emperor, Two Great Demon Venerables, Divine Race 4 Great Divine Emperor, there is a soul power drawn by Ye Han forcibly Left.

At this moment, although these powerhouses in the war felt that their Soul Power was forcibly removed, they couldn’t resist!

“Everyone, see you in the future!” A voice came into the minds of these strong men, and Ye Han had disappeared.

Although Ye Han has taken control of Dao of Time, he can go back to the past and enter the future at will, but he cannot change the things that happened in the past without authorization. Once changed, no one knows that in the past, the destiny trajectory will be in operation. There are changes that are difficult to prevent.

After reaching the Soul Power of these strong men, Ye Han used Dao of Time again to go to the earlier past.

Come to the Heavenly Jade domain where Li Zhengdao died in battle!

Ye Han did the same, and also extracted a touch of Soul Power from Li Zhengdao.

Then, Ye Han changed time again and came to the original Human Race and Monster Race time of Great War, outside of Heavenly Dragon City in Yaoguang Region, where he extracted the Soul Power of Aoya Sage King!

After all this was done, Ye Han used Dao of Time to reverse the future, and returned to the current land of Gods and Demons through time and space channels!

Ye Han walked in the passage of time and space. It seemed that it didn’t take long, but in fact, it took a month!

When Ye Han returned to the Divine and Demon Continent again, the entire Divine and Demon Continent had almost recovered!

On a mountain top, Ye Han sat cross-legged and waved his hand, the soil on the ground gradually squirmed, and finally turned into the human form of each and everyone, but on the human form of the soil, there is a powerful Life Aura, And Ye Han also gave him the most powerful power of Grand Dao!

Taking control of the Three Thousand Great Dao, with Ye Han’s strength at the moment, wanting to resurrect a few people is entirely with no difficulty. Nuwa used to squeeze clay humanoids in ancient times, but Ye Han is the same now. With the body of the earth, it fits everyone. Kind of power of Grand Dao, creating a big Dao Body!

each and everyone Big Dao Body appeared in the sky in front of Ye Han, next moment, the horrible divine light bloomed, compared to most of the scorching sun of the gods and demons continent.

Most of the people in the Divine and Demon Continent squinted their eyes and moved towards the divine light. They saw that each and everyone stood proudly in the divine light, like a Buddha-like silhouette, receiving the shower of this divine light, as if they were Just as accepting the arrival of a new life, a brand new body is gradually being nurtured!

Finally, Ye Han put the soul of each and everyone in these big Dao bodies shaped by clay figures.

After that, all these clay figures opened their eyes, and they looked a bit dull, but in less than a few seconds, a strong divine light was released from every line of sight, covering most of the gods and demons continent. Disappeared.

each and everyone brand new silhouette stands proudly on the void in front of Ye Han.

At this moment, Taoist ancestors, ancient Buddha, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva…the powerhouses who once gave their lives for the gods and demons continent have all been resurrected collectively!

Ye Han stood up slowly, he moved towards these people with a smile on his face; “Everyone, long time no see!”

“Many thanks, the king!” Zhu Qiang trembled with expression, all bowing to Ye Han.

Even Monster Race, Heavenly Demon, Earth Demon, and Divine Race 4 Divine Emperor have bowed down to Ye Han. They all know that they are dead, but Ye Han has brought them all back to life. .

As former opponents and even enemies, Ye Han also resurrected them, and they were naturally extremely grateful.

At this moment, for Ye Han, Monster God 3 clan is the real acknowledge allegiance and real respect!

“The world is still the world it used to be, but after experiencing this disaster, the future will depend on you!”

Ye Han slowly disappeared between Heaven and Earth, and Zhu Qiang was resurrected collectively. Then he can leave this World with confidence and return to where he all started!

Not long after, Ye Han came to the 9 Li world and found Youruo Shangshen and Yun Lan.

At this moment, they are still imprisoned.

But at the next moment, Youruo God disappeared, and at the same time, a strong strength of Faith suddenly entered Yun Lan’s body.

“Big Brother!” Yun Lan stood up in surprise.

“Girl, if fated will meet again!”

Ye Han returned to the land of Gods and Demons with Youruo God and saw the girls and the others. Ye Han brought back one more woman. The girls no longer care about it. This time Ye Han can come back alive, they just I’m already very lucky.

Soon, one year later, Ye Han returned to the land of China with the girls!

As for Ye Shendian, Ye Han has already handed it over to Ji 1000qiu. It is normal for the father to pass on to the son. Moreover, with Ji 1000qiu’s strength, he is fully qualified to take over Ye Shendian!

“Finally home!”

In Huaxia Shanhai City, the girls looked at everything they used to be familiar with, and their hearts finally relaxed. Later, they can finally live a peaceful life, and Ye Han can finally take off all the burdens and accompany them!

Today’s Huaxia Land is undergoing the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, and is moving towards a great Grand Era.

In a flash, ten years have passed!

Huaxia Dadi cultivator emerges in endlessly, with strong national power, and has become the overlord on this planet!

“Ji 1000qiu, are you sure it is this World?” On this day, a group of powerful cultivators appeared in the sky above Huaxia. Among them were the Immortal Queen, Cangtian Burial, and Zenka Buddha. Follow a young woman with a big belly, Taiyi Lingzhu!

“This is my hometown!” Ji 1000 Qiu said with an aftertaste.

“Let’s go, find that man!” Cang Tian Burial waved his hand like a big sister.

“It’s all here!” Shanhai City, Ye Han’s corner of the mouth twitched, the daughter-in-laws from the family have been too strict with him in the past ten years, and rich daughters have come to the door, even for Ye Han. The maids are good, but they are all sent off by the women, cracking a joke, the maids are fake, is it true to warm the bed for this man?

With so many women coming, I don’t know what will happen.

Soon, Ye Han left a message for the girls and left directly; “I’m going to the Great Desolate universe for a stroll!”

For ten years, Ye Han has not let go of his curiosity about the legendary 10000 ancestral realm. This time, I can just take this opportunity to take a look!

(End of the book)

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