Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1038


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Moshaluo clutched his broken right arm. His fleshy body was not as strong as Qin Feng and could not heal itself instantly, and Moshaluo felt a kind of numbness all over his body.

“Poison…I am poisoned!” Mosara suddenly reacted. He was poisoned. The claws of this Ant Race were poisoned.

The king of ants slowly finished eating Mosara’s arm. He didn’t worry that Mosara would run away. Since he was out there, there would be no living creatures in the Hundred Wind God’s Domain, including this Primitive Demon. All the creatures in Race will die.

“I found it? How about the taste of whole body paralysis, right, but you don’t need to worry that this poison will only paralyze your body if it is not fatal. You should not even be able to move a finger now!” Slowly walked in front of Mosara.

“Protect your lord!” The demon slave and servant behind Mosara rushed over.

“pu!” The ant king’s claws suddenly stretched and penetrated a demon servant, and then this claw seemed to be alive in a flash and penetrated all the demon slaves and servants.

“Guck, guck!” All the demon slaves and servants were beheaded at this moment, and this claw was eating their flesh and blood.

Masara’s muscles have been completely paralyzed by the poison, and even the eyeballs cannot move.

His expression was frozen in the most frightening scene. The appearance of the ant king made Mosara unexpected, and what Mosara did not expect was the terrifying strength of the ant king.

This time he brought out all the elites of the Invincible Palace, this force is enough to sweep across a realm, and the master is called invincible.

But the ant king casually killed the elite of the invincible palace, and he couldn’t even go through a round in front of the ant king.

“Ant Race…Ant Race…It is so terrifying!” Mosara was full of fear.

Mosaruo looked down on Ant Race before and thought that Ant Race was just a disease of mange, but now he realizes how wise his Master is.

Although Mosara looked down on Ant Race, he did not at all underestimate the enemy in this battle, but he was still defeated. This has nothing to do with mentality, tactics and so on, it is completely a difference in strength.

“Master…brother…run!” Mosara mobilized the Primordial Demon within the body wildly. The outbreak of Primordial Demon actually suppressed the poison within the body, a long whistle, this is Mosara. Final words.

He has already made the consciousness of dying in this Hundred Wind Gods Realm. Even if he is not the opponent of the Ant King, he will not back down. Even if he is dead, he has to hold the Ant King. At least this can win Feng Qin a little. time.

The king of ants looked at the rising fighting intent Mosara with great interest. Although Mosara’s strength is simply not worth mentioning to him, he saw that Mosara did everything to do with himself The fighting intent of World War I still found it very interesting. This is the struggle of the weak. They tried everything and finally found that everything was useless. The little hope that finally ignited would make them even more desperate.

“Come on, please use all your power to please me!” The Ant King sat in the air, and he closed his eyes and looked like he was slaughtered.

Moshaluo complexion slightly changed, what does this mean? Is this Ant Race looking down on itself?

Moshaluo was very angry. He was the genius of Primitive Demon Race, the discipline of Demon Invincible, when he was so underestimated.

“Dead!” Mosara loudly shouted and rushed to the Ant King.

However, he was unable to move just by taking a step!

“Very poisonous? Impossible, I have suppressed the poison!” Mosara himself was shocked, no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t move his body.

“It’s not poisonous…it’s an imposing manner. I was actually suppressed by the imposing manner of this Ant Race. I’m scared. I dare not approach this Ant Race!” The ant king in the air.

The ant king obviously didn’t do anything, he just sat in the air so quietly, but the imposing manner on the ant king is extremely terrifying, and it is still rising, just relying on the imposing manner Enough to deter Mosara.

Mosara never thought that one day he would be suppressed by the powerhouse of the same realm in an imposing manner, even if the other party did nothing, he did not dare to step forward. Under the suppression of the imposing manner of the ant king, his body was already I didn’t listen to his orders.

“Primitive Demon Race, the strongest race in the heavens, and only this!” The Ant King slowly opened his eyes, and the moment his eyes opened, the imposing manner all over his body condensed into substance, condensed into a black The magic knife was cut down!

“Move up, move up!” Mosara roared inwardly, but his body was still unwilling. He could only watch this black magic knife slash it.

“As a result, I still didn’t change anything!” Mosara closed his eyes unwillingly, and everything was over.

“peng!” Suddenly a silhouette appeared in front of Mosara, and a stick blocked the magic knife.

This silhouette is naturally Qin Feng. He rushed over after solving those generations of Ant Race and the queen, and rescued the almost mortal Mosara.

Mosara, who closed his eyes and waited to die, has not waited until the pain he imagined. He opened his eyes involuntarily, and he saw his Junior Brother.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t I let you run? This Ant Race is very strong, and we are not his opponents!” Mosara looked at his Junior Brother angrily, and his sacrifice was wasted. .

“Senior Brother, you are here. How can I, the Junior Brother, escape?” Qin Feng smiled and shook the stick in his hand. This stick is worthy of Pangu Axe’s axe handle. After the ant king’s magic knife, there were no scars.

“It’s you, meet again!” When Ant King saw Qin Feng’s mouth slightly raised, he would naturally not forget Qin Feng. That was his first failure after birth.

Although he only fought Qin Feng with the body of the black General of Ants, not at all, he showed his full strength, but if he loses, he loses. There is no need to find a reason.

The Primitive Demon Race in front of him is very strong. It is the strongest opponent he has ever encountered. It may even dominate the most powerhouse below. His main purpose at this time is for this guy. As for the others, it is just a handy solution. that’s all.

“Senior Brother, you go first, leave this realm, and find the Master!” Qin Feng swiped casually, and a Space Gate appeared behind Mosara.

“What do you do if I leave?” Mosara asked.

“Senior Brother, don’t forget that what I understand is the Avenue of Space. Even if I can’t beat it, can’t I still run? No matter how strong this Ant Race wants to keep me, it’s not that simple. On the contrary, it’s Senior Brother. I can’t fight with all my strength with you.” Qin Feng said.

Mosara complexion stiffened: “You can just say that I will hold you back?”

“Junior Brother didn’t say that. Senior Brother, you immediately ask the Master for help after returning to the primordial Demon Domain. This Ant Race is too strong, and only the master can suppress it!” After Qin Feng finished speaking, he pushed Mosara directly into the Space Inside the Gate.

“You got in the way, you can fight me now!” Ant King looked at Qin Feng.

“You are too confident, you are not afraid that I also shuttling through the void and ran away?” Qin Feng looked towards the ant king.

“Why should I be afraid? I also comprehended Space Avenue. I am no worse than you in terms of the ability to shuttling through the void. I can even catch your useless Senior Brother as long as I want it.” Ant King laughed.

“Space Avenue… The evolution of Ant Race is fast!” Qin Feng snorted.

“I lost to you before, this time I will fight you again.” The king of ants stepped forward.

“peng!” The two fists collided, and the fleshy body of Ant King was so powerful that it was not inferior to Qin Feng.

Neither Qin Feng nor Ant King kept their hands, and the formidable power with their best punches directly shattered the Hundred Winds God Realm.

The Hundred Winds God Realm collapsed, the power of the violent Dao pouring out, Qin Feng and Ant King bear the brunt!

If another ancestral emperor is hit by such violent Dao power, even if he is immortal, he will be half disabled, but Qin Feng and Ant King are not ordinary ancestors, their fleshy bodies are extremely powerful, even if they are Faced with the impact of such violent Dao power, they were all safe and sound, and even able to absorb the violent Dao power to nourish themselves.

Neither Qin Feng nor Ant King use Dao Power and Magical Powers. They are fighting completely with their powerful fleshy body, pure and extreme physical collision.

Every collision will make the void tremble. Some of the decayed gods are destroyed in the battle between Qin Feng and the ant king, and the power of the avenue is vented.

Some of the realm and gods that have not yet been fully formed collapsed, and the power of the endless avenue poured on Qin Feng and the king of ants.

Destroying a realm will inevitably be backlashed by the realm. If you cannot bear the body dies and Dao disappears, if you can bear it, there will naturally be endless benefits.

“Kill!” Qin Feng and the ant king loudly shouted, trembling in the void, and countless realms shattered.

“Weng!” When these realms collapsed, Qin Feng grabbed them and collected all the creatures in the realm within the realm.

“Excessive tendency to clemency, dare to be distracted even if you fight with me!” Snorted of Ant King’s disdain, punched Qin Feng in the chest.

“peng!” Qin Feng flew out directly and fell into a boundary.

The creatures in this realm hadn’t reacted yet, and the ant king smashed the realm with a punch.

Qin Feng immediately opened the Space Formation and moved all the creatures in this realm to his own creation world within the realm.

Anyway, Qin Feng’s creation world is very big, so many creatures in the realm can be put aside.

“Weng!” The space oscillated, the demonic energy rose, and the dominance pressure appeared in the void, and it was the Primitive Demon Race who came to dominate.

Mou Wudi expression grave looked at the chaotic power of the avenue ahead, which was mixed with thousands of avenue powers, and it was extremely explosive.

But in this chaotic and violent Dao Power, two figures are constantly colliding, and each collision will absorb part of the Dao Power.

Just when Mo Wudi was about to make a move, an Ant Race Master appeared in front of Mo Wudi: “If I were you, I wouldn’t make it!”

“Ant Race Master…” Magic Invincible complexion slightly changed, this Ant Race master is not weak, although it is not as good as yourself, it is not a short time to distinguish the winner and loser when you really start it. Great, accidentally may hurt your own discipline!

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