Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1039


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Mo Wudi looked at the ant king guard coldly: “You are so bold, you dare to hurt my discipline!”

“The master of Primordial Demon Race is Invincible. Although you are called Invincible, you are not really invincible in the whole world. How brave is my Ant Race? What can you do with Primordial Demon Race?” smiled.

Everyone is in the Ruler Realm world, who is afraid of whom!

Mo Wudi not at all pays attention to this ant king guard, his eyes are fixed on Feng Qin, he has high hopes for Feng Qin, he never wants to see Feng Qin accident here.

“Mo Invincible, I advise you not to move, otherwise it will not be good if you hurt your baby discipline.” The Ant King guard laughed.

“Are you threatening me? Just rely on you? There are hundreds of masters who died in the hands of the old man, what thing are you!” The killing intent rose.

The ant king’s guard raised his brows: “Really, then try to see if you are good or we are good!”

“Weng!” This ant king guard tone barely fell, all around the space oscillated, dozens of Ant Race masters appeared all around, Mo Wudi and they were surrounded by Ant Race.

Rao is the startled Mo Invincible, this Ant Race has so many masters!

Although most of these Ant Race masters are just detached from the avenue, and the strength is not too strong among the masters, but the weakest masters are also the masters. Even if these Ant Race masters work together, even if they are invincible, it is very difficult.

The Ant King’s guard is laughed. Ant Race is no longer the previous Ant Race. With the supply of a large amount of blood, many generations of Ant Race have made a qualitative leap in strength, especially after receiving the power from the Ant King. Race can even transcend the avenue.

Ant King is the future of Ant Race. As the Ant King continues to grow stronger, the entire Ant Race will become stronger.

Today’s original Primordial Demon Race may be stronger than Ant Race, but as long as Ant Race is given a little more time, what original Primordial Demon Race, when the time comes, is just their blood that’s all.

The battle between Qin Feng and the ant king is still going on. The battle between the two ancestors even made the masters of the original Primordial Demon Race startled. Whether it is Qin Feng or the ant king, their fleshy body is already sufficient to dominate, even some The masters who don’t pay much attention to the fleshy body are not as good as them.

“The fleshy body of your discipline is a bit against the sky, even the powerhouse of the Controller level dare not use the fleshy body to resist these chaotic and violent power of Grand Dao, but your discipline is only relying on the fleshy body Hold it, and can continue to absorb these chaotic and violent power of Grand Dao, he is constantly getting stronger!” Mo Lin clicking one’s tongue in wonder.

As the master of the original Primordial Demon Race, Mo Lin has seen countless geniuses, but it is the first time that a genius like Feng Qin has seen him, and he is able to continuously break through in the battle and exceed his limits. more fights the more brave is, the more fights the stronger!

“The Ant Race opposite is not weak, the fleshy body is not under the wind and Qin, and it is also the more fights the more brave is, the more fights the more brave is!” Mo Wudi looked solemn.

“The result of this battle determines the future of these two men, and the victorious party will establish an invincible belief!” Some former Primordial Demon Race masters also saw the meaning behind this battle.

The innate talents of both Qin Feng and Ant King are amazing. They have had a lot of cultivation technique Magical Powers, and the power of Grand Dao is easy to grasp.

But they don’t use it. From the very beginning, they are the collision of the flesh. They all have the belief that their fleshy body is invincible. Whoever uses the cultivation technique Magical Powers first will lose.




Qin Feng and Ant King are fighting endlessly in the chaotic and violent power of Grand Dao. Every collision will shatter a large amount of power of Grand Dao. These broken power of Grand Dao are absorbed by Qin Feng and Ant King. Under the tempering of the power of Grand Dao, their fleshy body becomes more powerful.

Using power of Grand Dao to tempering fleshy body, even the master is impossible.

Even the ruler of the original Primordial Demon Race just plundered the power of Grand Dao in the realm after conquering the realm, and integrated these power of Grand Dao into their own avenues, or integrated with themselves, so as to detach themselves. A big road, after all, the more detached avenues for the master, the stronger their strength.

As for tempering fleshy body with power of Grand Dao, it is like chewing peony, reckless waste of natural resources.

But Qin Feng and Ant King are not the masters. They are not at all detached. These chaotic and violent power of Grand Dao is the best nourishment for tempering fleshy body.

Gradually, Qin Feng merged with Ant King and gave up their skills. They were fighting completely by instinct.

This seemingly simple collision of fists and feet contains incredible power, and the space around the two people is shattered again and again!

“peng!” Qin Feng and Ant King’s fists fell on each other’s chest.

“pu!” Qin Feng and Ant King sprayed a mouthful of blood together.

But their bodies didn’t stop in the slightest, and their fists and feet fell on each other like raindrops.

“peng peng peng!” Their fists hit the flesh, and their bodies made a dull sound.

Even Qin Feng and Ant King’s fleshy body are extremely powerful, but they still can’t stand the attacks like howling wind and torrential rain.

“pu!” Qin Feng smashed the right arm of the king with a punch.

But the ant king did not show any weakness, biting off Qin Feng’s left arm in one bite.

Just when the king ant was about to swallow the flesh and blood of Qin Feng into his stomach, Qin Feng hit the king’s chin with one knee, and the king’s chin shattered directly, and Qin Feng’s left arm fell from Ade’s mouth Came out.

Qin Feng’s movements were so fast that the king of ants simply couldn’t swallow a drop of blood.

Qin’s right hand made a fist and hit the king’s chest with a punch.

“pu!” The king’s chest collapsed, and the hard armor on his chest shattered, revealing the heart of crimson inside.

“Won!” Mo Wudi clenched his fists, his palms were full of sweat. How many years he has not been so nervous, even if he has never been so nervous in a battle with Domination!

However, at the moment when Qin Feng was about to smash the heart of the King Ant, mutation suddenly appeared, and a tail appeared behind the King Ant. This tail in a flash penetrated Qin Feng’s heart.

“peng!” Qin Feng endured the pain in his body and hit the king’s heart with a punch, and the crimson’s heart shattered.

“Feng Qin!”


Mo Wudi and Ant King’s guard moved at the same time, Mo Wudi caught Qin Feng, and the Ant King’s guard caught the Ant King.

“Retreat!” The ant king guard loudly shouted, and dozens of Ant Race masters and guarded the ant king disappeared into the void.

Mo Wudi injected his Primordial Demon source into Qin Feng’s within the body to help Qin Feng stabilize his injury.

“Poisonous!” Suddenly Mo Wudi complexion greatly changed, Qin Feng’s heart wound has a strand of black toxin spreading rapidly, even the source of Mo Wudi’s Primordial Demon can only temporarily suppress the poison.

The most frightening thing is that this highly poison can continue to swallow Primordial Demon’s origins and grow stronger, and the toxicity is even more violent.

But if Mo Wudi does not use Primordial Demon to suppress the poison, the poison will spread to Qin Feng’s body instantly, and Qin Feng will die faster.

“Back to the primordial Demon Domain!” Mo Wudi hurriedly returned to the primordial Demon Domain with Qin Feng. There were countless heavenly materials and earthly treasures in the Invincible Palace, as well as countless detoxification divine medicines.

Qin Feng is in danger, and this ant king is not going well. Qin Feng’s punch smashed the heart of the king, and the power of terror suppressed the king’s self-healing. The king’s breath was already very weak.

“Blood food, the ant king needs a lot of blood food, all Ant Races at all costs plunder the blood food!” The ant king guard placed the ant king in a pool of blood, which gathered Ant Race from All Heavens Myriad Realms plundered blood food.

The ant king’s body is absorbing blood food crazily, but these blood foods are far from enough!

The entire Ant Race is crazy, Ant Race is no longer lurking, they are madly hunting all creatures that can be killed, and the blood food falls into the blood food through the void channel continuously.

“Not enough, far from enough. The king ant needs more blood and a stronger blood to hunt and kill the master!” The king ant guards snorted.

Suddenly, a dozen Ant Race masters disappeared into the void.

The king’s breath is still very weak, but the king is very tenacious. His vitality has never been cut off. Under the supply of a large amount of blood, the body of the king has begun to change.

When an Ant Race master fell with a Venerable Lord’s corpse, the depleted Ant Race master exploded his body. He is also the master. His flesh and blood contain amazing power, for the king , He can dedicate everything he has.

As soon as the master’s flesh and blood melted into the body of the king, Qin Feng’s power could no longer suppress the king’s self-healing ability, and the king’s broken heart began to recover.

The breath of the king ant has changed from Heaven and Earth turning upside down, and the king ant becomes stronger after being broken.

The king ant slowly opened his eyes, and all the Ant Races crawled on the ground, welcoming the return of the king.

“What a Fengqin, what a former Primordial Demon Race!” Ant King laughed. Although he did not win this battle, he did not lose. This battle allowed him to evolve again, although he still did not enter the Ruler Realm world. But already has the strength to fight for the master.

“Ant Race, rise!” Ant King raised his arms.

“Ant Race, rise!”

“Ant Race, rise!”

All Ant Races can’t help but cheer,

On Qin Feng’s side, the venomous poison of Ant King has never been able to disperse it. No matter what medicine pill Mo Wudi uses, it can’t dissolve this virulent poison. On the contrary, it is becoming stronger and stronger by the continuous devouring strength of this virulent poison.

Qin Feng’s heart has completely turned black under the toxic corrosion. Black’s heart is like a black hole that continuously swallows Qin Feng’s vitality. Once Qin Feng’s vitality is swallowed by this black hole, then Qin Feng’s life It will also come to an end.

The eyes of Mo Wudi are scarlet. He is Mo Wudi and the master of the original Primordial Demon Race. He possesses the power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, but he cannot save his own discipline.

“This poison…no solution!” Molin shook the head. This poison has been fuse together with Feng Qin’s body.

Feng Qin… is dead!

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