Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1040


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Mo Wudi stared at Feng Qin immersed in the immortal spring. The immortal spring, which is known to be able to live and die, is only able to guarantee that Feng Qin will not die that’s all, and he wants to dispel the poison of his within the body It’s impossible.

“Heaven’s Poison Master is here!” The Demon Servant’s announcement came from outside the Invincible Palace.

The demon invincible eyes shined. The Master of Heaven’s Poison is the most powerful house in the primordial Demon Domain’s path of poison. It transcends several avenues of poison. If there is anyone in the original Primordial Demon Race who can dissolve the poison in Feng Qin, It is none other than natural poison dominating.

“Come in!” Mo Wudi loudly shouted.

“Brother Invincible, long time no see!” The poisonous master laughed in.

“Brother Tianpo, my discipline is at stake, please ask Brother Tianpo to save my discipline.” Mo Wudi led the master of Tianpo to Qin Feng.

The Sky Poison Master lifted off the white cloth covering Qin Feng’s chest. When he saw Qin Feng’s heart that had been eroded into black, he couldn’t help but hold breath cold air: “What a terrible poison!”

“Brother Tianpo, can I save my discipline?” Mo Wudi couldn’t help asking.

“It’s hard to save, it’s hard to save. If I was just poisoned, I still have a way to get rid of the poison within the body, but now this poison has swallowed a lot of blood energy, and has been integrated with your discipline. If the external force wants to disperse it forcibly, it will cause a highly toxic counterattack. This virulent poison can continue to swallow all kinds of power and growth. It is difficult and difficult to do!” The sky poison shook the head helplessly.

It can make the Master of Sky Poison sigh so long, one can imagine how terrifying this poison is.

“Is there really no way?” Mo Wudi asked.

“It’s not that there is no way, but the hope is very slim!” Sky Poison ruled sighed.

“What else?” In Mo Wudi’s eyes flashes through a bright light, as long as he can save his discipline, he is willing to pay any price.

The finger of Sky Poison Lord fell on Qin Feng’s heart, and the black poison instantly eroded the Fleshy body of Sky Poison Lord.

But the Heavenly Poison Sovereign didn’t panic at all, running the cultivation technique to directly refining this poisonous thread.

“Refining by himself is very poisonous!” Heavenly poison dominates lightly saying.

Mo Wudi was stunned. The Heavenly Poison dominates the Poison Dao Powerhouse. Naturally, he can easily refining the poisonous Dao, but Feng Qin Ke has never been in contact with the Poison Dao. How can he refining this highly poisonous?

“There is no way outside of it.” Sky Poison Master Sighed.

“Now what you can do is to keep using Primordial Demon and power of Grand Dao to suppress the poison in his chest and prevent it from spreading. Although this will make the poison stronger and stronger, this is the only way to keep The way he lives, the rest can only be hoped in miracles.” Sky Poison Sighed.

“Miracle…” Mo Wudi shook the head with a wry smile. As a master, he never believed in miracles. He believed that miracles were the fantasy of the incompetent, but now he can only hope for miracles.

“weng!” With a wave of Mo Wudi’s palm, hundreds of array restriction appeared around Qin Feng. This is the last protection. Once Qin Feng dies, the poison within the body will definitely run away. The creatures in the entire Invincible Palace will be poisoned to death by this poison.

“Hoo…Finally is gone!” Qin Feng secretly relieved, if Mo Wudi continues to stay in front of him, he really might be poisoned to death by the ant king.

Is the ant king’s poison terrible? Of course it’s terrible. Even Qin Feng’s fleshy body can’t resist it, but it’s a bit exaggerated to say that the ant king’s poison can poison to death Qin Feng. The eternal sacred fire is not to be trifled with, as long as Qin Feng urges the eternal sacred fire to dispel the poison.

But his current identity is Feng Qin of the original Primordial Demon Race, and he is still in the primordial Demon Domain. How could he use the eternal sacred fire to dispel the poison? This is not to tell the Demon Invincible that I am Qin Feng, You are all deceived by me.

When the time comes, even if he dispels the poison within the body, he will be broken into pieces by Mo Invincible.

So after being poisoned, Qin Feng was forcibly carried to the present.

The poison of the king of ants is indeed very tricky. Even Qin Feng has no other means to dispel this poison except eternal fire.

“Wait…Very poisonous…”The Sutra of Ten Thousand Poisons”!” Qin Feng thought of the “Sutra of Ten Thousand Poisons” that he had previously cultivated.

This “The Sutra of Ten Thousand Poisons” can temper fleshy body with highly poisonous, undying and inextinguishable cultivation to the extreme.

When he first learned “The Sutra of Ten Thousand Poisons”, he used various poisonous tempering fleshy body, but because the “Sutra of Ten Thousand Poisons” is incomplete, Qin Feng did not waste too much energy on it. .

Now that he is forced to a desperate situation by the ant king’s poison, he can only rely on this “The Poison Immortal Sutra” to come back.

If it doesn’t work, you can only use the eternal divine fire to dispel the poison, but Feng Qin’s identity cannot be used.

The “Ten Thousand Poisons” is incomplete, but Qin Feng has time to complete the “Ten Thousand Poisons”, and he can also modify the “Ten Thousand Poisons” into the most suitable cultivation technique for his own cultivation. .

Qin Feng saw the history of Great Desolate in the corner of Great Desolate. He witnessed the birth process of those famous Great Desolate cultivation techniques. These gave him endless insights. His own cultivation technique may be for others. It is difficult, but for Qin Feng it is very simple.

The original “The Sutra of Ten Thousand Poisons” was unable to deal with the poisonous king of ants. After all, the poisonous king of ants was too terrifying, and even the master was helpless.

Qin Feng wants to create a cultivation technique that surpasses “The Poison Immortal Sutra”, and even this cultivation technique can make him transcend the road.

Creating a new cultivation technique is already very difficult. Even more how is to create a cultivation technique that can transcend the avenue.

This “The Sutra of Ten Thousand Poisons” is constantly evolving under Qin Feng’s deduction, one day, ten days, one hundred days, one year, ten years…

“Weng!” finally performed a more powerful cultivation technique on the basis of “The Undead Sutra”.

“Poisonous body!” Qin Feng immediately urged the cultivation technique, and the black poison in the heart spread instantly.

Ten years of accumulation, the poison around Qin Feng’s heart has become very scary. If it weren’t for the invincible Primordial Demon source and power of Grand Dao suppression, the poison would have spread.

However, as Qin Feng runs “Musical Poisonous Body”, these black poisons spread wildly and eroded Qin Feng’s body in an instant.

However, these poisonous poisons were forcibly guided by the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Body” and merged into Qin Feng’s body after Qin Feng’s within the body ran a circle.

The king of ants is very poisonous and quit. He is very poisonous and he has been refining. Does he want face?

The poisonous king of the ant began to counterattack frantically, but the more violent the ant king counterattacked, the happier Qin Feng was. The more poisonous the king of ant threw, the better the cultivation effect of the “Maddoer”.

The protruding character of “Various Drugs” is extremely overbearing. No matter how you thump in front of “Van Drugs”, you can only surrender obediently.

The mutation in the Undead Spring attracted the attention of Mo Wudi. When he saw the poison spread to Feng Qin’s body, he thought everything was over. He was even preparing to detonate the array around the wind to completely eliminate the poison.

But the black poison in Feng Qin’s body continues to merge into Feng Qin’s within the body, and Life Aura in this brief moment, which was already extremely weak, has become extremely strong.

After all, Mo Wudi is the powerhouse of the Controller level. He can tell at a glance that Feng Qin is absorbing the poison of refining black!

Even Mo Wudi did not expect Feng Qin to actually do it, and a miracle actually happened!

“Impossible!” In Chifeng Demon Domain, the ant king who was devouring flesh and blood suddenly exclaimed.

He felt that the poison that he had left in Feng Qin within the body was being swallowed. Ten years later, Feng Qin hadn’t died yet, not only was it not dead, but was also devouring his poison!

“Good, good… really is a good opponent, I am more and more looking forward to the next battle with you!” The Ant King coldly smiled.

“bang!” The ant king rose into the sky, punched out, and the entire Red Wind Demon Domain was scattered ashes and dispersed smoke under this fist.

Ten years, the king of ants has been several times stronger, and it is already incomparable with the king of ants ten years ago. Although the king of ants is still the ancestor Peak, the master who died in his hands has reached double digits. , And the King of Ant has a feeling that he will soon be able to break through to the Ruler Realm world. When he breaks through to the Ruler Realm world, it will be when Ant Race will fully attack.

“Huh!” Qin Feng vomited one mouthful of impure air, the endless poison merged into the fleshy body, and his fleshy body became even more terrifying.

The power of this tyrant body is not even under Pangu Saint Physique, and this tyrant and Saint Physique complement each other, and the two powers can merge into one.

Qin Feng can’t imagine the formidable power of combining the Ten Thousand Dangerous Body and the Pangu Saint Physique, maybe he already has the power to contend with the Domination.

“Now I can kill the Ant King ten years ago with one punch!” Qin Feng clenched his fists, and his strength has not regressed for ten years, but has become stronger.

“hong long!” array restriction dissipated, Mo Wudi walked in.

When he saw Feng Qin’s Fleshy body, he was slightly startled. Above Feng Qin’s Fleshy body, he actually saw the Dao. Feng Qin’s Fleshy body was detached!

“fleshy body detached!” Mo Wudi looked at Feng Qin in astonishment.

There is no doubt that Feng Qin today is only an ancestor, although it is the ancestor Peak, there is still a long way to go beyond the road.

Although Feng Qin does not have a way of detachment, his fleshy body is already detached. In other words, Feng Qin’s fleshy body is already at the Controller level.

No, it is stronger than the overwhelming majority ruler. After all, even the powerhouse of the Controller level is not something that everyone can surpass on the fleshy body!

“A blessing in disguise!” Mo Wudi smiled slightly, the ant king is not only poisonous but not poison to death Feng Qin, but makes Feng Qin stronger.

“Well, good, good discipline!” Mo Wudi couldn’t help laughing.

“Many thanks to Master’s help. If it weren’t for Master to suppress the poison for me, I would not be able to comprehend the cultivation technique and refine the poison within ten years!” Qin Feng laughed.

“You don’t have to be polite between you and me, master and disciple. Now that your strength has increased greatly, it is time to fight for my original Primordial Demon Race.” Mo Wudi slapped his palm, and a light curtain appeared on Qin Feng before.

“Kill!” The sound of killing shook the sky in an instant.

This is the battlefield, the original battlefield of Primordial Demon Race and Ant Race, but in ten years, the number of Ant Races has doubled dozens of times, and the most frightening thing is that the strength of Ant Race has gotten a qualitative leap. The powerhouse of the Sovereign level has begun to appear in Ant Race, and even the third and fourth generations of Ant Race have appeared. Even the original Primordial Demon Race did not take advantage of the battle with Ant Race.

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