Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1066


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However, this ant king can only come out when Qin Feng is not paying attention. Once Qin Feng realizes that the ant king is occupying his body, he can easily suppress the ant king.

“Qin Feng, you don’t need to suppress me, I and you are already one, you are me, I am you, we work together, we can develop this body to the extreme, with mine to join you It is the real strongest. What Tiangu ruler, what dragon demon, and what Pangu are all our opponents. We are invincible in this universe. When we swallow all powerhouses in this universe, I will take you into the darkness The universe, that’s where the true powerhouse should go.” Although the king of ants was suppressed by Qin Feng, the constant chatter of the king of ants caused Qin Feng a headache.

“Just shut up, if it weren’t for you, I would have broken through to the Ruler Realm world!” Qin Feng snorted.

“You breakthrough, I don’t stop you, I am eager for your breakthrough, I look forward to your strength after breakthrough to Ruler Realm,” Ant King laughed.

Qin Feng rolled the eyes, once he settles down and breaks through, this ant king will definitely take the opportunity to occupy his body, when the time comes I don’t know what moth the ant king will make.

“Qin Feng, I am very optimistic about you. You are the rarely seen genius in this weak small universe. It is a waste if you are just hiding in this weak universe. You should go to the dark universe, where is Your stage.” Ant King said.

“Dark universe, dark universe, I heard you say that many times, what kind of place is the dark universe?” Qin Feng also became a little interested in the dark universe after hearing the king of ant mention the dark universe so many times .

Qin Feng came into contact with the concept of the universe for the first time in the sky burial volcano. He knew that the All Heavens Myriad Realms they were in was actually a universe, even the extremely powerful prehistoric and primordial realms were only part of this universe that’s all.

The mysterious black rays of light came from other universes, and the terrifying power still left Qin Feng’s heart lingering.

“If you are interested, I know you will be interested. You are a powerhouse, and the powerhouse should fight against the powerhouse. Only constant fighting can break through the limit.” Ant King laughed.

“Can you tell me?” Qin Feng has no patience to wrestle with the king of ants.

“Say, I will definitely say it, but in fact, there is no need to be so troublesome. As long as you open your Divine Soul and let my Divine Soul and your Divine Soul completely merge, your memories will be shared, when the time Comes you will know what I know, even the biggest secret of my clan!” Ant King keeps tempting Qin Feng.

“Don’t tell me, forget it!” Qin Feng snorted, and casually killed the ancestor of a Primitive Demon Race.

The ancestor of this one Primitive Demon Race was also aggrieved. After entering Divine Realm, he ran into Qin Feng before he had time to kill him. He didn’t even survive a round under Qin Feng.

Qin Feng nowadays dare to meet force with force even if he encounters a master, the trifling ancestor is really no opponent in front of him.

Dominate the following enemies without one!

Before the fleshy body of the ant king was destroyed, there might be another ant king who could even share Qin Feng, but now only Divine Soul remains for the ant king, and it is suppressed by Qin Feng. Looking at All Heavens Myriad Realms, there is no more An ancestor emperor is Qin Feng’s opponent!

This is the real same realm invincible!

“Say, right away, my Ant Race is from the dark universe. You have seen how amazing my Ant Race is. There are almost no rivals in this universe.” Ant King said proudly.

Although the ant king speaks a bad ass, Qin Feng did not refute it. After all, what the ant king said is the truth.

If before Ant Race appeared, someone said that a race could rise within 100 years and pushed the Primitive Demon Race into a desperate situation, then everyone would think that this person is a lunatic.

But Ant Race did indeed. Ant Race spreads like a plague with its terrifying quantity and extraordinary speed of evolution. All Heavens Myriad Realms races were defeated by Ant Race, but Ant Race became stronger. , It is even enough to threaten Primitive Demon Race.

“Ant Race is so strong, hasn’t he left the dark universe?” Qin Feng snorted, and the sound of the ant king’s fart made him feel very uncomfortable.

The king of ants laughed: “This is about the special status of our clan in the dark universe. The full name of my clan is called super synth. It has super-evolution and fusion abilities. My clan is also extremely old in the dark universe The race created a glorious era belonging to our race, but with the decline of our race, other races in the dark universe began to strangle our race, our race’s living space became less and less, and our powerhouse compelled by circumstances could only leave. The dark universe, in the process of leaving the dark universe, suffered heavy casualties, and only a handful of them survived.”

“Ant Race’s powerhouse is completely destroyed?” Qin Feng was taken aback.

“Yes, Ant Race powerhouse sacrifices your own life in order to ensure the safety of the queen. It is not just you gods who know how to choose honor over life. Our Ant Race is willing to pay any price for the continuation of the race. , The creatures of this universe have long been the food of our race.” said the king of ants.

“Ant Race can’t survive in the dark universe?” Qin Feng is slightly frowned. Although he and Ant Race are rivals, it is undeniable that Ant Race is really strong, but such Ant Races are forced to leave After the dark universe, how strong is this dark universe?

“It’s not that our Ant Race is weak, but that we lack the space to survive. Our race’s ability is super-evolution and fusion. We need to constantly devour various powerful creatures to strengthen ourselves and drive the evolution of the entire race. The creatures of the entire dark universe are enemies, and we are ultimately defeated.” The Ant King said.

“That is to say, all the rats who cross the street shouted!” Qin Feng hehe smiled.

“If you understand this way, I won’t refute, so our Ant Race is changing, our evolutionary direction has changed, we are evolving towards human form, until we are exactly similar to yours, when we cannot be distinguished from our appearance, Ant Race can just and honorable mix into the crowd.” Ant King laughed.

“You tell me all such important secrets?” Qin Feng was a little surprised.

“I said that you and I are already one, Ant King is Qin Feng, Qin Feng is Ant King, as long as you want, Ant Race can follow your command!” Ant King hehe smiled.

“Listen to my command?” Qin Feng was taken aback, but with the thoughts move, he did feel some different changes.

In his soul, there are some densely packed bright spots, some of which are big and some are small.

When Qin Feng tried to get in touch with these bright spots, suddenly countless voices came into his mind.

“pay respects to king!”




Each bright spot represents an Ant Race. The biggest bright spot is the Ant Race in Ruler Realm. There are hundreds of Ant Races in Ruler Realm.

Among these hundreds of Ant Race masters, there are 18 bright spots that are particularly conspicuous. These 18 Ant Race masters are the guards of the Ant King.

“You said I can control these Ant Races? What if I let these Ant Races assist the gods of Divine Realm in killing Primitive Demon Race and Yellow Springs undead?” Qin Feng asked.

“Naturally, the king is the biggest in Ant Race, and the king’s orders are above all else!” Ant King is nodded.

“Kill!” Qin Feng just had this thought. Suddenly, countless Space Wormholes appeared above Divine Realm, and countless Ant Races were killed from Space Wormhole.

“Ant Race!”

“Ant Race!”

“Ant Race!”

Whether it is Primitive Demon Race, Yellow Springs undead, or the gods of Divine Realm without borders, the complexion has been greatly changed, and the appearance of Ant Race makes them like enemies.

This Ant Race is a cockroach. The appearance of this race means endless battles, irreconcilable.

An Ant Race master brought the grandiose army of Ant Race to the Primitive Demon Race. This one Ant Race dominates the fighting style is extremely cruel, with one enemy and many, with injury for injury, simply don’t take your own life seriously.

The masters of Primitive Demon Race were courage entirely to break by the master of this one Ant Race, and the masters of this Ant Race were fighting them with the idea of ​​perish together.

“Damn Ant Race, don’t underestimate us!” The masters of Primitive Demon Race are furious. They are not small characters. Why does this Ant Race master dare to be so arrogant? Does it really mean that the master will not die?

As more and more Primitive Demon Race masters joined the battle, this Ant Race master was suppressed and more and more wounds on his body.

However, just when these Primitive Demon Race masters thought that victory was coming, this Ant Race master was directly self-destructed.

The terrifying power of Grand Dao swept through ten thousand li. I was caught off guard. The masters of these Primitive Demon Races were all affected by the explosion. The Primitive Demon Race masters closest to the explosion were directly blown into fly ash, a little farther away The situation was a little better but it was also hit hard.

A large number of Ant Races flocked to them. They were madly devouring the flesh and blood of the master. Ant Races continued to evolve. Several Ant Races even reached the edge of breakthrough.

The brutal battle method of Ant Race is also an eye-opener for Qin Feng. It is indeed a terrifying thing to be an enemy of a race like Ant Race.

“bang!” When the ruler of Primitive Demon Race was cut down with a sword, seeing the gods of Divine Realm without borders being killed by this sword, countless Ant Races suddenly appeared, and these Ant Races were combined with their own bodies. A huge shield blocked this sword and saved tens of thousands of Divine Realm gods without borders.

Whether it is Primitive Demon Race or Wujiang Divine Realm, the gods are confused. What is Ant Race doing? Is it helping Wujiang Divine Realm? When did Ant Race have this mindset.

“Ant Race!” The Infinite Master loudly shouted, and even wanted to cross the iron pillar to kill these Ant Races.

“Dare to be distracted when fighting with me, courting death!” Tie Dazhu sneered, a pair of golden-yellow gloves flew out, punched out, and the body of Infinite Ruler was shattered into a small piece. Thousands of realms scattered ashes and dispersed smoke in this blow.

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