Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1067


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Infinite dominates groaned, and the blow of the iron pillar has caused a lot of damage to him.

“Iron pillar!” Roar, the infinite ruler, attacked the iron pillar.

Facing opponents like Tie Dazhu really cannot be distracted at all. Once distracted, Tie Dazhu will catch the weak spot.

Ant Race’s offense is crazy. They simply don’t care about their lives. They can go through water and tread on fire at the command of the Ant King.

The powerhouses of Primitive Demon Race are all confused, why, why Ant Race appeared in Divine Realm Wujiang, and Ant Race actually helped the gods of Divine Realm Wujiang.

These Ant Races can even sacrifice their lives in order to protect the gods of Divine Realm. Even if the gods of Divine Realm attack these Ant Races, these Ant Races will not fight back.

A weird scene appeared on the battlefield. The gods of Divine Realm were attacking Ant Race, but Ant Race didn’t care about the gods who attacked itself, but instead focused on fighting with the primordial magic.

“What the hell is happening, when did Ant Race get involved with the gods of Divine Realm?” Many powerhouses of Primitive Demon Race couldn’t help but complain.

“Look, what I said is not wrong, you and me are a strong combination. I am the king of Ant Race. You can order Ant Race. You know how powerful Ant Race is. , If this power is used by you, you can become the king of this universe!” said the ant king laughed.

Qin Feng just gave the ant king a white eye. He is not a three-year-old child, so he will not be tempted by the ant king.

“Huh!” The eternal sacred fire enveloped Qin Feng’s Divine Soul and suppressed the Divine Soul of the ant king, ensuring that the ant king would not suddenly come out to take over his body.

Qin Feng looked at the constantly surging power of Grand Dao above his head. He was slightly sighed. This is an opportunity for a breakthrough to the Ruler Realm world. It must not be wasted like this.

“bang!” The Honghuang Avenue in Divine Realm began to enter Qin Feng’s within the body.

Qin Feng is the newly appointed Huang Tianzi, and these great roads merge directly with Qin Feng after entering Qin Feng within the body.

“Huang Tianzi, three thousand great avenues are all acknowledge allegiance!” The suppressed Ant King Divine Soul looked at Qin Feng slightly smiled.

With Qin Feng’s current strength already not in some dominations, even some dominates are not Qin Feng’s opponents, but Qin Feng has not yet broken through to the Ruler Realm world.

It’s not just that Qin Feng is cultivating his own invincibility and looking for opportunities for breakthroughs, but as a Huang Tianzi who wants to break through to the Ruler Realm world, he must be recognized by Hong Huang.

How to get the recognition of the prehistoric, the most direct way is to surrender the three thousand prehistoric roads.

Now that the Wujiang Divine Realm is undergoing transformation, and the three thousand grand avenues are gradually returning, this is the best time for Qin Feng breakthrough.

The king of ants means not at all, he is even looking forward to Qin Feng’s breakthrough.

Qin Feng is very strong, undoubtedly strong. Once Qin Feng breaks through, his Divine Soul will undergo a qualitative change, and even his own will be transformed.

Ant King looked towards the dantian of Qin Feng. Among the dantians of Qin Feng, there are not only Divine Spark, power of Grand Dao, many wild spirit roots, and a cloud of black fog.

The king of ants couldn’t help but trembled when he saw this black mist. The strength of him and Qin Feng are almost on par. No one is sure of victory, but the appearance of this black mist It completely crushed the ant king.

The King of Ants knows where his limits are. Ant Race is indeed a powerful race in the dark universe, and it is indeed beautiful, but even the Ant Race in the Peak period don’t dare provoke the black fog.

Qin Feng and their weak small universe hillbillies simply don’t know the terrifying of this black fog, but Ant King has inherited the profound knowledge of Ant Race. He knows the details of this black fog, but also It is precisely because he knows the bottom of this black mist that the king of ants is especially afraid of this black mist.

Not only is the ant king jealous, all the creatures in the dark universe are very jealous of this black mist.

This black mist is an eternal taboo in the dark universe. Every time it appears, it will bring endless disasters. In the dark universe, the black mist is the incarnation of destruction, synonymous with death.

It is said that this black fog is transformed by the will of the dark universe. Every time it appears, it will set off foul wind and bloody rain in the dark universe, and countless lives are killed in the black fog.

This black mist will also leave the dark universe to hunt other universes. Those weak universes are the nourishment of this black mist.

It’s just that the king of ants has never seen that the black mist will be surrendered by a certain creature, not to mention that he has seen it and has never heard of it.

But he saw it with his own eyes, this black mist stayed in Qin Feng’s dantian obediently, and those Divine Spark and so on everyone minds their own business seemed to be subdued by Qin Feng.

“Primitive Demon Race and Yellow Springs clan, good coming, it’s been a long time since I moved my bones, come on, let’s go together!” Suddenly the Dragon Demon Tomb burst, a huge mountain range dropping from the sky, stretching millions and millions li, the terrifying heat rises.

The celestial burial volcano, the first volcano in the past, reappears in the world.




Suddenly there were wailing sounds, these Primitive Demon Race and Yellow Springs undead were unable to withstand the terrifying high temperature. Their bodies burned in the high temperature and finally turned to ashes.

This is the power of the No. 1 volcano in the wild, and the high temperature emitted is enough to turn countless powerhouses into fly ash.

“Sky Burial Volcano! No good, quickly suppress this sky buried volcano!” The master of Primitive Demon Race turn pale with fright.

“Want to suppress the Heavenly Burial Volcano? It depends on whether you have this strength!” A silhouette walked out of the Heavenly Burial Volcano.

“Dragon…Dragon Demon…” The master complexion of a Primitive Demon Race was slightly changed.

“ao wai!” There were two dragon roars. Two Divine Dragons flew out from the sky burial volcano, with a big mouth, and hot dragon flames gushing out from their mouths.

“trifling dragon…” The master of a Primitive Demon Race sneered.

However, the master of this one Primitive Demon Race discovered in horror that his body was burning in front of this dragon flame.

“How could… how could this be?”

“Stupid Primitive Demon Race, this is my Dragon Race Heaven’s Chosen. After stepping into the realm of dominance, their strength has surpassed you!” The dragon demon looked at this one Primitive Demon Race dominating slightly smiled.

“No, I am the master of Primitive Demon Race, I cultivated million years, I am the master of flame, trifling dragon flame, I will absorb it for you to see!” This one Primitive Demon Race master loudly shouted, his body unexpectedly transformed instantly For the flame.

The flame collided with the dragon flame, but the flame dominated by this Primitive Demon Race was easily pierced by the dragon flame. The flame dominated by this one Primitive Demon Race was burnt down by the dragon flame.

“Stupid, how can the trifling flames contend with the flames of the Skyburial Volcano!” The dragon demon laughed disdainfully.

The two Divine Dragons are the Long Batian and Long Chenxing. They are shedding body, exchanging bones in the sky burial volcano, and stepped into the realm of Ruler Realm.

The dragon demon flicked the fingers, the lava in the sky burial volcano spouted out, and the lava condensed into thousands of Divine Dragons in the air. These lava Divine Dragons possessed a powerful battle strength no less than the ancestor emperor’s battle strength, completely suppressed Lived Primitive Demon Race and Yellow Springs undead.

“bang!” Suddenly Divine Realm without Borders trembled violently, and the boundary of Divine Realm without Borders was expanding.



Small World, Great World, Divine Realm, and Magic Domain are connected one after another.

Wujiang Divine Realm is not only moving towards the great transformation, but also connecting All Heavens Myriad Realms!

With Divine Realm as the core, link All Heavens Myriad Realms together to form a complete universe!

“Wujiang Divine Realm, your appetite is too big!” Tiangu ruler sighed, his deity has left the primordial demon realm. By this time he can no longer stay in the primordial demon realm. If the Wujiang Divine Realm continues to expand , Even the Primordial Demon Realm will be swallowed.

“Tian Gu, you are finally willing to come out!” The fairy queen looked at the deity that Tian Gu ruled.

how many years, the deity ruled by the ancient sky has always been shrouded in the primordial demon realm, and has not left the primordial demon realm for half a step.

But today, the Celestial Lord finally couldn’t sit still, he left the primordial demon realm.

At the moment when the ancient master deity appeared on the wall of Siyuan, the gods of Divine Realm felt a great pressure. Under this pressure, it seemed that time stopped flowing.

“Is this the strength of Primitive Demon Race’s oldest Celestial Lord? It is really powerful!” Dao Wutian laughed and looked at the direction of the Origin Wall.

“Fairy Queen, I said you shouldn’t have come!” Tiangu ruled the deity faintly snorted.

“First take care of yourself!” Bliss dominates snorted.

Tiangu Master glanced at Master of Bliss: “External Body Incarnation? Doesn’t even the deity come? Is it so perfunctory, just how does External Body Incarnation stop me?”

“External Body Incarnation is enough!” Bliss dominates laughed.

“Arrogant!” Tiangu Lord slowly raised his right hand.

The Complexion of Bliss Master greatly changed, the movements of the Master of Heaven are obviously very slow, he should have enough time to escape, but he can’t escape.

“The sword of the extinguishing soul!” Tiangu dominates lightly saying.

“pu!” A dark Demon Sword slashed the body of the Lord of Bliss, and this one External Body Incarnation didn’t even react.

“The big Dao Divine Weapon carrying nine hundred and 98 avenues!” The fairy queen eyes shrank.

Everyone knows that the Ancient Heavenly Lord has refined the Ancient Demon Coffin, but no one knows that the Ancient Heavenly Lord also refined a Demon Sword.

The power of this Demon Sword is even above the ancient magic coffin.

“Are you surprised, it was this sword that smashed Pangu Axe back then, and then I incorporated the pieces of Pangu Axe into the extinguishing soul sword. The power of this sword is already not in the wall of the source!” The ancient ruler slightly smiled, and with a wave of his hand, a sword slashed on the wall of the source of origin, and a crack appeared in the wall of source of origin that had never been damaged.

“Look, in fact, your Origin Wall is not as strong as you imagined!” Tiangu Lord Hehe smiled.

“Really?” With tenderly shouted, Panyu appeared in front of the Lord of Heaven.

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