Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1068


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The complexion slightly changed when the ancient master of the day saw someone coming: “It’s you…”

“You are Pan Gu… No, you are not Pan Gu!” Tian Gu dominates eyes shrank.

“peng!” Panyu not at all responds to the ancient ruler with a punch in the face.

“resounding!” The Lord of Heaven didn’t react slowly, and the sword of the extinguishing soul in his hand was cut directly up.

A huge force was transmitted along the sword of the extinguishing soul to the wrist of the master of the sky, the master of the sky trembled, and the sword of the extinguishing soul almost dropped out.

Pan Yu used fleshy body to shake the sword edge of the sword of extinguishing soul, and the sword of extinguishing soul did not leave the slightest scar on her hand.

The ancient ruler looked at Panyu incredibly. The sword of the extinguishing soul is his most proud Dao Divine Weapon. It carries 9,098 avenues and kills Wushuang. Even the Wall of Origin cannot withstand the extinguishing. The sword edge of the soul sword, this pan jade was actually blocked by the fleshy body, could it be said that the fleshy body of the pan jade is stronger than the wall of the origin?

“Impossible…impossible!” The Heavenly Ancient Lord directly rejected this probability, even Pan Gu impossible to have such a powerful fleshy body.

Pan Yu glanced at his white palm and slightly smiled: “The sword edge of the sword of the extinguishing soul is also only this. You are old and can’t keep up with the times!”

“I don’t care if you are Pangu or not, even if you are Pangu, I can defeat Pangu once and I can defeat you a second time!” Tiangu ruler coldly snorted, extinguishing soul sword black light flashed.

“Ding!” A sword glow abruptly appeared in front of Panyu. If he changed to someone else, he would not react as well as being pierced through the head by the sword glow.

However, Panyu did not rush to grab this black sword glow, as if he had known that this sword glow would appear in that position.

The most shocking thing is that Panyu caught the sword glow with his bare hands, but a sword that was enough to leave a trace on the wall of Siyuan was picked up by Panyu.

There is a trace of golden sword energy on Panyu’s white and flawless palm. This trace of golden sword energy wraps Panyu’s palm.

“ka-cha!” Panyu slightly forced, under the squeeze of this golden sword energy, the black sword glow broke directly.

Suddenly the golden sword energy in the jade hand skyrocketed, and the golden sword energy shot out!

Tiangu Master pinched a sword tactic: “The sword breaks the eternal!”

In an instant, a black sword glow collided with this golden sword energy.

The sky collapsed for a while, and the Wall of Origin was shaken by this wave of impact.

“The sword breaks the ages, and the ancients dominate this Old Guy!” Tie Dazhu frowned.

“peng!” Infinite Domination fell with a punch, and the power of myriad worlds blasted on Tie Dazhu.

A Venerable Lord could not withstand such a terrifying force, but Tie Dazhu relied on his powerful body to withstand it.

Tie Dazhu took a step back, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and looked at the infinite master laughed.

“bang!” Suddenly Tie Dazhu soared into the sky, his body directly hitting the infinite body of Infinite Ruler.

Tie Dazhu’s body is already very huge, but in front of this infinite ruler, it looks extremely small.

“bang!” Tie Dazhu smashed the body of Infinite Dominator with a punch, and jumped into the body of Infinite Dominator.

“Want to break through from the inside, stupid!” Infinite dominates coldly smiled.

He is one of the oldest masters of Primitive Demon Race. He has experienced countless battles. What kind of scenes have he not seen?

Many of his previous opponents had thought of this method and wanted to defeat them from the inside, but all of them died!

He has swallowed countless realms, and his body is composed of these realms. After entering his within the body, he has to face the power of these worlds. No matter how strong Tie Dazhu is, can he still compete with countless realms? The power to contend?

The moment Tie Dazhu entered his body, the result of this battle had already been determined, and Tie Dazhu was dead!

“ceng!” Inside the wall of Origin, Panyu uses her hand as a sword, and the golden sword energy wraps her right arm, which is comparable to the sword fight of the extinguishing soul ruled by the ancient sky.

The ancient ruler of Tiangu became more and more frightened by the war. What is the origin of the sword energy of this Panyu’s right arm, so that it can compete with his extinguishing soul sword?

You must know that this sword of extinguishing soul is the big Dao Divine Weapon that carries nine hundred and 98 avenues. The formidable power can be called the first of All Heavens Myriad Realms. Even Pangu Axe is not the opponent of this sword of extinguishing soul. , This Panyu can compete with the extinguishing soul sword only by relying on the golden sword energy. How is this possible?

Pan Yu used his hand as a sword to knock open the sword of the extinguishing soul ruled by the ancient sky, and then a Seventh Gold Sword Qi smashed it.

The ancient ruler was shocked and hurriedly with the sword of the summon extinguishing soul straddling him.

However, the goal of this Seventh Gold Sword Qi is not the Heavenly Ancient Lord but the Heavenly Ancient Demon Coffin below.

“ka-cha!” Seventh Gold Sword Qi crossed the ancient magic coffin, and a huge crack appeared on the ancient magic coffin!

Tiangu dominates complexion greatly changed: “Not good, be careful of Tianzhu!”

Before the voice of Tiangu ruler, the thunderbolt on the wall of the source of origin was tumbling, and the power of Grand Dao condensed.

“Hao Lei, it’s up to you!” Pan Yu looked towards the master of Hao Lei in the distance.

Master Hao Lei immediately abandoned his opponent incarnation, and a thunderbolt was integrated into Tianzhu.

“hong long long!” In an instant thunder roared, and the Heavenly Tribulation Cloud expanded rapidly. In the blink of an eye, the Heavenly Tribulation Cloud covered the entire Divine Realm without boundaries.

“hong long long!” With the first thunderbolt falling, an endless golden thunderbolt coming one after another.

The Primitive Demon Race that rushed into the Divine Realm was caught off guard, and a large number of Primitive Demon Races were reduced to ashes under Tenchu.

“Damn it!” Mo Wudi loudly shouted, throwing out dozens of Dao Divine Weapon to resist Tianzhu.

“weng!” The External Body Incarnation silhouette of the Heavenly Ancient Lord appeared in the sky above the Heavenly Ancient Demon Coffin in a flash, and successively formed hand seals sealed the cracks in the Heavenly Ancient Demon Coffin.

The power of the Wall of Origin was once again suppressed.

Master Hao Lei walked out of the Heavenly Tribulation Cloud, he looked at these surviving Primitive Demon Race coldly: “Kill!”

The deity ruled by the ancient sky was furious and was given to plot against by this jade, but this kind of cleverness can not be repeated, and then it will not be so simple for this jade to repeat the old tricks.

This time Divine Realm’s strategy is very obvious. They just want to use top battle strength to hold their top battle strengths so that they cannot enter the Divine Realm wantonly slaughter.

“But you are so confident. You really dragged us down, but we also dragged you down. What can Divine Realm do after losing your top battle strength? In terms of strength, primordial demon realm is better than you Divine Realm must be strong, and it is not only Primitive Demon Race that will destroy your boundless Divine Realm!” Heavenly Ancient Lord Hehe smiled.

“ceng!” In response to the rule of the ancient sky, it is a golden sword energy.

“peng!” The ancient master wielded the sword of the extinguishing soul to cut off this golden sword energy.

“Seventh Gold Sword Qi…the same sword energy as the kid Qin Feng. Qin Feng inherited your power. You worked hard to cultivate a descendant, but unfortunately, your descendant has no chance to grow up. Hehe smiled.

“Do you think you are determined to win?” Panyu threw away a Seventh Gold Sword Qi casually.

“Isn’t it? You are not my opponent now.” Tiangu Lord said.

“Golden sword bone!” A golden light flashed across Panyu’s body, and at this moment Panyu’s speed surged.

“pu!” The ancient ruler hurriedly resisted, but the speed of Panyu was too fast, a golden sword energy flashed past, and the left shoulder of the ancient ruler was cut open.

“Tick tock!” A drop of transparent blood dripped down.

Tiangu Master looked at his left shoulder in astonishment, he was injured, he was actually injured, how many years, how many years he was not injured before.

“Geng golden sword bone, endless sword energy!” Panyu loudly shouted, and endless Seventh Gold Sword Qi shot out from her within the body.

The walls of Origin are all dyed golden by the sword energy of golden-bright and dazzling. The endless sword energy forms a huge sword wheel behind Panyu, which is still expanding. .

Rao is the ruler of Tiangu and can’t help but suck in a cold breath of air. This battle method is completely different from the Pangu he knows. This is not Pangu’s battle method!

The Pangu fleshy body was invincible, and his battle method opened up and closed, most of which were fleshy body collisions.

The fleshy body of this Panyu is still powerful, but the battle method and Pangu are completely different. This Seventh Gold Sword Qi looks scary.

“Tian Gu, die here!” A golden light flashed in Pan Yu’s eyes, and the endless Seventh Gold Sword Qi poured down in an instant.

The ancient ruler dare not care, and urges the sword of the extinguishing soul, and the black sword glow rises into the sky in an instant.

Tiangu Lord did not flinch but chose to fight. He is the oldest Lord of Primitive Demon Race. How could he be afraid of a small Panyu.

Qin Feng slowly opened his eyes, in a flash Fire of Eternal wrapped his whole body, flashing through the wild roads in the Fire of Eternal.

Each avenue is extremely powerful, but Qin Feng did not choose one of them, but looked at Fire of Eternal.

“Be my way!” Qin Feng looked at Fire of Eternal slightly smiled.

“sou!” The Fire of Eternal jumped violently.

“I’m so stupid. At the moment you choose me, we are already one, you are me, and I am you!” Qin Feng suddenly laughed.

“hong long long!” In this brief moment, the avenues of Divine Realm shook.

The pure blue flame bloomed with dazzling rays of light, and Qin Feng walked into the dazzling rays of light.

At this moment, Qin Feng’s eyes traveled through time and space, and there was a dead silence before his eyes.

White-haired Qin Feng opened his eyes: “You are here so fast!”

“Congratulations, it’s a breakthrough!” Baifa Qin Feng slightly smiled.

“Sorry!” Qin Feng sighed slightly.

“Nothing to be sorry, I am just one of your thousands of futures. The moment you step into this realm, this future ceases to exist, but fortunately, a future without a future is not yours The future!” Baifa Qin Feng slightly smiled.

Looking at the disillusionment of the white-haired Qin Feng before his eyes, Qin Feng sighed, he stepped forward, and in an instant he experienced countless futures.

But when these futures are one after another disillusioned, Qin Feng returns to the present, and this moment is eternal!

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